Lijiang Yunnan Tour

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We had an absolutely perfect day with our tour guide - Rogin Luo - who took us for a hike along The Great Wall! Didn't know what to expect and were thrilled to have him as our guide. Very imformative, knowledgable and fun! We go to experience a part of The Great Wall that was unrestored and see all its natural beauty. Got a long history lesson along the way!

After the hike, we all went to lunch at a small place at the bottom of the hill. Located in a house, we ate lunch in the proprietors bedroom! What a hoot! Rogin is the Best of the Best! This tour company delivered for us and we are extremely grateful.

Westborough, Massachusetts
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Lijiang Yunnan Tour

Yunnan Yunnan literally means "South of the Clouds". Yunnan Province is situated in the southwest of China with Tibet to the west, Sichuan and Chongqing to the north, Guizhou to northeast and Guangxi Province to its east. It borders to its south, Burma, Laos and Vietnam. The capital of the province is Kunming.

Yunnan lies on a mountainous area, with high sea-level in the northwest and low sea-level in the southeast. It has mountain ranges and glaciers that are snow-capped all year round. It also boasts deep forests, pure lakes and hot springs, alpine landscapes, steep valleys, charming farmlands, mountain rivers and valley streams.

Yunnan takes half of China's ethnic minority groups and nearly 50% of the province is non-Han. There are 26 different ethnic minorities in Yunnan. Great efforts has been taken by the government to protect and retain the local identities as well as to improve the living standard at a great margin.

Yunnan is rich in natural resources and has the largest diversity of plant life in China. It is home to 2500 species of flora and fauna. Yunnan's reserves of aluminium, lead, zinc and tin are the largest in China.

Yunnan Highlight Tourist Map
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Lijiang Yunnan Escorted Tour
» 12 Days Beijing - Xian - Guilin - Kunming - Lijiang
Destinations: Guilin Beijing Xian Kunming Lijiang
Duration: 12 Days
Tour Type: Small Group Tour
Tour Code: SG23
Price: Starting from US$ 1809 p/p

» 8-Day Beijing - Lijiang - Dali - Kunming - Beijing Private Tour
8-Day Beijing - Lijiang - Dali - Kunming - Beijing Private Tour  Destinations: Beijing Lijiang Dali Kunming
 Duration: 8 Days
 Tour Type: Private Tour
 Tour Code: YNPT-01
 Price: Starting from US$1474 p/p

» 6-Day Lijiang - Tiger Leaping Gorge - Jade Dragon Snow Mountain Trekking Tour
6-Day Lijiang - Tiger Leaping Gorge - Jade Dragon Snow Mountain Trekking Tour  Destinations: Lijaing, Tiger Leaping Gorge, Jade Dragon Snow Mountain
 Duration: 6 Days
 Tour Type: Private Tour
 Tour Code: YNPT-02
 Price: Starting from US$420 p/p

» 9-Day Kunming - Dali - Lijiang - Shangri-la Private Tour
9-Day Kunming - Dali - Lijiang - Shangri-la Private Tour  Destinations: Kunming, Dali, Lijiang, Shangri-la
 Duration: 9 Days
 Tour Type: Private Tour
 Tour Code: YNPT-03

» 14-Day Kunming - Dali - Lijiang - Lugu Lake - Shangri-la - Deqin - Kunming
14-Day Kunming - Dali - Lijiang - Lugu Lake - Shangri-la - Deqin - Kunming  Destinations: Kunming, Dali, Lijiang, Lugu Lake, Shangri-la, Deqin, Kunming
 Duration: 14 Days
 Tour Type: Private Tour
 Tour Code: YNPT-04
 Price: Quoted on request

» 14-Day Lijiang - Yunnan - Sichuan Private Tour
14-Day Lijiang - Yunnan - Sichuan Private Tour  Destinations: Lijiang, Yunan, Sichuan
 Duration: 14 Days
 Tour Type: Private Tour
 Tour Code: YNPT-05
 Price: Quoted on request

» 16-Day Sichuan - Lijiang - Grand Shangri-la Overland Private Tour
16-Day Sichuan - Lijiang - Grand Shangri-la Overland Private Tour  Destinations: Sichuan, Lijiang, Grand Shangri-la
 Duration: 16 Days
 Tour Type: Private Tour
 Tour Code: YNPT-06
 Price: Quoted on request

» 17-Day Lijiang - Yunnan - Viet Nam Private Tour
17-Day Lijiang - Yunnan - Viet Nam Private Tour  Destinations: Lijiang, Yunnan, Viet Nam
 Duration: 17 Days
 Tour Type: Private Tour
 Tour Code: YNPT-07
 Price: Quoted on request

» 13-Day Beijing Xian Kunming Dali Lijiang Shanghai Private Tour
13-Day Beijing Xian Kunming Dali Lijiang Shanghai Private Tour  Destinations: Beijing, Xian, Kunming, Dali, Lijiang Shanghai
 Duration: 13 Days
 Tour Type: Private Tour
 Tour Code: YNPT-08
 Price: Quoted on request

» 20-Day Beijing - Lijiang - Yunnan - Tibet Flight Tour
20-Day Beijing - Lijiang - Yunnan - Tibet Flight Tour  Destinations: Beijing, Lijiang, Yunnan, Tibet
 Duration: 20 Days
 Tour Type: Private Tour
 Tour Code: YNPT-09
 Price: Quoted on request

Lijiang Travel Tips

When to Visit Yunnan
Yunnan Province has a diverse climate mainly due to its geographic formations - High in the northwest Tibetan plateau 6740m and lower in the south 76m at sea level near Vietnam. In winter, Zhongdian (Shangri-la) and Deqin see the temperature reaching chilling lows of -12 degrees while in the subtropical climate of Xinshuangbanna, people still can walk around wearing T shirts. Lijiang and Dali have an ideal weather all year round - not lower than 5 degrees in winter and not higher than 25 degrees in summer. The capital city - Kunming also has a pleasant climate, a spring city in China.

Yunnan has its own different taste in each season. Basically the season from May to October is regarded as the best time to visit Yunnan - pleasant temperture and beautiful colours. In April, get ready for being soaked in Water-splashing festival if you visit Dai villages; July and August, the ideal time for hiking the mountains and glaciers around Deqin; eacape your chilling winter in Kunming, the city of everlasting spring.

Get There & Around
Kunming is the transportation hub in Yunnan Province radiating out flights, trains and highways connecting other cities outside Yunnan and makor destinations in Yunnan. Kunming has daily flights to Beijing, Shanghai and other cities in China; Shangri-la, Dali, Lijiang and Tengchong have flights to Kunming. Lijiang also has flights for Beijing, Guangzhou, Chengdu and Shenzhen.

Trains link Yunnan with other destinations outside Yunnan. Yunnan itsself has developed train connectivity linking Kunming with Dali and Lijiang. A railway is under construction leading to Zhongdian (shangri-la) from Dali and Lijiang.

Highways have connected Kunming within and outside Yunnan: Kunming is linked by expressways to Dali, Lijiang, Baoshan and Ruili; outside to Guizhou and Guangzxi.

Yunnan has a diversity of both people and landscapes which makes it an ideal destinations for visitors. Below is a list top 10 places to be visited in Yunnan Provice.

Get lost in Lijiang's old town, the cobbled streets, the canals, the old lanes and Naxi culture. Ascend the top of the snow-capped Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, the nearest snow mountain to a city in the world.
Find yourself sandwiched by Dali's Cangshan Mountain and Erhai Hu ( Ear-Shaped Lake ) exporing Bai Culture.
Tiger Leaping Gorge
Hike Tiger Leaping Gorge, the most fancinating and dramtic trek along the cliff and water falls.
Have a dream tour of the Shangri-La mentioned in James Milton's Lost Horizons.
Explore Deqin, a 80% Tibetan populated area, a small piece of Tibet
Lugu Lake
Boat on the unspoiled Lugu Lake and meet Mosuo people of a matriarchal society
Visit the metropolitan city - Kunming with wide, palm-lined roads and modern buildings.
Touch the numerous buildings of historic value and places of interest.
Amazed by its spectacular rice-paddy terracing
Xishuangbanna (Jinghong)
The center of the Dai ethnic culture, and the best place to see wildlife in China.

Where to Stay
Hotels in Kunming
Kunming Youth Hostel: 0871-5175395 Add: Cuihu South Road (翠湖南路)
Mingtong Hotel:0871-3128858 Add:94 Mingtong Alley (明通巷94号)
Camellia Youth Hostel: 0871-8374638 Add: 96 Dongfeng East Road (东风东路96号)
Camellia Hotel: 0871-3163000 Add: Add: 96 Dongfeng East Road (东风东路96号)
Zhengzhuang Guest Hotel: 0871-3100088 Add: 514 Beijing Road (北京路514号)
Sun Kiss: 0871-8059400 Add:252 Beijing Road (北京路252号)
Kunming Hotel: 0871-3162063 Add: 52 Dongfeng East Road (东风东路52号)
Yunda Hotel: 0871-5034179 Add: Wenhua Alley (文化巷)
Kunming Cloudland Youth Hostel: 0871-4103777 Add: 23 Zhuantang Road (篆塘路23号)
Green Lake Hotel: 0871-5158888 Add:6 Cuihu South Road (翠湖南路6号)
Hump Hostel: 0871-3640359 Add: Jinmabiji Square, Jinbi Road (金碧路金马金碧鸡广场)
New Era Hotel Kunming:No.1 Dongfeng West Road, Wuhua District, Kunming
Spring Soul Garden Spa & Resort:Hot Spring Tourism Resort, Sheng'an South Road, wenquan Town, Kunmin
Empark Grand Hotel Kunming: No.1 Yingbin Road, Guandu District, Kunming

Hotels in Dali
MCA Hotel: 0872-2673666 Add: Wenxian Road (文献路)
Dragonfly Garden: 0872-2691518 Add: Caicun Pier (才村码头)
Friends Gusethouse: 0872-2662888 Add: 2 Wenian Road (文献路2号)
Jim's Tibetan Hotel: 0872-2677842 Add: 13 Yuxiu Road (玉秀路13号)
Jade Emu: 0872-2677311 Add:West Gate Village (西门村)
The Linden Centre: No.5 Chengbei, Xizhou Town, Dali
Xiangyue Dali Hotel: No.68 Fuzhu Community, Sanyue Street, Dali

Hotels in Lijiang
Panba Hostel: 0888-5119077 Add: Wenming Alley, Wuyi Street (文明巷, 五一街)
Zen Garden Hotel: 0888-5189799 Add:36 Xingren Lane, Wuyi Street (五一街兴仁下段36号)
Panorama Guesthouse: 0888-5128784 Add: 1 Upper Huangshan Road (黄山路上段1号)
Lijiang International Youth Hostel: 0888-5180124 Add: 44 Mishi Lane, Xinyi Street (新义街密士巷44号)
Dongba Hotel: 0888-5121975 Add: 109 Wenzhi Lane (文治巷109号)
Huifeng Inn Shuhe: No.56 Jiewei Alley, Lijiang
Crowne Plaza Hotel Lijiang Ancient Town: No.276 Xianghe Road, Old Town District, Lijiang

Hotels in Tiger Leaping Gorge
Tina' Guesthouse: 0887-8202258
Naxi Family Guesthouse: 0887-8806928
Five Fingers Mountain Guesthouse: 13988776286
Halfway Guesthouse: 13988700522
Sean's Spring Guesthouse: 0887-8202223

Hotels in Zhongdian (Shangri-la)
Cobbler's Hill Inn: 0887-8289894 Add: 7 Dianlaka (甸蜡卡7号)
Dragoncloud Guesthouse: 0887-8289250 Add:94 Beimen Street, Jiantong Township (建塘镇北门街94号)
Kevin's Trekker Inn: 0887-8228178 Add: 138 Dawa Road (达娃路138号)
Songtsam Hotel Lugu: 0887-828 8889 Add: Songzanlin, at the foot of Songtsam Lama temple, Shangri-La
Banyan Tree Ringha: Hong Po Village, Jian Yang Town, Shangri-La County, Shangri-La

Hotels in Deqin
Deqin Tibet Hotel: 0887-8412031 Add: near the Bus Station
Meili Holiday Hotel: Near Feilai Temple Scenic Spot, Deqin County
Feilaisi Pearl Hotel: Feilai Temple Tourism Resort, Deqin County
Guanjing Tiantang Hotel: Feilai Temple Scenic Zone, Deqin County

Hotels in Tengchong
Fengguang Hotel: 0875-5160699 Add: Re Hai Road(热海路)
Xinghua Grand Hotel: 0875-5132688 Add: 7 Tuanpo Xiaoqu (团坡小区7号)
Tengchong International Youth Hostel: 0875-5198677 Add: Yuquanyuan (玉泉园)
International Golf Resort Hotel:No.1 Guanjing Avenue, Tengban Road, Tengyue Town, Tengchong Count
Guanfang Hotel: No.1 Hongxing Community, Tengyue Road, Tengchong

Hotels in Ruili
Ruili Hotel: 0692-4100899 Add:25 Jianshe Road (建设路25号)
Bashi Hotel: 0692-4129088 Add:Nammao Street (南卯街)
New Kaitong International Hotel: 0692-4157777 Add:150 Biancheng Road (边城路150号)
Yurui Hotspring Garden Hotel: Renmin Road Lower Section, Ruili
Tenglong Hotel:Middle Section of Maohan Road, Ruili

Hotels in Jianshui
Garden Hotel: 0873-7652310 Add: 36 Lin An Road (临安路36号)
Lin An Inn: 0873-7655866 Add: 32 Hanlin Street (翰林路32号)
Huaqing Hotel: 0873-7666166 Add:46 Hanlin Street (翰林街46号)
Fairyland Hotel Jianshui Confucius Temple:Building 11-13 Lin'an Chunqiu Walk Street, Jianshui
Zhu Family Garden Hotel:No.133 Jian Xin Street, Lin An Zhen, Jianshui

Hotels in Jinghong
Banna College Hostel: 0691-2138365 Add: 93 Xuanwei Dadao (宣慰大道93号)
Tai Garden Hotel: 0691-2166999 Add: 61 Minhang Road (民航路61号)
Many Trees International Youth Hostel: 0691-2126210 Add: 5 Manyun Lane (曼允巷5号)
Popular Holiday Hotel: 0691-2139001 Add: 104 Galan Middle Road (嘎兰中路104号)
Huo Fa Hotel: No.8 Menglong Road, Jinghong
Golden Zone Hotel: No.100 Galan Middle Road, Jinghong

What to Buy
Yunnan has a wide variety of shopping options. It is safe and easy to go shopping at local department stores where the quality is normally is secure and good, but they have fixed prices. Many tourists prefer to shop in local markets which can be cheaper, but you require some bargaining skills. Most vendors speak only simple English.

Yunnan produces one of the world's finest teas with rich variety such as green tea, jade green tea, mixed tea, Xuanchun tea, Hongbao and Yinzhen tea. Embroidery in Yunnan is also veery famous with different designs and qualities, and the most precious and expensive pieces have different colours on each side. Yunna is rich in medicinal plants and herbs, mainly due to its diversified climate and topography. These include White Powder - a well-known Chinese medicine, very effective for invigorating the blood and treating inflammation.

Yunnan also produces the best jewels and jades in China, a well-established centre for precious stones and jades from Myanmar. There are many delicatetely crafted bronze items cast using special slills dating back hundreds of years.

Yunnan Food
Yunnan has a great variety of food due to the largest number of ethnic minorities. Yunnan dishes feature quite spiciness and much use of mushrooms. Another important espect of Yunnan food is the prominent use of flowers as dishes. Local famous dishes are:
Crossing the bridge'noodles, which consists of a bowl of chicken soup, to which diners choose their own selection of thin meat slices, noodles and vegetables and spices, similar to a hot pot.
Steam pot chicken, chicken steamed with tonic herbs in a special ceramic pot.
Pineapple rice, popular in Xishuangbanna and possibly other Dai areas.
Lufu, a type of fermented bean curd, typically used as a condiment or made into sauces.
Goat's milk cheese, from Bai food in the area near Dali.

Yunnan Travel Tips
1. A big temperature difference between day and night. Properly attired and avoid catching a cold.
2. Yunnan is located on the Yungui Plateau with strong sunlight or ultraviolet radiation. Bring some sun cream for sunburn protection.
3. Walk slowly and talk little to avoid high altitude sickness.
4. Part of Yunnan is in the subtropical zone with hot and humid cliamte and much rain. Bring rain gear.
5. Mind your steps while taking photos.
6. Yunnan food features spiciness and sourness. Be prepared for the food on your trip.
7. Selecting and bargaining before decidinfg to buy some souvenirs. And don't forget to ask for a receipt.
8. Get ready for some medicine for personal use.
9. Be vigilant in safeguarding your personal items.
10. Pay attention to the environment protection and respect for the faith and customs of ethnic groups.

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