Top 10 Shanghai Classic Vegetarian Restaurants

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Plan your Shanghai tour?  If you are a vegetarian, you won’t be disappointed since there are a plethora of vegetarian restaurants in Shanghai. Most of them offer unique and delicious veggie dishes.  Today people become more and more interested in vegetarian diet in hope of  a good health by enjoying green and natural food. Deveoped from the vegetarian diet of Chinese buddhism, today’s  vegetarian food is more refined, tasty and nutritional.  The list of Top 10 Shanghai Classic vegetarian restaurants definietly will enlighten you on the classic vegetarian food in Shanghai.

1. Cun Feng Song Yue Lou 上海村风松月楼

A well-known Shanghai vegetarian snack restaurant with a history of over 80 years.  This vegetarian restaurant is noted for careful selection, meticulous cooking and veggie-only dishes. The most popular dishes include steamed buns, noodles, veggie duck, veggie hams, crab meat with mushrooms, sweet and sour crisp fish, ect.

Add: 99 Jiuxiaochange Road, Shanghai  Tel: 021-63553630  Transport: Bus 26, 55, 236 ,930, 980

The veggie steamed buns from Cun Feng Song Yue Lou

The veggie steamed buns from Cun Feng Song Yue Lou

2. Longhua Temple Vegetarian Restaurant  上海龙华寺素食

The Longhua Temple veggie dishes are derived and developed from the local buddhism veggie diet. Now it has become a practice first to burn inscense in the morning. Lunch will be arranged in a restaurant by the temple.  Speciality: veggie duck, veggie hams, veggie noodle,  arhat noodle.

Add: 2853 Longhua Road,Shanghai   Tel: 021 – 64566085 Transport: Bus 41, 44, 87, 734, 714 and 933

3. Gong De Lin (功德林)

Gong De Lin is a famous veggie restaurant chain. The first Gong De Lin was founded in the city of Hangzhou on April 8, 1922. It is a leading vegetarian restaurant well-known for the shape of meat dishes – each veggie dish has its own meat name and taste.  All dishes are meticulously selected and artistically presented. The famous dished include crab meat and bean curd,  sweet and sour port ribs, and etc.

Add: 445 Nanjing Road, Shanghai Tel: 021 – 63270218  Transport: Subway Line 2 ( Nanjing Road West), Bus 20,37 and 112

A Gong De Lin Veggie Dish

A Gong De Lin Veggie Dish


4.  Jade BuddhaTemple Vegetarian Restaurant 玉佛寺素斋

The vegetarian dishes are based on the buddhist cooking and developed with the modern way of cooking and presentation. The veggie here in Jade Buddha Temple are well known for its various tastes being sour, sweet, fresh and peppery. The restaurant shows us both the artistic shape and unique taste. Popular veggie dishes include meat balls, arhat noodles , veggie chickens, veggie ducks,etc.

Add: 999 Jiangning Road, Shanghai Tel: 021-62663666  Transport: Bus 106, 112 and 830

Meatballs and mushrroms

Meatballs and mushrroms


5.  Jen Dow 人道素菜欢喜斋

This restaurant has an elegant and trendy style suitable for a romance appointment and get-together for friends. It serve over 200 veggie dishes in a buffet style.  Its veggie dishes include the Chinese veggies, Japanese veggies – Seaweed, Japanese miso soup and herbal tea.

Add: 2787 Longhua Road, Shanghai Tel: 020 -64572299 Transport: Bus 41, 44,714 and 864

6. New Age Veggie 上海新素代

This veggie restaurant makes use of both Chinese and western ways of cooking and representation.  It mainly offers three series of vegetable dishes ” New Sichuan Style vegetable food”, “New Health Natural dishes, and New Recipe dishes for imperial family feast.  The well known dished include stone bowl rice, dee fried salty meat, roasted veggie chop, Dongpu Pork, etc.

Add: 5/F, Zhengda Square, 168 Lujiazui Road ( west), Shanghai Tel: 020-50471880 Transport: Subway Line 2 (Lujiazui), Tour Bus 10,Bus 85

New Age Veggie Dish

New Age Veggie Dish

7. Zao Zi Shu  上海枣子树素食

Zaozishu Veggie Restaurant offfers a new set of menu at a quick space. It is said six new dishes will be created by chefs each month. The old and elegance gives a sense of Zen. The most well known restaurant offers black people chop, black steak, sauteed clam roll and so on.

Add:77 SongshanRoad, Shanghai Tel: 021 – 63848000  Transport: Metro Line 1 ( Huangpi Road), bus 42, 109,581 and 911

Zao Zi Shu Veggie dishes 1

Zao Zi Shu Veggie dishes 1

8. Chong Zheng Natural Vgetarian 上海崇正天然蔬膳阁

This restaurant is an ideal place for those who want to lose weight and keep a good figure.  Each afternoon a varity of juices and tea are provided for you to spend a comfortable afternoon in a cozy environment. It main veggie food includes sweet and sour crisp fish, fried eel in shrimp sauxe, braised salty assorted veggies.

Add: 8/F, Nanhe Hotel,450-1 Nanjing Road, Shanghai Tel:021-63612059   Transport: Metro line 2 (East Nanjing Road), Bus 20,37,14

Veggie rolls from Chong Zheng

Veggie rolls from Chong Zheng

 9. Lucky Zen & Veg Restaurant 吉祥草素食馆

The name of the veggie restaurant means ” Good Luck”.  It is a well-known vegetablere staurant in Shanghai. It is elegant and cozy.  It offers delicate veggie dishes accompanied by light and beautiful music.  Its popular dishes include soybean curd, inkfish with black pepper sauce.

Add: 2/F, 428 Madang Road, Shanghai Tel;021 – 63730288  Transport : Metro Line 1 (Huangpi Road), bus 146, 109

10.  Wu Guan Tang Su Shi 五观堂素食

This veggie restaurant doesn’t  make any veggie dishes in the name or shape of meat and fish. It has a delicately and elegantly decorated environment with the sound of ancient melodies mingling with the aroma of orchids. Assorted Fruits, grain, porridge and snacks are placed.   Its major dishes include baked potatoes, braised egg with melon and egg rollof three ingredients.

Add: 349, Xinhua Road,Shanghai Tel:021-62813695Transport: Bus 48,76,121,946


A veggie from wudangtang

A veggie from wudangtang

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