Ticket Booking for Beijing Shanghai High Speed Rail

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A train attendant helps a passenger to adjust her seat at the business class carriage on a Beijing Shanghai High Speed Line By IB Times Staff Reporter

The long-expectes  Beijing Shanghai high speed rail starts to operate on July 01, 2011, a great day to be recorded into history. The high speed train ticket sale starts at 9:00am June 24, 2011.
For ticket booking, passengers are requested to log on to www.12306.cn, a service website run by China Railway customer service center. Unfortuatley, at the time of my writing, no English version for www.12306.cn. Hopefully its English web pages will come out soon for the benefit of the increasing number of foreign visitors and expats in China.
The high speed train tickets go on sale 5 days in advance of departure dates. You may go to the railway stations concened for ticket booking and purchasing on the spot. You are required to present your ID or passport when you are going to buy a ticket at the request of present “Real Name” ticket booking regulation enforced by the Ministry of China Railway.
If you have no time to go to the railway station for buying your high speed tickets, you may ask your travel agent or your hotel to purchase your ticket at a certain commision. You must send your scanned or copied ID document to your ticket agent.
The tickets for the high speed train ride between Beijing and Shanghai will range from RMB 410 yuan to RMB 1,750, based on different speeds and seat classes. The high speed trains will run between 250 and 300 km/h with the fastest time of four hours and 48 minutes for the Beijing Shanghai 1,318 km line.

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There are 24 train stations on Beijing Shanghai High Speed Line, which will definitely boost the local tourism and further develop the local economy.

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