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Thank you so much for the awesome service today! Geoffry and the driver, Mr Shang, were great today. Geoffry was by the exit to the Guilin airport exactly where I walked out. And he did a great job as my guide. The van for the tour was clean and in good condition. The only suggestion I would make for better service would be to allow the guide to eat lunch with the guest when the guest is alone. It was kind of awkward eating alone, and there was plenty of food served which could have easily fed the both of us.
I'm hoping the coach tours will be a great experience as well.
Thanks again,
Jack Benzel
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What are you expecting for the tourist vehicles in Beijing China for your sightseeing or your business? We are committed to offer you the quality service you need when you come to Beijing China either as a visitor or businessman. We provide comfortable vehicles like sedan, limousine, van & coach services per your request.
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We had an absolutely perfect day with our tour guide - Rogin Luo - who took us for a hike along The Great Wall! Didn't know what to expect and were thrilled to have him as our guide. Very imformative, knowledgable and fun! We go to experience a part of The Great Wall that was unrestored and see all its natural beauty. Got a long history lesson along the way!

After the hike, we all went to lunch at a small place at the bottom of the hill. Located in a house, we ate lunch in the proprietors bedroom! What a hoot! Rogin is the Best of the Best! This tour company delivered for us and we are extremely grateful.

Westborough, Massachusetts
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Guilin Tour
Guilin is a beautiful city surrounded by two rivers and four lakes and karst mountains. There are also some world famous scenic places around Guilin, including the picturesque Lijiang River; Yangshuo, a small town downstream from Guilin; Longsheng with its best known Longji rice terraces and much more.

No trip to China is said to be perfect without visiting Guilin. This is the right one-stop place for planning your trip to Guilin no matter you are a very independent traveler or local travel agency frequent user.

Guilin City Map
Guilin Vicinity Map
Guilin City Map Guilin Osmanthus Hotel Guilin Bravo Hotel Guilin Park Hotel Royal Garden Hotel Guilin Sheraton Hotel Yangshuo Reed Flute Cave Elephant Trunk Hill Seven Star Park Fubo Hill Solitary Beauty Peak Longsheng Li River

Guilin Private Tour See Guilin with your personal tour guide and driver. Guilin private tours, an affordable and comfortable way to enjoy Guilin sightseeing including Reed Flute, Elephant Trunk Hill, Fubo Hill, Seven Star Park, Li River and many more. If you have extra time, you may take our extended private tours of Longji Rice Terraces in Guilin.

Guilin City Tour from US$90 p/p
Guilin Li River Cruising Tour from US$85 p/p
Guilin Longsheng Guilin Day Tour from US$75 p/p

Guilin 3 Day Tour Package from US$235 p/p
Guilin 4 Day Tour Package from US$290 p/p

Guilin Group Tour Guilin Seat-in-coach Tour is a kind of Guilin Group Tour on which you travel with other tourists like you on the same tour, and so the tour expense is relatively cheaper than a private tour. Set departures, easy booking and free hotel pick-up. Why hesitate? Just drop us an email, or online booking, or just call us for quick booking and cash settlement aboard the bus.

Guilin City Bus Tour RMB 450 p/p
Guilin City Half Day Bus Tour RMB 300 p/p

Guilin Li River Yangshuo Cruising Bus Tour RMB 480 p/p
Guilin Longji Terrace Bus Tour RMB 490 p/p

Beijing Guilin Tour Beijing and Guilin is about 1,721 kilometers (1,069 miles) apart, 3 hour by flight or 24 hours by overnight train. There are approx. 6 daily flights between Beijing and Guilin. There are also 4 trains per day linking the two cities.

Beijing Guilin 4 Day Highspeed Train Tour from US$435 p/p
Beijing Guilin 4 Day Overinight Train Tour from US$380 p/p

Beijing Guilin 3 Days Tour by flight from US$560
Beijing Guilin 4 Days Tour by flight from US$610

Hong Kong Guilin Tour Let our trip advisors design your Guilin tour from Hong Kong to experience Guilin's landscape and culture. Located in the northeastern part of Guangxi, Guilin has long been praised as the most picturesque place in China. As a port city, Hong Kong has some direct and connected flights for Guilin. If you love train travel, you may take the overnight train to Guilin via Guangzhou and Shenzhen that are close to Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Guilin 4 Day Tour from US$275 p/p

Hong Kong Guilin Guangzhou 7 Day Tour from US$700 p/p

Guilin China Tour Touch the best of China with your personal tour guide and private car, an comfortable and affordable way of traveling the highlight of China - Beijing, Xian, Shanghai, Guilin, Nanjing, Suzhou, Wuxi, Luoyang, Jinnan, Mt.Taishan, Mt.Huangshan, Hohhot, Datong...

Beijing Xian Guilin Shanghai 10-Day Tour from US$1365 p/p
Shanghai Guilin Xian Beijing 11-Days Tour from US$1420 p/p
Beijing Xian Yangtze Guilin Shanghai 15-Day Tour from US$2250 p/p

Guilin Car Rental with driver Are you looking for a reliable limo service to offer you a fast and safe transfer from Guilin Airport to your hotel in Guilin or from Guilin Train Station to your hotel in Guilin? Are you expecting a carefree Guilin limo service with driver for the transfer from your hotel to Yangshuo or Longji? We are your authentic partner!

Guilin Airport Transfer
Guilin Train Station Transfer
Guilin - Yangshuo Transfer
Guilin - Longsheng Transfer
Guilin City Car Rental

Guilin travel information

Train travel to Guilin
Guilin has two railway stations. Guilin Railway Station (or Guilin South Railway Station) and Guilin North Train Station. The main station - Guilin Railway Station is located at the southern end of the main street in Guilin - Zhongshan Nanlu (Zhongshan South Road). Situated in the suburb, North Station has the bus No.1 to the city center. Buses No.1,99,100 through between the two stations

Guilin's train travel is convenient though its inland location far from other travel destinations makes the train journey long and uncomfortable. Some of the trains run to Nanning (capital of Guangxi Province) and stop at Guilin.

Train tickets are hard to come by, especially during weekends and China holidays. But, it is still acceptable and all right to travel to and from Guilin by train provided you are ready and well prepared for it.

Direct and indirect train service includes such major destinations as to Beijing(soft, RMB416), Xian(hard sleeper RMB 385), Shanghai(hard sleeper RMB341), Guangzhou(hard sleeper RMB207), Kunming(hard sleeper RMB281), Chongqing(hard sleeper RMB 170) and Chengdu(hard sleeper RMB201).

Beijing - Guilin Highspeed Train G529 ( 7:46 - 18:18)

Beijing West Guilin K21(08:58 - next day 12:26), T5(15:45 - next day 14:51), T189(18:50 - next day 17:52),
Guilin Beijing West T6(13:28 - next day 12:07), T190(15:36 - next day 14:35), K22(19:02 - next day 22:28)
Xian Guilin K318(18:54 - next day 22:49), Guilin Xian K316(17:55 - next day 21:07)
Shanghai South Guilin T77(16:43 - next day 12:15), K537(16:52 - next day 15:25), K595(19:27 - next day 20:01)
Guilin Shanghai South K960(14:05 - next day 17:14), K538(17:24 - next day15:37), T78(19:11 - next day 15:07)
Guangzhou Guilin K36(17:50 - next day 06:30), K952(19:47 - next day 07:35)
Guilin Guangzhou K38(18:28 - next day 06:06), K950(21:20 - next day 08:37)
Kunming Guilin North K182(18:33 - next day 12:05), Kunming Guilin K394(19:30 - next day 12:36)
Guilin North Kunming K181(15:34 - next day 09:04), Guilin North Kunming K393(16:30 - next day 10:26)
Chongqing North Guilin K652(20:47 - next day 16:52), Guilin Chongqing North K651(13:36 - next day 08:30)
Chengdu East Guilin K652(14:51 - next day 16:52), Guilin Chengdu East K651(13:36 - next day 13:16)

Guilin South Railway Station Tel: 0773 - 2152222
Guilin North Railway Station Tel: 0773 - 2162222

Flight Travel to Guilin
Guilin Liangjiang International Airport is located in the Liangjiang Town of Guilin City, about 30 kilometers southwest from the city center. Scheduled Flights Inquiries: (0773)2845359, 2845321. Guilin airport downtown shuttle bus RMB20, taxis RMB100.

Guilin is well connected to the major cities in China including Beijing, Xian, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Guiyang, Kunming, Chongqing, Wuhan and Hong Kong. Buy your tickets through travel agents or book your flights online available based in China and abroad.

There are regular international flights to Seoul, and Fukoka Japan. Some charted flights to Bankok, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. And more international flights are being in sevice.

Address: Liangjiangzhen, Lingui, Guilin, Guangxi, China
Airport Tel: (86) 773 2845114
Flight Enquiry: (86)0773-2845733
PSB: (86)0773-2845338

Overland Travel to Guilin
There are three long-distance bus stations in Guilin with Guilin Bus Station being the largest, which is just located in front of Guilin Railway Station (Guilin South Train Station located at the southern end of Zhongshan Nanlu).

Hourly buses go to Yangshuo, Longsheng, and Xing An. There are a few buses running on Guilin Sanjiang line, and Guilin Nanning line.

Express buses and sleeper buses are available for Guilin Guangzhou line, Guilin Shenzhen line.

Guilin Long-distance Bus Station: 0773 - 3822666
Add: 65, South Zhongshan Road, Guilin

Normally, April to October is the best time to visit Guilin due to the charming scenery and comfortable weather during that time. Spring in Guilin is warm with some rain. Summer in Guilin is hot and humid. The Guilin Climate in autumn is most comfortable for traveling. Winter is relatively a low season for tourism in Guilin.

But the fact is that it all depends on your budget, tolerance for large crowds, your personal interests and, another time of year may suit you better.

Guilin City Layout
The city of Guilin is navigated by bike. From north to south Li River cuts the city into two parts - East and West. The city gravity is on the west part, where it is the city center, rife with hotels, commercial streets and major attractions like the Hill of Elephant Trunk, Hubo Hill, Diecai Hill and Flute Caves.

The most commercial street on the west side (downtown) is Zhongshan Lu (Zhongshan Road) running roughly parallel to Li River from north to south. Guilin Railway Station (south station) is located at the southern end of Zhongshan Lu.

Another avenue is Jiefang Road extending from east to west, crossing Liberation Bridge over the river to the east part of Guilin where the large Qixing Park is loated.

Get Around in Guilin
Guilin airport downtown shuttle bus RMB20, taxis RMB100.

Guilin Taxi starts at RMB 7 at Flag Fall. Guilin has about 2,000 registered cabs. There are also some “black taxis” in Guilin. Most of the illegal taxis are out in the evening to avoid possible punishment. Be mindful of these black cabs
• RMB 7 just for getting in for 2km
• RMB 1.6 charged between 2km and 4km
• RMB 2 for each additional 1km beyond 4km
• Minnight 11:00 pm - 06:30am
• RMB 7.8 just for getting in for 2km
• RMB 1.8 charged between 2km and 4km
• RMB 2.4 for each additional 1km beyond 4km

Bike is one of the transportation tools best for the travel in Guilin. There are a plethora of bike rental outlets. You can find them near bus stations, hotels, shops and restaurants. Most charge you RMB 10 0r 20 per day with a deposit of RMB 200 per bike.

Public buses are also convenient if you have done some research on the city bus map. Most of the buses stop in front Guilin Railway Station and Bus Station. The buses will get you to the major attractions in Guilin. Bus 2 brings you to the Hill of Elephant Trunk, Bus 58 takes you the Flute Caves. Local buses cost you around RMB 1 and RMB 2.

Guilin is a well developed tourist city with multiple choices of accommodations ranging from budget hostels to luxuy hotels. You need to reserve your hotels during weekends and China holidays.

Top 10 Guilin Budget Hotels
Guilin Osmanthus Hotel
Add: No. 77 Zhongshan South Road, Guilin Guangxi Tel: 86-773-3834300
Yongxing Hostel
Add: Yangguang Business Building, No. 4, Zhongshan Road, Guilin 86 773 2854468
Guilin Taizi Hotel
Add: Century Road Lingui, Guilin 86 0773 5598888 5587777
Guilin Xingui Hotel
Add: 1, yinding road, Guilin 86 773 2169988/2169966
Guilin Jinggui New City Hotel
Add: 55 Zhongshan South Road, Xiangshan District, Guilin 86-773-2119333
Hanting Express-Guilin Qixing Inn
Add: No. 73 Qixing Road, Qixing District, Guilin Tel: 0773-5849666
Home Inn-Guilin Railway Station
Add: No.64 Shangzhi Lane, Zhongshan South Road, Guilin  0773-3877666
Green Tree Inn Railway Station, Guilin
Add: No.25 Zhongshan South road, Guilin Tel: 0773-2268868
Jinjiang Inn-Guilin Qixing Road
Add: 50 Qixing Road, Qixing District Tel: 0773-5828989
Yangshuo Backstreet Hostel
Add: No. 60 south of Guihua Lane, YangShuo, Guilin Tel: 86-773-8814077

Top 10 Guilin Luxury Hotels

Sheraton Hotel, Guilin
Add: 15 Binjiang Road, Guilin Tel: 86 773 2825588

Shangri-La Hotel Guilin
Add: 111 Huan Cheng Bei Er Lu, Guilin Tel: (86 773) 269 8888

Lijiang Waterfall Hotel
Add: 1 north Shanhu Road Guilin Tel: 0773-2822881 2823050

Guilin Royal Garden Hotel
Add: 186-1, Linjiang Road, Guilin 86 773 5688888

Guilin Merryland Resort Hotel
Add: Zhiling road xing’an county Guilin 86-773-6229988、6229898

The Fortune Condominium Hotel
Add: 28 Shijiayuan Road, Guilin Tel: 86 773 3111555

Guilin Bravo Hotel
Add: 14 South Ronghu Road Guilin Tel: (86-773) 2898888

Guishan Hotel
Add: No.42, Chuan Shan Road, Guilin 86 773 5638888

Guilin Park Hotel
Add: NO.1 Luosi Hill Guilin Tel: 86 773 2558899

Guilin Plaza Hotel
Add: The 20th Lijiang River Road, Guilin Tel: 86-773-5882688

It takes time to appreciate everything that Guilin City has to offer. See Top Top 10 things to do in Guilin for more information.

Suggsted Travel Plan in Guilin
Please find below our recommended Guilin travel plan for your reference:

1) Guilin City One Day Tour:
Day 01: Reed Flute, Elephant Trunk Hill, Fubo Hill, Seven Star Park

2) Guilin Li River Excursion Day Tour
Day 01: Li River Cruising, Yangshuo

3) Guilin in Two Day Tour :
Day 01: Reed Flute, Elephant Trunk Hill, Fubo Hill, Seven Star Park
Day 02: Li River Cruising, Yangshuo

4) Guilin in Three Day Tour:
Day 01: Reed Flute, Elephant Trunk Hill, Fubo Hill, Seven Star Park Day 02: Li River Cruising, Yangshuo
Day 03: Full Day Exursion to Longsheng

Not only the landscape in Guilin is well known for the world, but also its food wins universal praise. On the bases of the hot of Xiang Cuisine and the fresh of Yue Cuisine, the local cuisine of Guilin comes into its own flavor.

Stewed duck with Gingko, Lipu taro pork, Stewed clams and chicken, Lo Han boiled chicken, Fried chicken with water chestnut, etc. are the traditional cuisines worth to have a take. Guilin rice noodle is one of the favorite snacks for tourists. Besides Gongcheng Youcha is the featured traditional cuisine.

Guilin is a developed tour city with abundant tour products. From expensive jewelry to cheap accouterments, from the characteristic local specialities to the featured snacks, all of which are available here.

The new rebuilt Zhongshan Road, gentle Zhengyang Pedestrian Street, as well as the bustling Guilin Department Store are the good choice to shop. Silk shirts, Jackets, and ties are widely available. Other popular items to look for in Guilin include Bamboo Carvings, Scrolls and Paintings, Embroidered Tablecloths, Carved Seals, and beautifully carved Tea Seats.

You will find high quality arts and crafts and antiques, such as Landscape paintings, Sandalwood Fans, Antique Ceramics and china, and Jade Rings and Bracelets, at the Guilin International Tourism Commodity Wholesale City. Most of the major scenic spots, hills and cave parks have stalls where you can pick up souvenirs such as Teas, Chopsticks, Wood Carvings and T-shirts, etc.

As the sun sets, Guilin city takes on an elegant charm, with city light reflecting on the water beneath the karst peaks looming in the distance. Take advantage of the view from the water by boarding the Li River Yinzuo Ferry, an evening boat with dancing ballroom, a bar and Kara OK.

Strolling along Yangshuo West Street, you can not only to enjoy the Chinese traditional cultural but also relax yourself in all kinds of bars. The street is crowded by all kinds of characteristic bars, such as Minnie Mai’s, Mei You Bar, Anne’s Art Café, which are often packed.

Whether you are keen on traveling independently or prefer to use some hassel free travel service offered by local travel agencies, when coming to the trip to Guilin, it is a good idea to blend your independent travel with the local sightseeing tours organized by local tour operators to save your time and money.

You'll get to know more about its people, its life from a local English-speaking tour guide, where the guidebooks leave you short.

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