How to visit Jingshan Park

The Peony Garden Jingshan Park

Plan your Beijing tour? A visit to Jingshan Park is not to be missed during your tour in Beijing.

Jingshan Park Location

Jingshan just sits across the north gate to Forbidden City. After finishing your visit to Forbidden City along the south to north official visiting route, you exit from Forbidden City’s north gate.

Exiting from the north gate and raising your head, you will find a pavilion with three-layered eaves perched on a hill. The hill is called Jingshan Hill ( Coal Hill or prospect Hill). The Jingshan Hill and its surrounding complex is known as “Jingshan Park”.

Jingshan Park add: No.44 Jingshanxi Street, Xicheng District, Beijing 北京西城区景山西街44号(故宫后门对面).

Jingshan Hill

The main road between the north gate area of Forbidden City and the south gate of Jingshan Park is fully blocked. To get across to the south gate to Jingshan Park, you just turn left for 20 meters and take the underground pass.

Entrance Fees

Line up for the tickets: RMB 2 per person (RMB10 per person during Peony Festival April and May).

Opening Hours

06:30-21:00; Closing time :20:30 (Monday – Sunday; April 1 – October 31)

06:30-20:00; Closing time :19:30 (Monday – Sunday; November 1 – March 31, Next year )

How to get to Jingshan Park by bus?

Jingshan Park has three gates. Apart from the southern gate just across Forbidden City, there are two more gates – the East Gate and West Gate. From the west gate, you can walk to Beihai Park.

Arriving at the East Gate: take 111, 124, 210 and get off at Jingshan East Gate Station;

Getting to the South Gate: take Bus 101, 103, 109, 124, 202, 211, 609, 619, 685, Zhuan 1, Zhuan 2 and get off at the Forbidden City Station.

Arriving at the west gate: take 5, 609 and get off at West Banqiao station.

Climb up Jingshan Hill after visiting Forbidden City

After exiting from the northern gate to Forbidden City, enter the south gate to Jingahan Park and follow your nose up the top of the hill and get to the pavilion named Wanchun Pavilion perched high on the hill.

It takes you about 5-10 minutes’ walk along a zigzag stone steps up to the summit. Standing on the pavilion, you are able to have a bird’s-eye view of Beijing city at a great distance.   

Have a panoramic view of Forbidden City

Look north to view the Central Axis of Beijing.

Look north to view the Central Axis of Beijing

Looking down east to view Beijing Business Center (CBD)

Looking down east to view Beijing Business Center (CBD)

Where the last Ming Dynasty Emperor Chongzhen hanged himself.

After enjoying the exciting panoramic view, you don’t have to go back the same road. Instead, you follow the throng down eastward to see the place where the last Ming Dynasty Emperor Chongzhen hanged himself.

Since the hanging spot is close to the east gate to Jingshan park, you may exit from the east gate.

The place where Emperor Chongzhen who hanged himself

Wanchun Pavilion at the top of Jingshan Park

The Wanchun Pavilion at the top of Jingshan Mountain is also the best night shot in Beijing. Standing at the top, you can have good shoots of the night views of Beijing from four different directions. Of course, you can also beautiful photos of Beijing sunrises and sunsets.

Forbidden City under sunset glow viewed from Wanchun Pavilion on the hilltop in Jingshan Park

Forbidden City under sunset glow

Beijing business district CBD night view in the east.

Beijing CBD

Night view of the north central axis of Beijing.

Looking at the North of Beijing – Drum Tower and Olympic Park

Looking at the west of Beijing – West Hill, CCTV Tower and White Pagoda.

Looking at the west of Beijing – West Hill, CCTV Tower and White Pagoda

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10 thoughts on “How to visit Jingshan Park

  1. Hello. Could you tell me which train station is near to the Jingshan Park East gate exit? Also could you give the direction, distance and time to walk there?
    Thank you!

  2. Hi Jen,

    Happy Chinese New Year!

    Do you mean “Train Station ” or “Subway Station? It seems you refer to Metro Station instead of Railway Station. There is no subway line passing by or close to Jingshan Park East Gate Exit. You may take a taxi. Have a good time in Beijing!

  3. Hi Nuik,

    You may take Bus No.5 directly from Qianmen Street and go in the north direction and get off at the 6th stop of Xibanqiao 西板桥, then walk to the wast gate to Jingshan Park ( 50 m walk ). Bus Fare: 2 yuan.

    Bus Operating Time: 5:30 – 22:30
    Location of Qianmen Bus Stop of Bus Line 5: The Bus Stop is on Qianmen East Road running north to south which parallels to Qianmen Street which also runs from North to South.

    The whole process takes about 40 minutes.

    Have a nice time in Beijing!

  4. Dear Cherie,

    Thanks for your inquiry!

    No subway lines pass by Jinshan park. It is just located north of Forbidden City. You can visit Jingshan Park together with Forbidden City. Or you can walk to Jingshan Park from the Subway Station of Tiananmen Station ( Subway Line 1 ).

  5. Hey
    What is the address of Jingshan Park?
    I will take the subway station to Tiananmen Station and then walk from there.

    Thanking you in advance

  6. Dear Chade,

    Jingshan Park is located to the north of Forbidden City and Tiananmen Square.

    Add: No.44 Jingshanxi Street, Xicheng District, Beijing 北京西城区景山西街44号(故宫后门对面)

  7. Hello,

    i would need to go to the airport and was wondering what would be the best way to get to it from Jingshan Park/forbidden City.

    thank you

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