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We had an absolutely perfect day with our tour guide - Rogin Luo - who took us for a hike along The Great Wall! Didn't know what to expect and were thrilled to have him as our guide. Very imformative, knowledgable and fun! We go to experience a part of The Great Wall that was unrestored and see all its natural beauty. Got a long history lesson along the way!

After the hike, we all went to lunch at a small place at the bottom of the hill. Located in a house, we ate lunch in the proprietors bedroom! What a hoot! Rogin is the Best of the Best! This tour company delivered for us and we are extremely grateful.

Westborough, Massachusetts
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Tianjin Cruise Port Beijing Transfer & Excursions
Are you going to cruise around Asia Pacific? The Tianjin International Cruise Home Port ( now replacing the former Xingang Port) is the important port on your cruise to Beijing China or from which you start your Asia pacific cruise. It connects over 400 ports worldwide and has good cooperation with the ports such as America, the Netherlands, Japan and South Korea.

Today Tianjin Port contains the cruise home port both for "Costa Cruises" and "Caribbeans". The cruise home port is also used by Voyager of the Seas, Sapphire Princess, Holland America Volemdam, Oceania Nautica, Celebrity Millennium, Azamara Quest, Arcadia, Ocean Princess, Crystal Symphony and Regent Seven Seas Voyager, which are the most innovative vessels offering passengers a unique way to visit a variety of ports with popular and off the beaten path offshore excursions throughout the Asia Pacific in complete style. 

Now If you are surfing on the internet in the process of planning private or coach transfers to or from Tianjin Port, or you are thinking of doing offshore excursions or pre/post-cruise tours to Beijing or Tianjin, Tour-Beijing Travel Service is your right choice. We are a Beijing based real travel agency with much experience in providing the Tianjin Harbour private transfer service as well as Beijing excursions and pre/post-cruise tours. We are trying to be your reliable travel agent in Beijing (Tianjin).

Tianjin Cruise Port - Beijing Transfer Map

Tianjin Port Transfer
Tianjin Downtown Map
Tianjin Cruise Port - Beijing Transfer Map Xingang Port Badaling Great WallBadaling Great Wall Mutianyu Great Wall Beijing Capital Airport Tianjin Cruise Port Mutianyu Great Wall Tianjin Cruise Port Tianjin Airport Tianjin Railway Station Tanggu Train Station Tianjin Airport Tianjin Railway Station Jingjin Expressway Beijing Tour Huangyaguan Great Wall Tianjin Tour Bullet Train

» Tianjin Cruise Port ←→ Beijing Private Transfer
Tianjin Home Port <strong>←→</strong> Beijing Private Transfer Door to door private transfer either from Tianjin Cruise Port to Beijing or from Beijing to Tianjin Cruise Cruise Terminal. Transfer rates are charged per the type and size of the vehicle you are going to reserve.

Tianjin Port - Your Beijing Hotel Door to Door Transfer
 from US$190 per car

Your Beijing Hotel - Tianjin Port Door to Door Transfer
from US$190 per car

» Tianjin Cruise Port ←→ Beijing Shared Coach Transfer
Tianjin Cruise Port ←→ Beijing Shared Coach Transfer Tianjin Cruise Port - Beijing Two Way Shared Bus Transfers. Transfer rates are charged per person. At present, we only offer coach transfer for the passengers from Princess Cruises

Tianjin Port Your Beijing Hotel Door to Door Coach Transfer
from US$ 39 p/p

Beijing Designated Place Tianjin Cruise Port Shared Coach Transfer from US$ 39 p/p

» Tianjin Home Port ←→ Beijing Private Transfer with Half Day Beijing Tour
Tianjin Home Port <strong>←→</strong> Beijing Private Transfer with Half Day Beijing Tour On the day of transfer either from Tianjin Port to Beijing or Beijing to Tianjin Port, you have 4-5 hour spare time to enjoy a half day tour in Beijing.

Tianjin Port - Beijing Transfer & afternoon Excursion from US$85
Tianjin Port - Beijing Transfer & afternoon Beijing City Tour from US$85
Tianjin Port - Beijing Transfer & afternoon Old Beijing Tour from US$80

Beijing - Tianjin Port Transfer & morning Excursion from US$85
Beijing - Tianjin Port Transfer & morning Beijing City Tour from US$85
Beijing - Tianjin Port Transfer & morning Old Beijing Tour from US$80

» Tianjin Port ←→ Beijing Private Transfer with Multi-Day Beijing Tour
Tianjin Port <strong>←→</strong> Beijing Private Transfer with Multi-Day Beijing Tour Multiday excursions in Beijing for your pre/post-cruise tours.

Tianjin Port - Beijing Transfer with Beijing 3 Day Tour from US$189 p/p
Tianjin Port - Beijing Transfer with Beijing 4 Day Tour from US$225 p/p
Tianjin Port - Beijing Transfer with Beijing 5 Day Tour from US$295 p/p

Beijing Xian Beijing One Day Trip by Flight from US$405 p/p

Tianjin Port - Beijing Round Trip 2 Day Tour from US$209 p/p

Beijing 3 Day Tour with Beijing - Tianjin Port Transfer from US$189 p/p
Beijing 4 Day Tour with Beijing - Tianjin Port Transfer from US$225 p/p
Beijing 5 Day Tour with Beijing - Tianjin Port Transfer from US$295 p/p

Tianjin Port & Beijing Transfer Information

Tour-Beijing Tour Company is a the REAL and REPUTABLE tour company, not just acting as booking agency, and not just an internet tour company in China, Tour-Beijing.Com is a full China travel agency based in Beijing operated by Beijing Champagne International Travel Service officially registered at Beijing Tourism Administration with License NO. L-BJ-GJ01220. All the Xingang Port Transfers are done by our own tour guides and drivers.

Tianjin International Cruise Home Port
Tianjin Cruise Home Port was completed and put into operation on June 26, 2010. Tianjin Cruise (Home) Port replaces the former Xingang Port (Passenger Terminal) to accommodate international cruise ships like Sapphire Princess, Ocean Princess, Sapphire Princess, Oceania Nautica, Costa Classica, Celebrity Millennium, Crystal Symphony, Volendam and Azamara Quest and Arcadia. Now it is the home port of both for "Costa Cruises" and "Caribbeans".

Tianjin Cruise Port is located at the south part of Dongjiang Port (East Port), Port of Tianjin. The Cruise Home Port covers 761 thousands square meters for the first phase. The overall port is 800 meters in length to offer 3 berths. The new Tianjin cruise home port is composed of a passenger hall, a port distribution center, office buildings, hotels, duty free shops, restaurants, entertainment facilities, etc. The Tianjin home port can dock the world's largest cruise liners and has a designed passenger handling capacity of 500,000 persons per year.

Very Important Notice:
Mainly used for domestic cruise ships, but during high season for cruises, the old Xingang Port also receive international cruise ships. For port transfer, if you are going to dock at Xingang Port (Passenger Terminal) , please kindly advise us. Thanks!

The Tianjin Cruise Home Port is about 24km away from the old Xingang Port Passenger Terminal, 30km from Tanggu Railway Station, 70km from the city center of Tianjin and 180km from Beijing.

Port of Xingang ( Xingang Port Passenger Terminal)
Mainly used for domestic cruise ships, but during high season for cruises, the old Xingang Port also receives international cruise ships. For port transfer, if you are going to dock at Xingang Port (Passenger Terminal) , please kindly advise us. Thanks!

Location: 35 Xingang Road No 2, Tanggu, Tianjin 300456, China
Latitude: 38° 58' 57" N
Longitude: 117° 44' 26" E
Port code: CNXGG
Tel:(86)22 25705239
Fax:(86)22 25709747
PSB:(86)22 25701145

The Xingang Port is about 24km away from the Tianjin Cruise Home Port, 12km from Tanggu Railway Station, 58km from the city center of Tianjin and 180km from Beijing.

Tianjin Cruise Port - Beijing Expressway
Beijing Tianjin Expressway is a four-lane expressway with a total length of 130km, 2/3 under the jurisdiction of Tianjin, 1/3 under Beijjing. It has three toll gates with the second one standing at the prefecture border area between Beijing and Tianjin. There are four service areas along the 130km expressway, where you can expect a snack store, a toilet and a restaurant.

Beijing downtown to the starting point of Beijing Tianjin Expressway is about 20km, Tianjin Cruise Port to the Toll Gate of the expressway about 30km, totalling 180km driving distance between Beijing and Tianjin Cruise Port, the driving time approxi. 2 hours if you are lucky to have fine weather and good traffic. Check Beijing Tianjin Expressway Road Trip for more information.

Beijing to Tanggu Bullet Train
A.There are 9 daily high speed trains running from Tanggu to Beijing.
Tanggu - Beijing C2272 ( 08:38/09:33 )
Tanggu - Beijing C2274 ( 09:24/10:23 )
Tanggu - Beijing C2292 ( 12:04/13:03)
Tanggu - Beijing C2276 ( 13:04/14:03 )
Tanggu - Beijing C2278 ( 17:23/18:18 )
Tanggu - Beijing C2280 ( 18:19/19:18 )
Tanggu - Beijing C2294 ( 21:54/22:53 )
B.There are 9 daily high speed trains running from Beijing to Tanggu.
Beijing - Tanggu C2271 ( 07:20/08:14)
Beijing - Tanggu C2273 ( 10:45/11:39 )
Beijing - Tang Gu C2275 ( 12:35/13:29 )
Beijing - Tang Gu C2277 ( 15:55/16:52 )
Beijing - Tang Gu C2279 ( 16:50/17:47 )
Beijing - Tang Gu C2293 ( 20:20 21:13 )

The train timetable is only for your reference and subject to the change without notice.

Ticket Fare: RMB 79.5(first class); RMB 65.5(second class)

The bullet trains between Beijing and Tianjin
As for the bullet trains running between Beijing and Tianjin, the situation is quite different. Actually you don't have to pre-book the train tickets from Beijing to Tianjin. You know, there are 63 daily bullet trains going from Beijing to Tianjin and vice versa! One train per average 10-15 minutes!

The plentiful bullet trains are like inter-city public buses, easy to go and easy to come. You can buy the train tickets on the spot, making ticket prebooking quite unnecessary given that you should get to the ticket booking offices at the station the early the better. It takes only 30 minutes between Beijing and Tianjin by bullet train.
Ticket Fare: RMB 65.5 (first class); RMB 54.5(second class)

The long distance buses running between Beijing and Tianjin
You can take the long-distance bus to Tianjin at the follwing bus stations in Beijing:
Lizeqiao Long-Distance Bus Station (丽泽桥长途汽车站)
Beijing Nanzhan Long-Distance Bus Station (北京南站长途汽车站
) Zhaogongkou Long-Distance Bus Station (赵公口长途汽车站
) Sihui Long-Distance Bus Station (四惠长途汽车站)

If you go from Tianjin to Beijing, please notice the following bus stations in Tianjin:
Long-Distance Bus Station (天环客运站)
Tongsha Central Bus Station (通莎公司客运中心站
) Tanggu Long-Distance Bus Station (塘沽客运站)

Tianjin Cruise Port Transfer FAQS

Q: Through which exit should I leave the terminal building and meet my tour guide?
A: Actually there are two exits – Exit 2 and Exit 3. Exit 2 is in the middle of the hall for tourist groups while Exit 3 is on the left side of the Exit 2, only for individual tourists. So make sure you go through the right exit.

If you book a Tianjin Port Beijing Transfer online as individual travelers, then you should take the Exit 03 on the left in the Hall. If your transfer is arranged by the ocean liner or you are traveling on a big group, then choose the middle Exit 2.

If you have booked the cruise transfer through tour-Beijing.com, you are requested to go through Exit 03. Your tour guide is expecting you there.

Q: What's the distance between Tianjin Cruise Home Port and Beijing?
A: The distance between Tianjin Cruise Home Port to the following destinations:
- Tanggu Railway Station is 30 km
- Tianjin Binhai International Airport is 60 km
- Tianjin Railway Station is 70 km
- Beijing city center: 180 km
- Beijing International Airport: 200 km

Q: Do you offer the direct transfer service between Tianjin Cruise Home Port( Xingang Port) and Beijing airport on the same day? (Important!)
A: Yes, we do offer the direct private transfer between Tianjin International Cruise Home Port (Xingang Port) and Beijing airport. But we kindly remind you of the risk of the possibility of failing to catch your transit flight or your ship due to the possible extreme weather (heavy fog), traffic jam or traffic accident along the Jingjintang Expressway as well as your own flight or ship delay. In Beijing and Tianjin Xingang, heavy fog happens for the whole year, but nobody can predicts the coming fog day for an exact date though the historical fog record shows that the most possibility of fog days fall on October and early November.

If you use our transfer service, we are not responsible for the possible delay due to the extreme weather, traffic jam, traffic accident, your own ship or flight delay. We suggest you purchase your personal accident insurance from your native country before you leave for China.

Q: My wife and I are going to take the Beijing - Bangkok cruise. We'd like to use a private car transfer from Beijing to Tianjin Cruise Home Port (Xingang) instead of a bus transfer arranged by the cruise line. But we don't want to miss the ship. Is your Tianjin Home Port (Xingang) transfer safe?
A: Beijing Xingang transfer is one of the regular travel services offered by tour-Beijing travel Service. Most of the drivers and tour guides are quite familar with the route and service.

Q: We will have three large suitcases (50 pounds each) and one small one plus three carry-on bags, can we manage to take bullet trains to the harbour?
A: On the bullet trains, there is plenty of space at each end of every coach for large suitcases and overhead space for smaller bags. So, the amount of luggage you have will not be a problem on the train, as long as you can carry or roll it onto the car yourself though there are steps at either the Tanggu or Tianjin station which makes it quite tough to carry your large suitcases.

Q: How about the estimated taxi fares between Cruise Home Port and Tanggu? Between Cruise Home Port and Tianjin? And between Cruise Home Port and Beijing, and between Tianjin and Beijing?
Cruise Home Port(Xingang) - Tanggu Train Station: Approx. RMB 50
Cruise Home Port(Xingang) - Tianjin Train Station: Approx. RMB 200
Cruise Home Port(Xingang) - Beijing: Approx. RMB 800
Tianjin Train Station - Beijing: Approx RMB 600
1) Too much luggage is a problem for many of the taxis, because most of them are not very large. Three large pieces of luggage and two carry-ons are probably more than most of the taxis can handle.
2) There are taxis waiting at the harbor (Tianjin Home Port), but they seemed pretty hard-core negotiators.

Q: Take a bullet train to the harbour ( Cruise Home Port) or hire a taxi? Which is better?
Strong Points for Bullet Trains:
1) Money Saving
2) Less risk of possible delay caused by foggy day or traffic accident on the road
Weak poits for bullet trains:
1) Time consuming
2) Difficulty in handling luggage
Strong points for hiring a car or van:
1) Door to door transfer
2) Saving time
3) Luggage hassle free
Weak poits for car or van rental:
1) More expensive
2) Possible delay caused by foggy day

Q:How can I manage to go from Tanggu Train Station to Tianjin Home Port (Port of Xingang) or vice versa?
A: Tanggu Train Station is about 30 km from Tianjin Home Port(Xingang Port). You have two choices - Either take the local public bus or hire a local taxi. Taking a taxi is highly recommended, which costs around RMB 50.

Q: How far is Tianjin Cruise Home Port (Xingang Port) from Tianjin and Beijing?
A: Tianjin International Cruise Home Port (Xingang Port) is about 70 km away from Tianjin and 180 km from Beijing. From Tianjin Home Port (Xingang Port) to Beijing, it takes approxi 2.5 hours normally.

Q: What kind of vehicles do you use for the private transfer?
A: We use "Red Flag" car - Chinese limousine for 1-2 persons, Benz 100 Van for 3-6 persons and 22-seat King Long Coach for 6-10 persons. All the vehicles are clean and comfortable.
Vehicle and Passenger Number:
1-2 Passengers: we offer cars (4 seats )
3-5 Passengers: we offer vans (11 seats)
6-12 Passengers: we offer 22-seat coach
13-25 Passengers: we offer 33-seat coach
26-40: Passengers: we offer 51-seat coach
The vehicle and passenger number category above is based on the condition that each passenger has maximum one large suitcase. If you have more luggage than usual, please pay more to have a bigger vehicle.

What's the trunk space for each major vehicle?
  Vehicle Type Trunk Space (Litre) Suitcases to be Stored
Car Santana 3000 400 L 2 Standard suitcases plus 2 carry-on ones
Red Flag 400 L 2 Standard suitcases plus 2 carry-on ones
Passat Lingyu 400 L 2 Standard suitcases plus 2 carry-on ones
Van MB100 500 L 6 Standard suitcases plus 4 carry-on ones
Refine 500 L 6 Standard suitcases plus 4 carry-on ones
Remark: 1. Standard Suitcase Size: 76cm(Length) X 51cm(Width) X 32cm( Height )
2. With vans, the trunk space is the size of the area behind the second seat.
3. Because car trunks are sized irregularly, the luggage volume is determined by putting different shaped and sized suitcases within the trunk and then adding up the total volume of the suitcases.

Sapphire Princess Coach Transfer Q: The private transfer is too expensive. How can I find a cheaper way to get from Tianjin International Cruise Home Port (Tianjin Harbour) to Beijing or Vice Versa?
A: You may find other travelers who would like to share the van with you. You prepay the transfer fee and are reimbursed by the other passengers at pickup either in Tianjin Home Port (Xingang) or Beijing. For example, we charge US$ 250 for Tianjin Home Port (Xingang Port) - Beijing private transfer by using a Van ( Benz 100). If 4 persons share the van, the transfer would be US$ 62 per person, greatly reducing the cost. If you cannot find any travel companions, you may use our Tianjin Home Port Coach Transfer - USD 45 Per Person. But, at present, we only offer the coach transfer for Sapphire Princess.

Q: My family of 4 is taking the Nov 11/06 Bangkok to Beijing Sapphire Princess Cruise. We have 2 elderly parents with us, one is 86 years old using a wheelchair. We are in the process of arranging for a private mini-van to pick us up from the Tianjin Home Port (Xingang pier) and take us to our Beijing hotel. However, the driver cannot go inside the gate and will have to wait for us outside the gate. How far is the cruise dock to the gate?
A: There is a corridor bridge linking the ship to the terminal building of Tianjin Cruise Port. You take your carry-on baggage and disembark the ship for the customs house. The ship line will arrange your checked luggage. After going through the customs, you to go to the luggage area to claim your checked luggage. Then you go out of the waiting hall. Your tour guide or driver will wait just outside the gate holding a sign with your name on it. If you go out of the building, you will see a great number of people waiting for their clients holding signs with their clients' names. You know there are usually 600-3000 people on the ships!

Q: How far is the main cruise terminal building from the parking lot?
A: There is a huge parking lot either in your right side and left side after you go out of the main cruise building. It is a 100-200 meters' walk from the cruise terminal to the parking lot.

Q: We have missed the booking for the excursion program in and around Beijing arranged by the cruise line. We prefer a private tour in Beijing. Any suggestions?
A: As a Beijing based travel agency, we offer various kinds of Beijing city tours and many excursions to the Great Wall. We also arrange Beijing - Xian day trips. Check Beijing Private Tours for more information. If you prefer money-saving group tours, please check Beijing Group Tours. Have a great time in Beijing!

Q: Can you book our hotel in Beijing. We's like to extend our stay in Beijing.
A: You can add as many nights as you like to the beginning or end of your cruise. Tour-Beijing Travel Service is always with you and help you. For Beijing Hotel booking, please check Beijing Hotel Booking.

Q: Can anyone report on their experiences offering private transfer limos, minivans or minibus? And what does Tianjin Home Port (Xingang Port) look like?
A: You may visit Tianjin Cruise Home Port Transfer Experience (Xingang Port Transfer) for more information.

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