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We had an absolutely perfect day with our tour guide - Rogin Luo - who took us for a hike along The Great Wall! Didn't know what to expect and were thrilled to have him as our guide. Very imformative, knowledgable and fun! We go to experience a part of The Great Wall that was unrestored and see all its natural beauty. Got a long history lesson along the way!

After the hike, we all went to lunch at a small place at the bottom of the hill. Located in a house, we ate lunch in the proprietors bedroom! What a hoot! Rogin is the Best of the Best! This tour company delivered for us and we are extremely grateful.

Westborough, Massachusetts
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Fujian Tulou Tour

Fujian Tulou refer to the vernacular dwellings mainly inhabited by the Hakka People in the mountainous areas in the southwest Fujian Province of China. The Tulou are earthen houses, providing communal housing and reinforcing the structure of clans.

The earliest Fujian tulou can be traced to the Song and Yuan qDynasties (11th - 13th centuries). The tulou developed from the 14th and 16th centuries (early and middle Ming Dynasty), and got to their climax between the 17th century and the early of the 20th century (the late Ming and Qing Dynasties).

Hakka People are not a separate ethnic group, and they are a subgroup of the Han Chinese originating from northern China ( largely from the present-day Henan and Shaanxi provinces ). During the Western Jin Dynasty (265–316), many people from central China began to migrate southward, and reached Fujian, due to the continual warfare and serious drought. The migration continued in Song, Yuan, Ming and early Qing Dynasties and many emigrated to many regions worldwide. The new comers in the southwest Fujian settled and mixed with the locals, and developed their own unique dialect.

If you visit Xiamen, Longyan in Fujian or Meizhou in Guangzhou, it is very convenient for you to make a side trip to the Tulou Sites. In July, 2008, Fujian Tulou were listed as World Cultural Heritage. A total of 46 Fujian Tulou sites including the major sites as Hongkeng Tulou Cluster, Gaobei Tulou Cluster, Chuxi Tulou Cluster, Nanxi Tulou Cluster and Nanjing Tulou Cluster.

Fujian Tulou Map
Fujian Tourist Map
Xiamen Tourist Map
Wuyishan Map
Nanjing Tulou Cluster Gaobei Tulou Cluster Gaobei Tulou Cluster Hongkeng Tulou Cluster Chuxi Tulou Cluster Chuxi Tulou Cluster Hongkeng Tulou Cluster Peitian Village Nanjing Tulou Cluster Longyan Meizhou Xiayang Qiling Yongding

Fujian Tulou Tour
» Xiamen Yongding Tulou One Day Tour
Xiamen Yongding Tulou One Day Tour Travel Route: Xiamen - Chuxi Tulou - Hongkeng Tulou - Xiamen
Way of Travel: Private transfer + private car or van + local tour guide + entrance fees
Lunch as listed
Departure Date: Choose your own departure date
Customizable: Yes!
Tour Code: FJTT-01
from US$99 p/p

» Xiamen Nanjing Tulou One Day Tour
Xiamen Nanjing Tulou One Day Tour Travel Route: Xiamen - Tianluokeng Tulou, Yuchanglou and Taxia Village - Xiamen
Way of Travel: Private transfer + private car or van + local tour guide + entrance fees
Lunch as listed
Departure Date: Choose your own departure date
Customizable: Yes!
Tour Code: FJTT-02
from US$75 p/p

» Xiamen Tulou Two Day Tour
Xiamen Tulou Two Day Tour Travel Route: Nanjing Tulou - Gaobei Tulou, Hongkeng Tulou and Chuxi Tulou - Xiamen
Way of Travel: Private transfer + private car or van + local tour guide + entrance fees
Hotels as listed
Meals as listed
Departure Date: Choose your own departure date
Customizable: Yes!
Tour Code: FJTT-03
from US$255 p/p

» Xiamen Tulou Peitian Ancient Village 3 Day Tour
Xiamen Tulou Peitian Ancient Village 3 Day Tour Travel Route: Xiamen- Nanjing Tulou - Gaobei Tulou - Hongkeng Tulou - Chuxi Tulou - Peitian Ancient Village - Xiamen
Way of Travel: Private transfer + private car or van + local tour guide + entrance fees
Hotels as listed
Meals as listed
Departure Date: Choose your own departure date
Best Visit Time: Summer
Customizable: Yes!
Tour Code: FJTT-04
from US$319 p/p

Fujian Tulou Travel Tips

Train Travel to Tulou Clusters
Fujian Tulou Clusters are largely scattered in the mountainous areas in Yongding County and Nanjing County. Yongding County has a small train station with a few daily passing by trains. At the time of my writing, the Nanjing County Train Station is still under construction.

If you would like to take a train to visit Tulou Cluster, you are advised to book your trains for Xiamen, Longyan, Fuhzou or Meizhou in Guangdong, then jump from these cities overland to the Tulou Clusters in Yongding or Nanjing.

The Passing by Trains stop at Yongding
Fuzhou - Shenzhen Train K638 8:01am at Yongding; Shenzhen - Fuzhou K636 04:48 at Yongding
Xiamen - Guangzhou East Train K298 22:53 at Yongding; Guangzou East - Xiamen Train 297 03:52 at Yongding
Xiamen - Kunming Train K230 22:25 at yongding; Kunming - Xiamen Train K232 2:50 at Yongding

Xiamen - Yongding Passing By Trains
K230/K231 Xiamen/Yongding 15:36/22:23 307KM 6 hours 47 Minutes
K232/K229 Yongding/Xiamen 02:56/09:19 307KM 6 hours 23 Minutes
K298/K299 Xiamen/Yongding 16:18/22:52 307KM 6 hours 34 Minutes
K297/K300 Yongding/Xiamen 02:32/08:40 307KM 6 hours 8 Minutes

Longyan-Yongding Passing By Trains 
K638/K635 Longyan /Yongding 07:06/08:01 58km 55minutes Hard seat RMB 12

Hard Sleeper RMB 58/63/66

Soft Sleeper RMB 87/93
K636/K637 Longyan /Yongding 04:50/05:51 60km one hour
K230/K231 Longyan /Yongding 21:28/22:23 58km 55minutes
K232/K229 Longyan /Yongding 02:56/03:57 59km one hour
K298/K299 Longyan /Yongding 21:57/22:52 58km 55minutes
K297/K300 Longyan /Yongding 02:32/03:33 58km one hour

Flight Travel to Tulou
No airports at Yongding County and Nanjing County, you are supposed to fly for Xiamen, then travel overland from Xiamen to the Tulou Clusters in Yongding and Nanjing counties.

Major Incoming Flights at Xiamen
Flight No /Airline Dep/Arr Reference Price   Flight No /Airline Dep/Arr Reference Price
Hong Kong - Xiamen (Approx.one hour and 20 minutes ) Xiamen - Hong Kong (Approx.one hour and 20 minutes )
Hong Kong International /Xiamen Gaoqi Xiamen Gaoqi/ Hong Kong International
MF382/Xiamen Airline 12:20/13:25 1460RMB MF381/Xiamen Airline 10:10/11:20 1610RMB
MF8016/Hong Kong Airline 20:45/21:45 1460RMB MF8015/Xiamen Airline 18:45/19:45 1610RMB
KA618/Dragon Air 09:50/11:10 550RMB KA619/Dragon Air 12:10/13:35 780/810RMB
KA602/Dragon Air 12:50/14:10 550RMB KA603/Dragon Air 15:05/16:25 780/810RMB
KA604/Dragon Air 17:40/18:55 550RMB KA605/Dragon Air 20:00/21:25 780/810RMB
KA616/Dragon Air 21:40/22:50 550RMB KA617/Dragon Air 07:40/11:10 780/810RMB
Macau-Xiamen (Approx.one hour and 15 minutes ) Xiamen-Macau (Approx.one hour and 15 minutes )
Macao International/Xiamen Gaoqi Xiamen Gaoqi/Macao International
MF896/Xiamen Airline 19:05/20:20 1280RMB MF895/Xiamen Airline 10:50/12:05 1570RMB
NX132/Macao Air 17:40/19:00 1280RMB NX131/Macau Air 19:25/20:45 1280RMB
Taiwan - Xiamen (Approx.one hour and 25 minutes ) Xiamen-Taiwan (Approx.one hour and 25 minutes )
Taibei Taoyuan/Xiamen Goaqi Xiamen Gaoqi/Taibei Taoyuan
MF888/Xiamen Airline 13:25/14:50 1790RMB MF887/Xiamen Airline 10:45/12:25 1630RMB
kaohsiung/Xiamen Gaoqi (Approx.one hour and 20 minutes ) Xiamen Gaoqi/kaohsiung (Approx.one hour and 20 minutes )
MF864/Xiamen Airline 19:20/20:40 1790RMB MF863/Xiamen Airline 17:00/18:20 1790RMB
South Korea - Xiamen (Approx.one hour and 25 minutes ) Xiamen - South Korea (Approx.one hour and 25 minutes )
Seoul Incheon Airport/Xiamen Gaoqi Xiamen Gaoqi/Seoul Incheon Airport/
MF872/Xiamen Airline 20:55/22:45 2210RMB MF871/Xiamen 16:20/19:55 4800RMB
Singapore - Xiamne(Approx. 4 hours  )

Xiamen - Singapore (Approx. 4 hours  )
Singapore Changi Airport/Xiamen Gaoqi Xiamen Gaoqi/Singapore Changi Airport
MF856/厦门航空 08:55/12:45 3530RMB MF855/Xiamen Airline 18:00/22:10 3530RMB
MF852/厦门航空 15:40/19:40 3530RMB MF851/Xiamen Airlline 11:00/15:15 3530RMB
CA958/中国国航 08:15/12:20 3880元 CA957/Air China 17:45/22:00 3880RMB
Kuala Lumpur - Xiamen (Approx. 4 hours  ) Xiamen - Kuala Lumpur (Approx. 4 hours  )
Kuala Lumpur/Xiamen Gaoqi Xiamen Gaoqi / Kuala Lumpur
MF858/Xiamen airline 16:55/20:55 2980RMB MF857/Xiamen Airline 11:45/15:50 2980RMB
MH390/Malaysia Air 09:35/13:50 2980RMB MH391/Malaysia Air 14:55/19:05 2980RMB
Bangkok-Xiamen (Approx. 4 hours  ) Xiamen - Bangkok (Approx. 4 hours  )
Bangkok/Xiamen Gaoqi Xiamen Gaoqi/Bangkok
TG610/Thaiairways 10:35/15:00 2300RMB TG611/Thaiairways 16:05/18:25 2300RMB
Manila - Xiamen (Approx.one hour and 40 minutes ) Xiamen - Manila (Approx.one hour and 40 minutes )
Manila/Xiamen Gaoqi Xiamen Gaoqi / Manila
CZ378/Southern China 08:40/11:00 1520RMB CZ377/Southern China 20:20/21:55 1520RMB
PR334/Philippine Airlines 07:40/10:00 1520RMB PR335/Philippine Airlines 11:00/13:25 1520RMB
PR330/Philippine Airlines 14:00/16:25 1520RMB PR331/Philippine Airlines 17:25/19:45 1520RMB
Jakarta -Xiamen (Approx.2 hours and 40 minutes ) Xiamen - Jakarta (Approx.2 hours and 40 minutes )
Jakarta/Xiamen Gaoqi Xiamen Gaoqi/Jakarta
CA978/Air Chna 00:40/07:00 2000RMB CA977/Air China 19:10/23:40 2000RMB
Amsterdam - Xiamen (Approx.10 hours and 35 minutes ) Xiamen - Amsterdam (Approx.5 hours and 20 minutes )
Amsterdam / Xiamen Gaoqi Xiamen Gaoqi / Amsterdam
KL883/ KLM 23:50/10:15 Single 13000RMB
Round trip 8200RMB
KL884/ KLM 12:10/17:30 Single 13000 RMB
Round Trip 200 MB

Overland Travel to Tulou
Fujian Tulou are mainly composed of Nanjing Tulou and Yongding Tulou. To visit Nanjing Tulou overland from Xiamen, you take the long distance buses from Hubin Nan Bus Station (厦门湖滨南长途汽车站) starting 7:00am 8:30am and 12:10. It will take 2 and half hours.

To visit Yongding Tulou, you take the long distance buses from Songbai Bus Station (厦门松柏长途汽车站) starting from 06:35, 07:20, and 13:00,Enquiry: 0592-5060606, 5077737, 6111666; or take the buses from Jimei Bus Station Xiamen (厦门集美长途汽车站) starting from 07:05,07:50, 11:30 and 13:30 Enquiry: 0592-6068319;or Hubin Bus Station Xiamen (厦门湖滨长途汽车) starting from 06:15, 07:00, 11:00 and 12:40,Enquiry: 0592-506 0592 - 8111777, 6111777.

Also you can take buses from Longyan to Yongding and see the bus schedule below:

Longyan - Yongding Bus Schedule
To/From Start First/Last Bus Schedule Distance Expressway Vehicle Type Reference Rates
Longyan - Yongding Longyan Bus Station 06:20/17:40 Every 30 Minutes 78KM No Common 19
Yongding to Longyan Yongding Bus Station 6:45/17:40 Every 30 Minutes 78KM No Common 19

Get Around in Tulou Areas
Yongding Tulou are mainly composed of three tulou clusters - Hongkeng Tulou Cluster in Hukeng Town, Baobei Tulou Cluster in Gaotou Town and Chuxi Tulou Cluster in Chuxi Village of Xiayang Town. There are daily buses running from Yongding to the three towns - Hukeng Town, Gaotou Town and Xiayang Town.

At present, there are no shuttle buses operating among the three tulou clusters in Yongding. For most cases, you have to use the local private cars, vans or mini buses, or even motorbikes.

Yongding County and Yongding Cluster Buses
Destination Tulou First/Last Schedule Distance Drive Time Reference Rates
Yongding - Hukeng Town Hongkeng Tulou 07:20/16:40 hourly 50km 4 Minutes RMB 4
Yongding - Xiayang Town Chuxi Tulou 07:20/16:40 hourly 53km 40 Minutes
Yongding - Gaotou Town Gaobei Tulou 07:20/16:40 hourly 55km 40 Minutes
Among the Tulou Cluster in Yongding
Tulou - Tulou Distance   Tulou - Tulou Distance
Hongkeng Tulou -  Goabei Tulou 4KM Gaobei Tulou - Chuxi Tulou 35Km
Hongkeng Tulou - Zhengfulou 3KM Gaobei Tulou - Zhongchuan Village 30Km
Hongkeng Tulou - Chuxi Tulou 31KM
Hongkeng Tulou - Zhongchuan Village 26KM

What see to in Fujian Tulou
Fujian Tulou are mainly composed of the tulou clusters in Yongding County and Nanjing County. Check the following information on the tulou clusters in the two counties:

Yongding Tulou:
Hongkeng Cluster  Entrance Fee: RMB 90
Gaobei Cluster        Entrande Fee: RMB 50
Chuxi cluster            Entrance Fee: RMB 50

Nanjing Tulou
Nanjing Tulu cluster Entrance Fee: RMB 60

Where to stay in Tulou
Many tulou buildings offer basic accommodations in Yongding and Nanjing. Stay overnight in an earth building is an interesting experience to feel the traditional way of life which is fast dying out.

Fuyulou Changdi Inn
Contact information for Fuyulou Changdi Inn:
Owner: Lin Qinsheng ( Stephen Lin )
Mobile: 13348362338, 13859569438
Tel: 0597 55322800, 55355800
Email: [email protected]

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