How to Visit Yuyuan Garden and Bazaar (Tips, Photos & Map)

Plan your Shanghai Tour? Before your arrival at Shanghai, you’ve probably been bombarded by the images ( via TV and Internet )  of the futuristic and avant-garde megatall buildings in Pudong and the old art deco buildings on the Bund.

In the fast developing metropolitan city of Shanghai, you may wonder whether there is a place or enclave where you could still feel the old time world – Chinese traditional buildings, typical Chinese eateries, Shanghai old town and gardens. The answer is yes! The place is known as Yuyuan Garden and Bazaar.

Yuyuan Garden and Bazaar has lots of different names – Old Town, Old Shanghai, City God Temple, Yu Yuan Garden and Yuyua Bazaar and the list could be longer.

This place is part of the remaining old walled city of the old Shanghai. The bazaar surrounds the beautiful Yuyuan Garden and a plethora of narrow alleys radiate from the bazaar, a touristy, but a place full of life attracting a consistent flow of touristes each day.

How to Get to Yuyuan Garden and Bazaar?

Take subway line 10 ( transfer from Subway line 2 at East Nanjing Road ) and get off at the station of Yuyuan Garden (豫园) and exit from the Exit No.01. But the long stroll from the station to the core of the old town is a bit tricky.

The old town has been exploited commercially with more and more shopping centers and stores of various sizes springing up from all the places and some of them are built in the traditional styles, distracting you all the way to the real and authentic old town.

The location of uyuan Garden and Bazaar (Google)

Basically sticking to Fuyou Road (福佑路) in the east direction, then follow the signs pointing to Yuyuan Garden. To locate the real old town, you remember the “nine-turning bridge” on a pond surrounded by the bustle bazaar and Yiyuan Garden. The Huxingting Tea House floating on the pond is a favorite place for tourists for a sip of tea and dim sum.

So if you see the Nine-Bend Bridge and the Tea House on the pond with a backdrop of the highest building ( Shanghai Tower),  then you hit the right place – the core of Yuyuan Garden and Bazaar!

The Nine-Bend Bridge and the Tea House
The Nine-Bend Bridge and the Tea House

How to Visit Yuyuan Garden and Bazaar?

First you should know the top things to do in this area. So why here? Most people would walk on the photogenic Nine-Bend Bridge which connects the bazaar area to Yuyuan Garden on the other side.

After visiting Yuyuan Garden,  have a short visit to Shanghai City God Temple. Then walk around shopping and dining at the bazaar area.

Come here in the morning for lunch or afternoon for dinner. A half day is needed if you are going to visit Yuyuan Garden, having a bite of local eats  and visit the City God Temple.

1.  Nine-Bend Bridge and Pond
The Nine-Bend Bridge and the Pond is the core of the bustling area. Take a picture of the traditional Chinese gardening with a backdrop of the highest building – Shanghai Tower.

After lunch or dinner,  you may have a cup of tea in Huxingting Tea House built on the pond.

 Nine-Bend Bridge and Pond
Nine-Bend Bridge and Pond

2.  Yuyuan Garden
Yuyuan is the most famous garden in Shanghai. It dates back to the Ming Dynasty (1638 – 1644). Now a hot tourist destination, well known for its Taihu rockeries, Horse-head wall, Chinese gardening and traditional buildings.

Yuyuan Garden
Yuyuan Garden

Ticket Price: RMB40 (on season); RMB30 (off-season)
Opening Hours: 08:30-17:00

3. Shanghai City God Temple
Exiting from your visit to Yuyuan Garden,  you are recommended to visit Shanghai City God Temple on the southeast corner of the bazaar area. Entrance fee: 10 yuan.

Shanghai City God Temple
Shanghai City God Temple

In old China  many walled cities had a temple dedicated a protector of the city. The City God Temple in Shanghai was originally built as the Jinshan God Temple.

It was converted into a Shanghai City God Temple in 1403, during the Yongle era of the Ming Dynasty (1368 -1644).

Praying at Shanghai City God Temple
Praying at Shanghai City God Temple

Today local residents as well as tourists  visit the temple to pray for good fortune and peace.

4. Bazaar
The so-called bazaar is the busy area surrounding the Nine-Bend Pond and Yuyuan Garden.

There are hundreds of small touristy shops, restaurants and tea houses in this area housed in really nice Chinese buildings that give some impressions and spirit of the old days in Shanghai.

Shopping at the bazaar
Shopping at the bazaar

Crowds and Starbucks

Crowds and Starbucks
Crowds and Starbucks

This is also the place with the rich collection of the local snacks and cuisines in Shanghai. Try the famous local snack – Nanxiang steamed buns, dumpling and more.

You even can find McDonalds and Hagaan Daz and Starbucks moving in here.

 Nanxiang Steamed Buns
Nanxiang Steamed Buns

Eating Nanxiang Steamed Buns at the Nanxiang Restaurant by the Pond.

1) This is a crowded place not for everyone.
2) Watch your bag. There are pick-pockets in the crowded place.
3) Need to bargain to get a good price on some things.
4) Be ready for people watch and see of people.
5) Avoid weekend or China Holiday.


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2 thoughts on “How to Visit Yuyuan Garden and Bazaar (Tips, Photos & Map)

  1. We are arriving in Shanghai by ship on October 28, 2017. Please tell me how to get from the cruise port to YuYuan Gardens and Bazaar and then to a hotel on the Bund.
    Thank you.

  2. Dear Ginger,

    Arriving at Shanghai Wusongkou Cruise Port? If yes, after taking your checked luggage, then follow the sign to get to the official taxi stand and wait line for your taxi. You ask your taxi driver to take you to Baoyang Road Station of Subway Line 3 ( 15 minutes and about 15 yuan ), then interchange for subway 4 and 10, getting to Yuyuan garden. After visiting Yuyuan, you take subway line 10 and get off at East Nanjing Road, then walk to your hotel.

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