Night walk along Nanjing Road in Shanghai

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Plan your Shanghai tour? A 1 or 2 hour leisure stroll along Nanjing Road is worth your time exploring the metropolitan city. If possible, having a night walk along the pedestrian street is much more impressed and rewarded with its sparkling and eye-popping neon lights.

Afraid of be drowned by darkness, night is decorated by lights; afraid of be forgotten, Nanjing Road is flooded in the dazzling adds and lights.

Walking along Nanjing Road at night

Walking along Nanjing Road at night

Nanjing Road, dubbed as “China’s First Commercial Street”, is the most well known commercial street in Shanghai including Nanjing East Road and Nanjing West Road. Nanjing East Road ( now a pedestrian only street ) was once the No.01 commercial street in the far east. Nanjing West Road is now the top end business block in Shanghai.

The history of Nanjing Road can be traced back to the year 1845. In the old time, the four department stores on Nanjing Road once created a number of “First” in Asia: first auto escalators, first air-conditioning, first uniforms for staff and first mixed with restaurants, cinema, casino and acrobatic similar to today’s shopping malls.

Today tradition and modernity meet here, adding much charm to the century old street. It is a paradise for shopping and a showcase of Shanghai’s openness.

Walking along Nanjing Road at night

Walking along Nanjing Road at night

Champs-élysées to Paris is what Nanjing Road to Shanghai. With Metro Line 1, Champs-élysées is linked to Concorde Square while Nanjing Road is connected to Shanghai People’s Square by Metro Line 2.

You may take metro line 2 and exit at People’s Square and walk to Nanjing East Road or get off at the subway station of Nanjing East Road for an easy amble and then move on to the Bund for a fabulous skyline in Shanghai.

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