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We had an absolutely perfect day with our tour guide - Rogin Luo - who took us for a hike along The Great Wall! Didn't know what to expect and were thrilled to have him as our guide. Very imformative, knowledgable and fun! We go to experience a part of The Great Wall that was unrestored and see all its natural beauty. Got a long history lesson along the way!

After the hike, we all went to lunch at a small place at the bottom of the hill. Located in a house, we ate lunch in the proprietors bedroom! What a hoot! Rogin is the Best of the Best! This tour company delivered for us and we are extremely grateful.

Westborough, Massachusetts
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Wanlong Ski Resort

Wanlong Ski Resort

Location and how to get there and back 
Wanlong Ski Resort is located at Honghualiang, 12km east of Chongli County in Zhangjiakou City, about 260km northwest of Beijing. Normally you have two options of going from Bejing to Wanlong Ski Resort - either by driving along Jingzhang Expressway and directly getting to Wanlong or first taking a fast train from Beijing to Zhangjiakou, then connecting a local van or bus from Zhangjiakou to Wanlong Ski Resort. 

The Beijing - Wanlong Resort drive takes about 3 hours if there is no traffic jam, no foggy day or no roads blocked due to heavy snow. Taking a fast train from Beijing to Zhangjiakou is a good standby if Jingzhang Expressway is difficult to drive due to the traffic congestion provided that you should prearrange your trasnport from Zhangjiakou to Wanlong Ski Rrsort. 

Beijing Wanlong Transport Map Changping Yanqing Badaling Great Wall Wanlong Ski Resort Wanlong Ski Resort Zhangjiakou Chongli

Beijing Wanlong Ski Resort Packages and Transfer

» Beijing Wanlong Ski Resort 2 Day Package
Beijing Wanlong Ski Resort 2 Day Package Tour Code: WLPT-01
Destinations: Beijing and Wanlong Ski Resort
Duration: 2 Day
Tour Type: Private Tour
Price: Starting from US$ 375 p/p

» Beijing Wanlong Ski Resort 3 Day Package
Beijing Wanlong Ski Resort 3 Day Package Tour Code: WLPT-02
Destinations: Beijing and Wanlong Ski Resort
Duration: 3 Day
Tour Type: Private Tour
Price: Starting from US$ 515 p/p

» Beijing Wanlong Ski Resort Transfer
Beijing Wanlong Ski Resort Transfer This is the right place to plan your comfortable private car or van ski transfer between your downtown hotel in Beijing and Wanlong Ski Resort

Beijing Wanlong Ski Resort Transfer

Introduction to Wanlong Ski Resort

Beijing - Zhanjiakou Train Fare (RMB)
Train No. From Dep time To Arr Time Soft Sleeper
K43 Beijing Railway Station 10:55 Zhangjiakou (south) 14:27 121.5

Zhangjiakou - Beijing Train Fare (RMB)
Train No. From Dep time To Arr Time Soft Sleeper
K44 Zhangjiakou (south) 16:17 Beijing Railway Station 19:42 121.5

Beijing Ski Resort TransferEquipment (skis, boots, ski clothes, closet...):
Wanlong Ski Resort mainly offers Salomon skis, boots and ski clothes and no other choices. They are rent from the main service building. If you have your own ski equipment, you only need to purchase the ticket for skiing and cableway. If no equipment, you are required to buy both the ski ticket and rent the necessary equipment such as ski-board and snow-board equipment and clothes...

At the time writing, there are totally 22 trails in Wanlong Ski Resort, including advanced, intermediate and primary levels, occupying over 700,000 square meters. Every trail is equipped with a perfect snow–made system.

More information on the 22 trails:
2 primary trails fresh man: Youlong Trail and Wolong Trail.
4 intermediate trails: Yulong Trail, Xiaolong Trail, JiaoLong Trail and Kulong Trail.
16 advanced trails: Jinlong Trail, Yinlong Trail, Xuanlong Trail, Feilong Trail, Weilong Trail, ZhonghuaLong Trail, Tenglong Trail, Menglong Trail, Konglong Trail, Milong Trail, Yunlong Trail, Hailong Trail, Fenglong Trail, Shuanglong Trail, Xuelong Trail, Yilong Trail.

TrailsAmong these trails, Yunlong Trail, Hailong Trail, Fenglong Trail, Shuanglong Trail, Xuelong Trail and Yinlong Trail are the new trails put into use this year.

Jinlong Trail(1800m) is a fantastic red trail for intermediate skiers in the middle of the mountain. Yinlong Trail (2000m) is a very challenging black trail, also the most favorite slope of the skiers. The longest trail is Yulong Trail (2500m) and the shortest trail is Xiaolong Trail(800m). There is also a blue trail for beginners.

Lifts ( Cableways)
Wanlong Ski Resort is now equipped with 5 chairlifts:
Name Levels Standard Length(m) Capacity (people/hour)
No.1 cableway Intermediate 2 people/chair 750 800
No.2 cableway Advanced 2 people/chair 950 700
No.3 cableway Beginners 4 people/chair 760 1600
No.4 cableway Intermediate 4 people/chair 960 1500
No.5 cableway Advanced 4 people/chair 950 1500

Service Building ( Rental, Ski School, Eating and Shopping ):

Service BuildingOn the first floor:
1. There are over 1400 ski set of Salomon brands for rental.
2. Ticketing Office
3. Information Desk
4. Customer Service
5. Holiland Bakery
6. Ski School
7. SALOMON ski tools Shop
8. Mapple shop
9. Closet
10. Toilet
On the second floor:
On the second floor there a huge sightseeing restaurant which can hold 400 people at the same time. There are noodles and rice and barbecue and Korea food and all kind of food for you to choose.

Prices for Skiing only or with ski equippment:

( Unit: RMB p/p )
Type Skiing Only ( Cableway ) Skiiing
( Cableway + ski equipment )
Weekday & Weekend Time
2 hours 350 500
4 hours 420 590
1 day 590 850
1.5 days 790 1130
2 days 900 1310
Sight-seeing for non-skiers 100 (Including cableway)
Chinese Holiday Time Skiing Only ( Cableway ) Skiiing
( Cableway + ski equipment )
2 hours 370 620
4hours 520 820
1 day 710 1100
1.5 days 980 1450
2 days 1130 1690
Sight-seeing for Non-skiers 120 (Including cableway)

Prices for separate ski equippment: ( Unit: RMB p/p )
Equipment Time Price
Weekday & Weekend Chinese Holiday
Ski-broad 4 hours 90 160
1day 130 210
1.5 days 160 240
2 days 190 270
3 days 280 450
Ski-shoes 4 hours 70 120
1 day 100 140
1.5 days 130 170
2 days 150 210
3 days 220 330
Ski-stick 4 hours 30 50
1 day 50 70
1.5 days 70 90
2 days 100 110
3 days 140 160
Ski Clothes 1 Day 60
Closet 1 Time 30 (small) / 50 (big)
1. No entrance fee for Wanlong Ski Resort.
2. Children 1.20 - 1.40 meters high: half price for cableway;
Children under 1.20 meters (including 1.20meters): half price for cableway and free for the ski equipment. 
3. Seniors above 70 (including 70 years old): free cableway ticket provided valid identification will be shown to the Cashier who copy your valid certification for accounting.
4. Those who enjoy free the cableway ticket must be charged for the insurance - RMB 10.

For Non-skiers:
As non-skiers, you are free to enter Wanlong Ski Resort, where you will not feel lonely. You can sit on the see-through restaurant on the second floor of the main service building. Or you may take a cableway up to the Wanlong Wood House on the top to have a bird's eye-view of the ski resort.

Wanlong Wood house:
Wanlong Wood houseOn the top of the Honghualiang Mountain at Wanlong, there is a wood house made of the wood imported from Finland. It has over 200 square meters. The wood house is a paradise for both skiers and non-skiers who come here to enjoy a romantic feeling.

This year, Wanlong wood house has been renovated and decorated. Hopefully this cozy house will again give you a new feeling. There are various kinds of snacks and drinks for you to have a nice relaxed time with coffee, and the flame from the fireplace, you will instantly forget the tiredness and chill, a totally different feeling from skiing.

Shuanglong Hotel:
Shuang Long Hotel is located inside Wanlong Ski Resort near Chongli County, Zhangjiakou City, Hebei Province. It main caters for skiers and non-skiers who come here to enjjoy alpine skiing and forest sightseeing.

Shuanglong Hotel is a modern hotel with all kinds of facilities and equipment. There are totally 124 rooms ranging from luxurious suites to comfortable standard rooms. It also has Chinese restaurants, dinning room,s café, conference room, karaoke room, parking lot and other service facilities.

Chongli Hotel ( 崇礼宾馆 )
Very often Shuanglong Hotel inside Wanlong Ski Resort is fully booked during ski season. What' more, Shuanglong Hotel is very expensive. If you are unable to reserve Shuanglong hotel or you are looking for a cheaper one, you are highly recommended to use Chongli Hotel in Chongli County, only 12km from Wanlong Ski Resort. Please check Chongli Hotel for more information.

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