Ferry from the Bund to Pudong

Standing on the promenade of the Bund,  you are hooked by the magnificent Pudong Skyline ( also known as “Lujiazui Skyline“).  The temptation is so great that you are eager to explore further the forest of the avant-garde megatall buildings in Pudong.

You may wonder if there is a ferry taking you from the Bund across to the east side of the river while having wider views of the riverside buildings in the course of ferry – old art deco buildings on the Bund and futuristic on Pudong. The answer is yes!

It is said that there are totally 18 ferry lines on the both sides of Huangpu River and all of them are operated by the state-run Shanghai Ferry Company. Don’t be scared by the numerous ferry points. There is only one ferry wharf on the Bund, namely Dongjin Line.

So the ferry line on the Bund is officially known as “Dongjin Line”. The ferry starts from the Dongchang Road on Pudong to Jinling Road on the Bund, hence “Dongjin Line”.  Still sounds too complicated to you? Then just remember “The Bund Ferry”, forget the so-called “Dongjin Line”. That’s okay!

How to get to the Bund Ferry ( Dongjin Ferry Line) ? 东金线轮渡

Just keep walking on the Bund to the south and soon you will find a pier home to two ferry boats shown on the picture below, then you have hit the  Bund Ferry Wharf ( or Dongjin Ferry Line Pier )

The Bund Ferry Wharf
The Bund Ferry Wharf

Where is the ticketing office?

When you see the wharf above, then you try to find a passage down from the elevated promenade to the road on your right side. Below the promenade and on the left side of the road, you can find the English characters – Tickets – that’s the ticketing office for the ferry line.

You wait in line and only need to pay 2 yuan for the ticket.

The Box Office "English"
The Box Office “Tickets”

Important Notice:
If you keep on walking in the south direction, you will soon get to the box office for cruising on Huangpu River. Check out the link “How to Book Huangpu River Cruise Tickets” for more information.

After purchasing your ferry ticket, walk ahead to the place with iron handrails where you enter by through your ticket ( a plastic coin ). The condition of the waiting hall is very basic with very few seats available for passengers. In most cases you have to wait for your ferry.

Wait for getting onto the ferry baot.
Wait for getting onto the ferry boat.

The ferry is air-conditioned, two-deck, upper and lower. If you prefer to take pictures, you’d  better go up to the upper deck.The upper deck is covered on the top, but open-air above the one-meter high fence surrounding the edge of the boat.

Try to grab a space next the fence and take clear pictures of the views on both sides of the river.

The picture taken from the ferry boat.
The picture taken from the ferry-boat.

Below is the ferry timetable:
From the Bund: 07:15, 7:45, 8:15, 8:45, 9:15, 9:45, 10:15, 10:45, 11:15, 11:45, 12:15, 12:45, 13:15, 13:45, 14:15, 14:45, 15:15; 15:45, 16:15, 16:45, 17:15, 17:45, 18:15, 18:45

From Pudong: 07:00, 7:30, 8:00 8:30, 9:00, 9:30, 10:00, 10:30, 11:00, 11:30, 12:00, 12:30, 13:00, 13:30, 14:00, 14:30, 15:00; 15:00, 16:00, 16:30, 17:00, 17:30, 18:00, 18:30, 19:00

In 5 minutes, your ferry-boat will bring you to the east side of Huangpu River – Pudong. Get off the ferry, and don’t forget your mission – to explore Lujiazui ( the core of Pudong ).

Disembark from the ferry
Disembark from the ferry

How to explore the amazing megatall buildings?

From the pier you need to get to Lujiazui.  Lujiazui is rife with the futuristic, avant-garde buildings – Shanghai Tower (632 m),  Shanghai World Financial Center (492 m ), Oriental Pearl Tower (467.9 m), Jin Mao Building (421 m) and other over 30 buildings with 25 stories.

Over 500 domestic and overseas financial and insurance corporations are located in Lujiazui.


Basically you have two options of going from the wharf to Lujiazui – Walking ( 1000 meters ) or take the double-deck bus ( 30 yuan ).  If you have healthy legs, you just keep walk on the left side for 15 minutes, you will reach the core area of Lujiazui.

If you purchase the ticket for the double-deck bus, you can use the day pass for the rest of the day including the bus tour around Pudong area. The bus will take you to the stop near Oriental Pearl TV Tower.

For more information on Lujiazui, check out the link” How to Visit Lujiazui “.


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