Shanghai Hop On Hop Off (Tips, Photos & Map)

Plan your Shanghai tour?  Shanghai has taken one step ahead of Beijing in introducing the western-style hop on hop off sightseeing bus system into Shanghai Bus Tour market. Shanghai Spring Tour, a local tour company now manages the “vernacular” hop on and hop off open double-decker buses in Shanghai.

Where to get on a double deck bus?

There are quite some spots where you can get on a double-decker bus.  As far as I know, there is a bus stop at No. 100, People’s Avenue (Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Hall).

A major double-decker stop at 1000 Renmin Ave ( near Exhibition Centre) Google Map

The open top decker city sightseeing tours have been carefully selected to give you a glimpse of Shanghai’s culture and city landscape.

The loop trips take you around two and half hours. If you are a newcomer to Shanghai, it is advisable to take a loop Shanghai Bus Tour.

The hop on hop off sightseeing bus Passing by the Bund.
Open top double-decker buses operated by Spring Tour
Commentary – Digitally Recorded Multi-Lingual in 8 languages.

Two Major Routes: Line 1 and Line 2

The city sightseeing bus follows two routes: Line 1 through Pudong, and Line 2 through Puxi, with a total of 14 stops along the way. The bus links famous city attractions such as People’s Square, the Bund, Town God’s Temple, Huaihai Road and the Lujiazui Financial District.

The city sightseeing bus operates 365 days a year with a system that allows passengers to embark and disembark as they please, at any number of shopping, entertainment or sightseeing locations.

The 24 hour ticket is valid for one person (with the option of an accompanying child under 1.4 metres in height), and includes one pair of earphones. The GPS-triggered audio tour comes with 8 language options: Chinese, English, Korean, French, Spanish, German, Russian and Japanese.

Operation Periods:

Peak Season: May 1 to Oct 31   
Puxi: 09:00-20:30. Pudong: 09:00-19:30  
Puxi: every 20 mins. Pudong: every 30 mins

Low Season: Nov. 1st to April 30      
Puxi: every 30 mins. Pudong: every 30 mins
Puxi: 09:00-18:00.  

Hotline and Bus Fares
Hotline: 400-820-6222(7X24H)
Bus Price: RMB 30 ( 24 hour); RMB 50 (48 hours)

Tour Route Line 1 (Red Line): 14 Stops

No. 1  Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Hall (No.100 People’s Avenue close to Mid Xizang Rd.)
No. 2  Shanghai Art Museum (Temporary Stop now) (No.325 West Nanjing Rd. close to North Huangpi Rd.)
No. 3  Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street (Western stretch ) (Opposite to No.68 West Nanjing Rd.)
No. 4  Century Square (The corner of Nanjing Rd.and Mid Zhejiang Rd. Wing On Department Store)
No. 5  Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street (Eastern stretch) (Mid Henan Rd. Close to Metro line10 East Nanjing Rd.Station No.7 Exit)
No. 6  The Bund – Garden Bridge of Shanghai (No.24 East Zhongshan No.1 Rd.)
No. 7  Customs House on the Bund (No.13 East Zhongshan No.1 Rd.)
No. 8  Huangpu River Cruise Dock Location (Xinkaihe Rd. Close to East Zhongshan No.2 Rd.)
No.9  Shanghai Old Street (No.1 Renmin Rd Tonghanchuntang)
No. 10  City God Temple and Yu Yuan Garden (No.269 Mid Fangbang Rd.)
No. 11  Former Site Of the Korean Provisional Government (Opposite to No.322 Madang Rd.)
No. 12  The Site of the First National Congresss of the Communist Party of China. Xin Tian Di (South Huangpi Rd.close to the Rolex in Hubin Rd.)
No. 13  Huai Road (Middle ) Shopping Street (No.158 Mid Huaihai Rd.close to Huaihai Park.)
No. 14  Shanghai Museum & Shanghai Concert Hall (Pu’an Rd.close to East Yan’an Rd.)

LINE 2 (Green Line) : 4 Stops

No. 1 Shanghai Museum (Pu’an Rd.close to East Yan’an Rd.)
No. 2 Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Hall (No.100 People’s Aveneu close to Mid Xizang Rd.)
No.3  Oriental Pearl TV Tower Station (Close to No.1416 Lujiazui loop Rd.)
No.4  Jin Mao Tower (Garden Stonebridge Rd. Huanyuanshiqiao Rd. Opposite to Gate 4 Jinmao Tower. No. 1  Shanghai Museum (Pu’an Rd.close to East Yan’an Rd.)

Interchange of Line 1 and Line 2 Line 1: No. 1 Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Hall     No. 14 Shanghai Museum Line 2: No. 1 Shanghai Museum

Shanghai Organized Day Tour

Alternatively, you can take the Shanghai Day Tour, a Local English Speaking Tour Guide Escorted the Entire Time.
The daily group sightseeing tours of Shanghai are a great way of visiting the fascinating metropolis. These tours are available on daily basis all the year round.

All the bus tours include free hotel-to-hotel service. Each morning, you are picked up from your downtown hotel in Shanghai, then you will see the attractions together with other tourists. Groups are kept to around 10 passengers in a comfortable coach with a professional driver.

The licensed English-speaking tour guide stay with you the entire time and tells you the history and story behind each attraction or landmark. Our group tours have attracted people of all ages, backgrounds and nationalities.

Planning your Shanghai tour? No matter you like it or not, a side trip to the old town in Shanghai is worth your valauble time.

Hassle-free Shanghai Guided Tours

If you don’t want to do a self-guided tour and prefer the hassle-free escorted tours,  here are some options for guided tours to Shanghai:

Shanghai Tour
Shanghai Day Tour
Shanghai Multi-Day Tour
Shanghai Evening Tour
Shanghai Cruise Port ( Transfer& Excursions )
Shanghai Beijing Tour
Shanghai Xian Tour
Shanghai Car Rental with Driver

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Any questions, just drop a line.

32 thoughts on “Shanghai Hop On Hop Off (Tips, Photos & Map)

  1. Hi,
    We’ll staying in seventh hotel in nanjing road,where we can find the ho ho bus nearest from our hotel?


  2. Hello Natalia,

    Actually East Nanjing Road is one of the stops for Hop on Hop off. You just walk to the east direction from your hotel along Nanjing Road. You will find the Hop On Hop off at the stop of East Nanjing Road, just east of the Nanjing Walking Street.

  3. Hi,
    In your honest opinion, which is better the Big Bus or the Spring Tour?
    Thanks, appreciate reply soonest as we are going to Shanghai in a couple of weeks from now.

  4. Hello Fara P Gualberto,

    Personally, I prefer Srping Tour Bus. It is worth your money, but with more Chinese tourists on board. It is operatedly by a local company – Spring Tour, also a large and reputable company. Just for you reference.

    By the way, on the streets, you will see more spring tour buses than Big Bus buses. Have a good time in Shanghai!

  5. How far away is the Spring Tour Bus stop from the Four Seasons Pudong please? Do you hop on and hop off the Spring Tour bus or do you just ride around? If it stops, how long does it stop at each stop? Why is it so much cheaper than the Big Bus tour? Does it cover the same places? thanks

  6. If I understand correctly, the Big Bus is not a hop on and Hop off tour. You just sit on the bus and see things. Is the Spring Tour a Hop On Hop Off?

    If so, Where is the closest stop to Renaissance Shanghai Yu Garden Hotel at 159 South He Nan Road?

    Thanks very much!

  7. We will be staying at the Great Tang Hotel at 4259 Bao’an Raod, Bao’an Gonglu. Where can we catch the Hop On Hop Off bus? Do we pay at the bus?

  8. Can I buy the tickets online? Every website I go to is invalid. Also, does this bus service stop at or near the airport?

  9. Where can I find the Big Bus Tour from the cruise ship terminal? We have a group of 8 and will consider either a private tour with an English speaking guide or the Big Bus. Please advise. Thank you.

  10. Hello, where can I book online tickets for the shanghai city sightseeing bus tour (the one that costs 30 CNY)? Every website I go to leads me to a flight booking website. Thanks!

  11. we are 4 people being in Shanghai on 15 APRIL 2018. WE STAY AT HOTEL:
    Shanghai Forson International Boutique Hotel Pudong Airport Chuansha Disney Where is the closest stop of HOP ON Spring Tour BUS


  12. We will be staying shanghai city central int hostel.. is there a hop on hop bus stop near our hotel?

  13. Dear Frank racillo,

    You may go to the east end of the pedestrian East Nanjing Road where you find the hop on hop off bus.

  14. We are staying at Hotel seagull by the bund. Where can we get on the spring tour bus?
    Your help will be very appreciated.

  15. Dear MJ,

    Just walk to the east end of the pedestrian East Nanjing Road, where you can find a waiting hop on hop off, not far from your hotel. Have a fun!

  16. Hello, Daniel! We arrive in Shanghai on a cruise liner. Where can we get on the spring tour bus? (the nearest stop to the cruise terminal).

  17. Dear Alisa,

    Just a follow-up to my previous reply:

    As far as I know, there is a bus stop at No. 100, People’s Avenue (Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Hall). 

  18. Is there a pick up drop off near international cruise terminal? could I buy ticket hen boarding and what currency is used, could I pay with US$?

  19. is there a pick up stop at or near cruise terminal? could we buy tickets on board the bus? Could we pay with $US or have to be in Yuan (local currency)?

  20. Dear Hung Nguyen,

    As far as I know,there is no hop and hop off near the cruise port. Usually RMB is used. Thanks for your inquiry!

  21. Dear Ken,

    You easily get a bus ticket on board. On the southern end of Nanjing Road, there is a bus stop as far as I know. Have a nice time!

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