How to Visit Zhonghua Gate Nanjing (Tips, Photos & Maps)

Plan your Nanjing Tour? Don’t miss Zhonghua Gate (中华门瓮城) , the largest ancient city wall gate complex in China, akin to a huge castle in the west. The massive city wall gate is a historical relic left by Zhu Yuzhuang, the first emperor and founder of Ming Dynasty (1638 -1644) . There used to be 13 gates of this kind along the over-30km ancient city wall of the Ming Dynasty.

The name of Zhonghua Gate was changed for several time. Firs named “south gate” since it was located on the south of the city. It is also known as Jubaomen “Gathering Treasures Gate”.  In 1931 when the Republic of China government set Nanjing as its capital, the gate was named Zhonghua Gate ( the Gate of China ).

How get to Gate of China Nanjing (Gate Castle)

” Zhonghua” literally means “China”, so that’s why the Google Map recognizes the Zhonghua Gate as “Gate of China, Nanjing“. It is located at Zhonghua Road, Qinhuai District, Qinhuai District, Nanjing.

Public bus lines:
1) From Nanjing Railway Station, take Bus No. 33 and get off at Zhonghuamen Stop.
2) From Xinjiekou South Station, take bus No. 16 or 33 to Zhonghuamen Station
3) From Lukou Airport, take the airport bus from Nanjing Lukou Airport to Zhonghuamen Long-distance passenger station, then transfer to No.2 bus to Zhonghuamen Station and get off.

Take Nanjing Metro Line 1 to Zhonghuamen Station and walk there

How to Visit Zhonghua Gate Nanjing

The city gate castle has 3 inner cities connected by four arched gates with its dimensions 118.5 m from east to west, and 128 m from south to north. Each inner city had holes to hide soldiers. Each gate was equipped with a Qianjinzha ( Heavy Gate ) which could be opened up and down.

The Map of Zhonghua Gate Nanjing (Google)

The Zhonghua Gate has gong through wind and rain for 600 years. It still keeps it original appearance though much of its wooden structures destroyed. Zhonghua Gate is a master piece of China’s ancient engineering project of complex and intricate design, which has a prominent place in the wall construction history in China.

The Bird’s-eye view of the Gate of China ( Image credit:

Entrance Fee: 50 yuan per person
Opening Hours: 8: 30 – 20:30

Gate of China is only a 20-minute walk away from the Nanjing Confucius Temple Area (Google)

While you are planning your short trip to the Gate of China, you are recommended to go deeper to include Nanjing Confucius Temple-The Qinhuai River Scenic Area after you visit the Zhonghua Gate since the gate is only a 20-minute walk from the prominent scenic area.

Now Nanjing Confucius Temple with its old world charming surrounding area is popularly and officially known as Nanjing Confucius Temple-The Qinhuai River Scenic Area (夫子庙秦淮风光带).

Virtual Tour of Gate of China Nanjing

Follow us to have a virtual tour of Zhonghua Gate Nanjing (Gate Castle).

The main gate to the gate castle has three layers, 21.45 meters high.

On each side of the gate castle exterior, there are two large ramps used for running soldiers on horse up to the top of the gate castle.

two large ramps outside the gate used for running soldiers on horse up to the top
So people can go up to the top of the castle through the ramp.
The two smaller side gates of the gate castle are for the daily traffic for the locals.
The inner gates linking the three inner cities inside Gate of China castle
Each gate inside the castle is made of huge strip stones and bricks.
In each of the three inner cities, there are Brick stairs leading up to the top.
A bird-eye’s view of the inner city behind the huge main gate
One of the three inner city inside the gate castle
The ancient cannons on the top
The Gate of China links the city wall winding further into the city.
Overlooking the three inner cities from the top

It is estimated that hundreds of millions of bricks were used to build the Ming City wall in Nanjing. The bricks are generally 40 ~ 45 cm long, 20 cm wide and 10 ~ 12 cm thick.

The bricks are generally 40 ~ 45 cm long

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