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Wudang Mountain Travel Guide

Mount Wudang is located southwest of Shiyan City, northwest of Hubei Province, China. Some local people call it another name as Mount TaiHe or Mount XuanYue. Mount Wudang is perhaps the most famous Taoism holy land in China.

Mount Wudang covers an area of 321 square kilometers wide, with very rich beautiful sceneries and culture relics. The main tourist resorts include: three ponds, nine springs, nine wells, nine platforms, ten pools, ten stones, eleven caves, thirty six cliffs and seventy two peaks, all of them compose incomparable Chinese traditional mount-water drawings.

Dotted in Mount Wudang most of Taoism buildings were constructed in Ming Dynasty. There exist recordings in history books detailed the whole process. The ming Dynasty emperor Zhuli ordered the construction of Mount Wudang after part of construction work--- Ancestor Temple, Heaven Alter, State Administration Altar, etc.

In addition to its beautiful scenery, Mount Wudang gets its name for its rich Taoism culture. Wudang Kung Fu, founded by master Zhang Sanfeng, gets an equal status as Shaolin Kung Fu in China. Such Kung Fu arts emphasizes the inner Kung Fu training (alchemy) and advocates to launch attack later and overcoming hardness with softness. So, its uniqueness set itself a very different school in so many Kung Fu schools in China history.

Almost all construction works wonderfully take advantage of the grandness of the mountains and the profoundness of the deep valleys. The buildings, together with woods, stone, cliffs, torrents and the background of waving group mountains, make up the spreading roll of enchanting Chinese drawings. The incenses still burn with winding smoke, the wonderful Taoism music and miraculous tales, coupled with the pious followers, together transfer the ancient cultural influence to all around.

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