When is the best time to visit Shanghai?

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Plan your Shanghai Tour? As the largest city in China, Shanghai is busy all year round. There are numerous attractions in Shanghai waiting for you to explore.

The best time to visit Shanghai could be anytime during spring, summer and autumn, depending on the kind of traveling experience and sites you want to see. Coming from different corners of the world, people have their own favorite time or seasons to plan Shanghai Tours,  speeding the flow of visitors and keeping the prices relatively high.

Most foreign visitors prefer spring and autumn to visit Shanghai due to the comfortable weather: neither too hot nor too cold.

High season: March, April, May, Sept and October
Shoulder season: June, July and August
Lower season: Nov. 15 till Feb 28 next year

Shanghai in Spring

With a subtropical maritime monsoon climate, Shanghai is generally mild and moist. Spring in Shanghai lasts from March to May.

It is a good season in a year for visiting Shanghai, with singing birds and fragrant flowers. Shanghai in spring is really a lively and attractive city.

Shanghai in Spring

Shanghai in Spring

Shanghai in Summer
Summer in
Shanghai lasts from June to September. The hottest months comes in July and August, with more than 10 days at the temperature above 35 C. If you choose to visit Shanghai in this season, be sure to make full preparation to prevent yourself from getting heatstroke.

From August to mid-September, typhoons can bring heavy rain. You had better not go to the island during this time. Remember to take a umbrella with you, not only for preventing the rain, but also for preventing the strong ultraviolet radiation.

Shanghai in Autumn
Autumn in 
Shanghai which last from October to Early December is the most comfortable season, being neither too hot nor too much rain.It is a pity that autumn in Shanghai is too short.

When fall comes, it is a great pleasure to appreciate the red autumnal leaves and taste the delicious live fresh water crab. It will be a great pleasure to walk along the Bund in autumn. There always many visitors from every corner of the whole world in this season. You will see people jostle each other in a crowd.

Shanghai in Autumn

Shanghai in Autumn

Shanghai in Winter
Winter in 
Shanghai is not that cold. The awful coldness usually lasts for only several days and it seldom snows. Although it is not as cold as Beijing, sweater and overcoat are necessary. Winter is a relatively low season to visit Shanghai. You can save some money if you travel to Shanghai in winter.

Like Beijing, Shanghai gets very crowded and busy during school vacation and public holidays. You are kindly advised to skip over the hot holidays when you plan your Shanghai Tours. Please jot down the following public holidays:

New Year’ Day ( 1st Jan, three-day holiday )
Chinese New Year ( later Jan and early Feb )
Tomb Sweeping Day ( Early April, 3-day holiday )
Mid-Autumn festival ( Aug-Sept, 3-day holiday )
May Day ( 1st May, three-day holiday)
National Day (1st Oct, week-long holiday)

Any questions, just drop a line.

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12 Responses to “When is the best time to visit Shanghai?”

  1. senanayake says:

    we hope to visit shanghai in june 1st week and proceed to tibet, xian and beijing.Will there be contineous rain which obstruct our tour?How is Lhasa during this period?Pl. reply.

  2. Daniel says:

    Hello Senanayake,

    Historical climate data shows Shanghai has much rain in June, but things are getting better in Xian and Lhasa. Basically the June rain won’t stop your tour.

    Lhasa climate: 10℃(night ) ~ 23℃(day ), a big temperature difference in a day. You need to wear a jacket or thin sweater at night and T-shirt during the daytime.

    Have a good time in China.

  3. M Amarnath says:

    We (self and wife) planning to visit Shanghai and Beijing around second week of August. Kindly advise whether it would be very crowded, weather-wise and is it difficult to get decent accommodation.

    Please advise must see places and suggest a good reliable tour operator.

  4. Daniel says:

    Hello M Amarnath,

    Shanghai and Beijing in August will be still a bit humid and hot, a little crowded due to the fact that August is within the summer vacation for schoolchildren.

    Suggested top 10 attractions in Shanghai

    Suggested top 10 attractions in Beijing

  5. tammy Dinh says:

    Hi Daniel
    My mum and I will visit Shanghai from 26.10 to 27.10 2014. What is the best tour for us.

    Kind Regards

  6. Daniel says:

    Hello Tammy Dinh,

    You may first go to the Bund for a leisure stroll and see the Pudong Skyline. Then go to Yuyuan Garden to visit the classical Chinese gardening. Then move on to the adjoining Shanghai bazzar to feel the old Shanghai, eating Shanghai snacks and buying some Shanghai souvenirs.

    Then go to Pudong area and ascend the 88-storey Jinmao Tower to have a panoramic view of Shanghai. After that, go to the wharf east of the Bund and have an hour cruise along Huangpu River.

    Just for your reference. Have a good time in Shanghai.

  7. dipti says:

    we are planning to visit shanghai during the chinese new year holidays of 2018
    how will be the climate ..is it too cold and rainy
    and will it be very crowded??

  8. Daniel says:

    Dear Dipti,

    Basically it will be a bit chilly and damp in February. It seems that Shanghai is always crowded no matter high or low season especially, especially in Yuyuan Bazaar or on the Bund. Have a nice time!

  9. dee says:

    hello Daniel, is it a good time to visit Shanghai the last week of June?

  10. Daniel says:

    Dear Dee,

    My experience tells me that later June is not a good time to visit Shanghai. It is a rainy season, a bit damp and muggy.

  11. dawndenezza sands says:

    Is early December a good time for travel to Shanghai? what is the weather like ?

  12. Daniel says:

    Dear dawndenezza sands,

    Welcome to Shanghai! It is all right to visit Shanghai. For the weather early December in Shanghai, please visit the article: Visit Shanghai in December ( https://www.tour-beijing.com/blog/shanghai-travel/visit-shanghai-in-december ). Have a nice time in Shanghai!

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