How to Visit Xian in March

February 26th, 2017
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Plan your  Xian Tour in March? March ushers in an early spring in Xian which is getting relatively warmer than February, saying farewell to the harsh winter. Xian’s landscape turns greener with new leaves and budding flowers.

Pit 1 at Terracotta Warriors

March is also the transitional tourist month going from low season to  high season. Most of the entrance fees in Xian are adjusted according to high tourist season, but you may still be lucky enough to be eligible for Xian-bound discounted flights and hotel accommodations in Xian.

The Weather in March in Xian

The coming of the early spring in March keeps the mercury in Xian between average 14 ℃ in the day and 4 ℃ at night. The first sign of spring appears in March. The city heating system terminates in Mid-March in Xian.

Though warmer than February, you still need to prepare yourself for some warm clothes in March to deal with the chilly temperature in the morning and evening, a big temperature difference in a day.

Historical Weather Data for March in Xian

Here we list the historical weather data relative to the weather condition of March in Xian. It can be helpful planning your trip to Xian well in advance.

You may make use of the data to decide what to dress, what to pack, what to see for  your coming trip to Xian.

Average High
Average Low
Extreme High Extreme Low
Mar 01 11℃ 1℃ 22℃(1966) -8℃(1951)
Mar 02 12℃ 1℃ 23℃(1963) -7℃(1951)
Mar 03 12℃ 1℃ 21℃(1999) -7℃(1956)
Mar 04 12℃ 1℃ 14℃(1955) -13℃(1952)
Mar 05 12℃ 1℃ 21℃(1987) -5℃(1983)
Mar 06 12℃ 1℃ 23℃(1953) -5℃(1967)
Mar 07 12℃ 2℃ 22℃(2005) -7℃(1988)
Mar 08 12℃ 2℃ 24℃(2004) -4℃(1965)
Mar 09 14℃ 2℃ 27℃(2004) -5℃(1988)
Mar 10 14℃ 3℃ 23℃(2008) -2℃(1951)
Mar 11 14℃ 3℃ 22℃(1967) -4℃(1985)
Mar 12 13℃ 3℃ 25℃(1967) -6℃(1957)
Mar 13 13℃ 3℃ 25℃(2001) -6℃(1955)
Mar 14 14℃ 4℃ 25℃(1964) -2℃(1994)
Mar 15 15℃ 4℃ 27℃(2004) -2℃(1954)
Mar 16 15℃ 4℃ 25℃(1966) -3℃(1954)
Mar 17 15℃ 4℃ 22℃(2008) -3℃(1954)
Mar 18 15℃ 4℃ 27℃(2008) -3℃(1955)
Mar 19 15℃ 4℃ 23℃(1968) -3℃(1976)
Mar 20 15℃ 5℃ 25℃(2001) -3℃(1952)
Mar 21 15℃ 5℃ 27℃(2001) -3℃(1951)
Mar 22 14℃ 5℃ 24℃(1981) -2℃(1954)
Mar 23 15℃ 4℃ 24℃(1971) -3℃(1962)
Mar 24 15℃ 4℃ 20℃(1958) -6℃(1962)
Mar 25 15℃ 4℃ 26℃(1971) -2℃(1987)
Mar 26 16℃ 5℃ 26℃(2008) -3℃(1980)
Mar 27 16℃ 5℃ 26℃(2006) -1℃(1952)
Mar 28 17℃ 6℃ 27℃(2008) -4℃(1958)
Mar 29  18℃  7℃  28℃(2007)  -7℃(1951)
 Mar 30  19℃  7℃  28℃(1963)  0℃(1976)
Mar 31  19℃  7℃  27℃(1964)  -1℃(1972)

What to Wear

Average 14℃ during the day in March in Xian:
Outdoor daytime wear:   jackets, thin sweater and jeans

Average 4℃ in the evening in March in Xian:
Outdoor evening wear ( Average -1℃):  warm clothes, sweater, jackets and jeans

Where to Stay

Xian is a very compact and walkable city, so no matter where you are going to stay you will easily get to the major attractions and shopping areas in Xian. Some hotels start to offer discounted room rates before mid-March. Domestic tourist volume is getting thicker in March than in February.

The city layout within Xian City Wall is based on a grid pattern centrally denoted by the grand Bell Tower (钟楼), which levels out four main avenues clockwise: East avenue (Dong Dajie 东大街), South Avenue ( Nan Dajie 南大街), West Avenue (Xi Dajie 西大街) and North Avenue (Bei Dajie 北大街).

Xian Railway Station is just located on the northeast corner of Xian city wall while Xian North Railway Station 12km north of Xian city center.

Xian Airport is located 40km northwest of Xian.

The areas near Bell Tower, East Avenue, South Avenue, West Avenue and North Avenue are considered ideal places to stay in Xian.   Check out the link for more information – Where to Stay in Xian.

What to See

Xian is well known for its historical relics, both above ground and underneath. Season or weather changes make no  big difference for your visit to Xian. But the city of Xian in March is turning green and colorful with the arrival of a charming early spring.

Big Goose Pagoda

If you travel Xian in March as a first-time visitor, you may cover the major attractions like Terracotta Warriors, Xian City Wall, Xian Muslim Quarter,  Great Mosque Bell & Drum Towers and the list could be longer if you stay in Xian for quite a few days.  Check out the Top 10 Attractions in Xian for more information.

What to Eat

Xian is a haven for eaters. Hitting the food streets of Muslim Quarter is a must for first-time visitors. It is said there are over 300 Muslim local snacks on the streets in Xian Muslim Quarter that attract a consistent flow of visitors everyday coming here to savor or just have a glimpse.

Making of Pomegranate Juice

Have a bite of some of the local food: the famous Xi’an Liangpi (cold skin noodles) , the lamb skewers, the cuttlefish, the yogurt, pomegranate juice and the list could be much longer.

Check out Tips for Visiting Muslim Quarter in Xian  for more information.

 March Events, Holidays & Festivals

Annual Events and Festivals

1. Lianghui 两会
Lianghui , literally “two meetings”,  refers  to the annual meetings of the National People’s Congress and Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference. The two meetings last about one week which ends at Mid March. The Two Meetings are often regarded as  the Senate, house of Representatives in China. These are the most important political meetings in Beijing China.

2. March 8 International Women’s Day 三八国际妇女节
On this special day, some attractions in Beijing offer free entrance tickets to female visitors. Some working units allow female workers half day off or with extra pay if  they are too busy to have day or half day off. Some markets or shopping malls will give more discounts to female buyers to increase business.

3. China Tree Planting Day (Arbor Day) 中国植树节
March 12 is China’s Trees Planting Day.  It is getting warmer in Beijing. Beijing celebrates Arbor Day with tree planting.  Beijing has established over 100 reception points for urban residents to “adopt” trees or green land.

4. World Consumer Rights Day 国际消费者权益日
World Consumer Rights Day was established on 15 March 1983 to promote consumer rights around the world.  On this special day, in Beijing, you will see a CC TV evening gala sponsored by the government to crack down the poor quality products and companies without trust and reputation.

5. Hand in Hand Poverty Alleviation Program 手拉手情系贫困小伙伴全国统一行动日
March 16 is the special day for Hand in Hand Poverty Alleviation Program. This event  is mainly used to help children and other vulnerable groups in poverty stricken areas. People will donate on this special day.

6.  Chinese Medical Festival  中国国医节
March 17 is Chinese Medical Festival which dates back to the year 1929. On this special day, some hospitals would go on to the streets in Beijing for complementary health checks and other medical activities involved.

06611Tip: Hassle-free Xian Guided Tours
If you don’t want to go the do-it-yourself route and prefer the hassle-free escorted tours,  here are some options for Xian guided tours:

Xian City Day Tour from US$69
Xian Terracotta Warriors Day Tour A from US$85
Terracotta Army and Song of Everlasting Performance from US$135

Xian 2 Day Tour Package from US$170 p/p
Xian 3 Day Tour Package from US$235 p/p

Terracotta Army  Join-in Escorted Bus Tour RMB 480 p/p
Terracotta Army  Escorted Private Tour  US$ $125 P/P

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Any questions, just drop a line.

Best Travel Options between Shanghai and Beijing

January 1st, 2017
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Many travelers choose metropolitan Shanghai as their entry city either on business or leisure trip to China. Cannot resist the temptation to see Great Wall of China or other highlights in Beijing? We’ll help you analyze the advantages and disadvantages of all the travel options from Shanghai to Beijing and make a better travel schedule for your Shanghai Beijing tour.

Beijing is situated northwest of Shanghai, about 1450km apart, 5 hour and half hours by high-speed train, 12 hours by overnight bullet train, one and half hours by flight.

Beijing is an ancient and vibrant city. You can even make a day trip from Shanghai to Beijing. But we suggest you stay one or more nights in Beijing to dive a bit deep into Beijing’s long history and splendid culture.

1. Travel From Shanghai to Beijing by High Speed Daytime Train
There are 3 major railway stations in Shanghai, namely Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station ( for high speed trains to Beijing ), Shanghai Railway Station ( for overnight trains to Beijing ) and Shanghai South Railway Station ( mainly for the trains going south ).

High Speed Train

So traveling Beijing by high speed trains, you should go to Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station. Beijing terminus for the high speed trains from Shanghai is Beijing South Railway Station.

Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station
Add:West of the Hongqiao Airport, Minhang District, Shanghai 200335
Tel: 021-51245555

At the time of my writing, there are about 40 daily high speed trains running between Shanghai and Beijing, taking 5-6 hour. You are          supposed to reach the station at least half hour before departure. It is relatively easy to book your train tickets at non-holiday or low tourist season. But train tickets are hard to get during national holidays.  It is better to have advance ticket booking.

Shanghai to Beijing: First train leaves at 6:39 and last at 19:00;
Beijing to Shanghai: First train leaves at 6:44 and last at 19:00.
First Class Train Ticket: 933 yuan; Second Class Train Ticket: 553 yuan

Advantages: Easily Accessible, On Time, Faster, Safe, Frequent, Comfortable, Daytime Window sightseeing
Disadvantages: Higher Prices, Often Need Advance Booking

Note: For online train ticket booking, check out  China Train Ticket Booking.

2.  Getting from Shanghai to Beijing by Overnight Train
There are two overnight D trains running between Shanghai and Beijing with the train journeys lasting 12 hours and one overnight T train taking 15 hours. All the three overnight trains start from Shanghai Railway Station.  The two D trains arrive at Beijing South Railway Station and the T train arrives at Beijing Railway Station.

4-Bed Cabin Overnight Train

Important Notice:
The above-mentioned overnight trains start from Shanghai Railway Station. So don’t be confused with Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station which accommodates the high speed trains going to Beijing.

Advantages: Direct from Downtown Shanghai, On Time, Save One Night Accommodation, Safe, More Daytime Sightseeing, affordable Prices

Disadvantages: Longer Travel Time, No daytime Sightseeing, Hard to Get Your Tickets

Note: For online train ticket booking, check out  China Train Ticket Booking.

3. Traveling from Shanghai to Beijing by flight
There are about 90 daily flights connecting Shanghai and Beijing, mainly operated by three domestic airlines – Air China, Eastern China Airline, and Hainan Airline. The 2-hour flight makes it possible for people to have a day trip to Beijing from Xian and return on the same day.

Shanghai Hongqiao Airport

Basically there are two major airports in Shanghai – Shanghai Hongqiao Airport (SHA) and Shanghai Pudong Airport (PVG). Both airports operate flights from Shanghai to Beijing. If your flight ticket shows PVG, then it is Pudong Airport while SHA for Shanghai Hongqiao Airport.

No matter which airport you use in Shanghai,  most of the flights arrive at Beijing Capital International Airport which has three terminals – T1, T2 and T3.  But if you take the flights  operated by China United Airlines, you will land at Beijing Nanyuan Airport.

Advantages: Fastest, Easy to Book Your Tickets, Frequent and often less expensive than train
Disadvantages: Airport Inconvenience, Sometimes not On Time, Both Airports in Beijing and Shanghai are out of town.

4. Hassle-Free Organized Shanghai Beijing Tours
If you’d prefer not to DIY, here are some options for Shanghai Beijing Guided Tours.

Beijing Day Trip from Shanghai by High Speed Train
Shanghai Beijing 2 Day Tour by High-speed Train
Xian Day Tour from Shanghai by Flight
Beijing Day Trip from Shanghai by High Speed Train

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Any questions, just drop a line.

Visit Shanghai in February

December 31st, 2016
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Plan your Shanghai tour in February? Shanghai features the humid subtropical marine climate with distinct four seasons, usually humid summer and cold winter. February is still in the cold winter season with average 9℃ in the day and 2℃ at night.

The feeling temperature in Shanghai is a bit lower due to the humid cold air and gusty northern wind, plus the lack of indoor heating system popular in the northern China.

Pudong Skyline at Night

So if you are going to visit Shanghai in February, you still need to wrap up well. The good thing about February is that you are entitled to huge discouts on your hotel, entrance tickets, transportion, etc.

The Weather in February in Shanghai

Situated south of Yangtze River and on the southeast coastal  area of China, Shanghai has a humid subtropical monsoon climate with four distinct seasons.

In February, Shanghai’s average temperature ranges between 2℃ (Night) and 9℃ (Day). There is a big temperature difference between day and night.  This month is  still humid, windy and it feels much colder than what its mercury shows. Dress warm for your Shanghai trip in February.

Historical Weather Data for February in Shanghai

We’ve collected the following Shanghai’s historical daily weather data,  which allows you to learn about the general weather condition in advance.

You can make use of the historical weather date to plan  your Februry trip to Shanghai, deciding on what to wear and what to pack.

Average High
Average Low
Extreme High Extreme Low
Feb 01 7℃ 0℃ 17℃(1953) -7℃(1966)
Feb 02 7℃ 0℃ 19℃(1968) -6℃(1952)
Feb 03 7℃ 0℃ 16℃(1975) -5℃(1952)
Feb 04 8℃ 1℃ 16℃(1989) -8℃(1952)
Feb 05 8℃ 1℃ 21℃(1972) -8℃(1952)
Feb 06 9℃ 2℃ 26℃(1991) -7℃(1952)
Feb 07 8℃ 2℃ 19℃(1990) -5℃(1951)
Feb 08 9℃ 2℃ 20℃(1978) -5℃(1967)
Feb 09 9℃ 2℃ 23℃(1978) -5℃(1967)
Feb 10 9℃ 2℃ 25℃(1990) -6℃(1956)
Feb 11 8℃ 2℃ 27℃(1955) -7℃(1967)
Feb 12 10℃ 2℃ 25℃(1961) -8℃(1967)
Feb 13 10℃ 3℃ 27℃(1951) -7℃(1954)
Feb  14 10℃ 3℃ 25℃(1955) -5℃(1969)
Feb 15 9℃ 3℃ 21℃(1977) -3℃(1954)
Feb 16 9℃ 2℃ 18℃(1996) -6℃(1967)
Feb 17 9℃ 2℃ 17℃(1958) -7℃(1965)
Feb 18 9℃ 2℃ 22℃(1979) -6℃(1965)
Feb 19 9℃ 2℃ 16℃(1992) -5℃(1960)
Feb 20 9℃ 2℃ 21℃(1996) -6℃(1960)
Feb 21 10℃ 2℃ 23℃(1951) -4℃(1967)
Feb 22 10℃ 2℃ 20℃(1998) -4℃(1967)
Feb 23 10℃ 2℃ 20℃(1963) -4℃(1973)
Feb 24 9℃ 3℃ 21℃(1987) -4℃(1953)
Feb 25 10℃ 3℃ 23℃(1987) -5℃(1965)
Feb 26 9℃ 3℃ 19℃(1962) -4℃(1973)
Feb 27 10℃ 3℃ 25℃(1987) -5℃(1966)
Feb 28 11℃ 3℃ 22℃(1987) -5℃(1991)

What to Wear

In February, Shanghai is still cold, windy and humid with the average temperature between the highest 9℃ and the lowest 2 ℃ characterised by the big temperature drop between day and night.

Outdoor daytime wear: overcoat, thin down jackets, jeans, overcoat,  layers and knit wear;
Outdoor evening wear: down jackets, or overcoat, knit wear ,jeans, winter hat, gloves and caps.

Where to Stay

Shanghai is one of the world’s largest metropolitan cities. The huge city offers you plentiful hotel choices from luxury international brand hotels to budget hostel.

Your hotel selection is also affected by the location you are going to choose.  People prefer a convenient hotel in terms of its proximity to subways, shopping centers and attractions you are going to visit.

So first of all, you need to acquaint yourself with the basic knowledge of the district and neighbourhood you are going to stay and your hotel should be close to a metro line, shopping malls, etc.

Shanghai is mainly divided into 16 districts (8 urban districts and 8 suburban districts). Each district has its own core city. If you are on a leisure trip to Shanghai, you expect to stay in one of the 8 urban districts.

The 8 districts are all located in Puxi – to the west bank of Huangpu River while Pudong New District is located to the east bank of Huangpu River. The Pudong New Area is full of highrises, not suitable for leisure travelers.

8 Urban Districts
Jing’an District (静安区)
Huangpu District (黄浦区)
Xuhui District (徐汇区)
Changning District (长宁区)
Putuo District (普陀区)
Zhabei District (闸北区)
Hongkou District (虹口区)
Yangpu District (杨浦区)

8 Suburban Districts
Pudong New District (浦东新区)
Baoshan District (宝山区)
Minhang District (闵行区)
Jiading District (嘉定区)
Jinshan District (金山区)
Songjiang District (松江区)
Qingpu District (青浦区)
Fengxian District (奉贤区)

Basically people would arrange their hotels in one of the 8 Urban Districts. But for business travelers, Pudong New District is also a good option too.

For more information on each district and its hotel choices,  check out the link Where to Stay in Shanghai.

Where to See

As you know, Shanghai is cut into two parts by Huangpu River: Pudong ( to the east of  Huangpu River ) and Puxi ( to the west of the Huangpu River ). Most of the historical and scenic sites in shanghai are in Puxi while Pudong is the new development area peppered with numerous futuristic high-rise buildings.

If it is your first time to visit Shanghai, we are happy to present you our version of Top 10 Things to Do in Shanghai for your reference. You are kindly advised to visit Shanghai per your personal taste. Hope our Top 10 Things to Do in Shanghai will be helpful in planning your Shanghai trip. Check out the link – Top 10 Attractions in Shanghai.

Though winter is not the best season to visit Shanghai in terms of weather, it doesn’t make much difference to visit Shanghai in winter from other seasons due to its static city landscapes. Shanghai winter tour has its own advantage – less crowded, big discounts for admission fees, hotels and flights. Check out Top Things to do in Shanghai in winter.

What to Eat

Shanghai has a good reputation in Chinese gourmet circles, and boasts one of China’s most characteristic and distinctive cuisines.

You can appreciate the beautiful scenery and enjoy the local food culture as well during your Shanghai tour.

Shanghai cuisine, collecting the traditional of old Shanghai and the fad of new Shanghai, is a place gathering all kinds of snacks such as Nanxiang Xiaolongbao (Steamed Pork Dumplings), a must you should taste on your Shanghai trip.

Nanxiang Xiaolongbao is a traditional snack of Nanxiang Town with a history of more than 100 years. It is deeply popular with the tourists both home and abroad for its thin skin, much stuffing, fresh flavour. You can find Nanxiang Xiaolongbao in many places in Shanghai.

We’ve rounded up the top 10 best restaurants in Shanghai, so  get ready to have a bite! Please check out Top 10 Best Restaurants in Shanghai  and Top 10 Shanghai Classic Vegetarian Restaurants  for more information.

February Events, Holidays & Festivals

Annual Events and Festivals

1. New Year Eve Ceremony
Each year Shanghai local tourism bureau will hold a fantastic “New Year Celebration” on the eve of the coming new year in a unique way. Turn to a local travel agency or visit Xian tourism bureau’s official website for the new year celebration.

2. Spring Festival
Spring Festival is the biggest and most celebrated festival in China as well as some countries of east and southeast Asia. People enjoy 3 day holiday. Chinese government makes it a 7 day holiday by moving the prior weekend and the upcoming one together. This is the Chinese government’s “holiday economy” policy. 2016 Chinese new year start January 28 through February 02, 2017.

3. Lantern Festival
Lantern Festival falls on the 15th day of the Chinese lunar new year which varies between February and March. The New Year comes to an end when the Festival of Lanterns sets in. Each lantern festival finds lantern shows and folk dance everywhere.

One special food for the festival is the Tang Yuan, another kind of dumplings made of sweet rice rolled into balls and stuffed with either sweet or different fillings. People solve riddles on the lanterns.

Tip:  Hassle-free Shanghai Guided Tours
If you don’t want to go the do-it-yourself bus route and prefer the hassle-free escorted tours,  here are some options for guided tours to Shanghai:

Shanghai Highlight Day Tour from US$ 65
Afternoon Ambling & Evening Brilliant Cruise Day Tour from US$ 55
Historic Shanghai and Ancient Water Town Day Tour from US$ 59
Shanghai 2 Day Tour Package from US$ 145
Shanghai 3 Day Tour Pacakge from US$ 199

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