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We had an absolutely perfect day with our tour guide - Rogin Luo - who took us for a hike along The Great Wall! Didn't know what to expect and were thrilled to have him as our guide. Very imformative, knowledgable and fun! We go to experience a part of The Great Wall that was unrestored and see all its natural beauty. Got a long history lesson along the way!

After the hike, we all went to lunch at a small place at the bottom of the hill. Located in a house, we ate lunch in the proprietors bedroom! What a hoot! Rogin is the Best of the Best! This tour company delivered for us and we are extremely grateful.

Westborough, Massachusetts
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Inner Mongolia Tour

Inter mongolia Life is a journey. Now, let's ignite the torches in our dream and start our trip to the magical Inner Mongolia wrapped up with myth, legend, grasslands and deserts! The word "Mongolia" spreads before us the picture of the spectacular scenery, hospitable Mongolian herders and Mongol hordes galloping along.

Of course, our knowledge of Mongolia mostly comes from the man who needs no introduction - Genghis Khan. In 13th century, he and his Mongols conquered the half known world and established the largest empire ever in human history. With bow and sword, Genghis Khan and his Mongol cavalry crosssed the 15,000km Eurasian Steppe to the Dnieper River, opening the door of East and West, and connecting the civilizations on the route formed by the Mediterranean Sea, Iran, India and China in the Far East.

Inner Mongolia is the second largest provincial-level region in China, just after Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, and spans over 1.18 million km². Inner Mongolia is divided into 12 prefecture-level divisions: 9 cities and 3 leagues including Hohhot, Baotou, Ordos,Banyannur, Ulanchabu (Ulanqab), Chifeng, Tongliao, Hulunbeier (Hulunbuir), Wuhai, Xilingol League, Xingan League and Alashan League (Alxa).

To better understand and visit Inner Mongolia, we divide Inner Mongolia into four tourism areas: Mid-Inner Mongolia (around Hohhot), East Inner Mongolia (Xilingol), Northeast Inner Mongolia (Hulunbuir) and West Inner Mongolia (Alxa). Each tourism area has its own unique landscape and history background, geography and transport. Choose your favorite tourism zone and march forward!

Inner Mongolia
Mid - Map
East Map
NE Map
West Map

Choose Your Favorite Inner Mongolia Tour
Mid-Inner Mongolia Tour
(Around Hohhot)
Northeast Inner Mongolia Tour
(Around Hulunbuir)
East Inner Mongolia Tour
(Around Xilinhot)
West Inner Mongolia Tour

Visit Mid Inner Mongolia Tour Starting from Hohhot
» Hohhot City Highlight Day Tour
Hohhot City Highlight Day Tour Destination: Hohhot
Duration: One Day (8 hours)
Tour Type: Private Tour
Tour Code: HPT-01
Price: Click Here
Customizable: Yes

» Hohhot Grassland Day Tour
Hohhot Grassland Day Tour Destination: Hohhot + Grassland
Duration: One Day (10 Hours)
Tour Type: Private Tour
Tour Code: HPT-02
Price: Click Here
Customizable: Yes

» 2-Day Hohhot Inner Mongolia Classic Tour
2-Day Hohhot Inner Mongolia Classic Tour Destination: Hohhot + Xilamuren Grassland
Duration: 2 Days
Tour Type: Private Tour
Best Time to Go: June - August
Tour Code: MIMT-01
Price: Click Here
Customizable: Yes

» Hohhot 3 Day Tour Package
Hohhot 3 Day Tour Package Destination: Hohhot + Grassland
Duration: 3 Days
Tour Type: Private Tour
Tour Code: HPT-03
Price: Click Here
Customizable: Yes

» 3-Day Hohhot Inner Mongolia Impression Tour
3-Day Hohhot Inner Mongolia Impression Tour Destination: Hohhot + Xilamuren Grassland + Resonant Sand Gorge
Duration: 3 Days
Tour Type: Private Tour
Best Time to Go: June - August
Tour Code: MIMT-02
Price: Click Here
Customizable: Yes

» 4 Day Inner Mongolia Genghis Khan and Desert Exploration Tour
4 Day Inner Mongolia Genghis Khan and Desert Exploration Tour Destination: Hohhot + Seven Star Lake Desert - Ordos Grassland
Duration: 4 Days
Tour Type: Private Tour
Best Time to Go: June - August
Tour Code: MIMT-03
Price: Click Here
Customizable: Yes

Visit Mid Inner Mongolia Starting from Beijing
» 3-Day Beijing Inner Mongolia Round Trip By High Speed Train
4-Day Beijing Inner Mongolia Classic Tour Destination: Beijing + Hohhot + Xilamuren Grassland
Duration: 3 Days
Tour Type: Private Tour
Inter-city Transportation: Beijing - Hohhot - Beijing
High speed train ( 2nd class seat )
Best Time to Go: June - August
Tour Code: BMIMT-01
Price: Click Here
Customizable: Yes

» 4-Day Beijing Inner Mongolia & Baotou Round Trip By High Speed Train
5-Day Beijing Inner Mongolia Impression Tour Destination: Beijing + Hohhot + Xilamuren Grassland + Resonant Sand Gorge
Duration: 4 Days
Tour Type: Private Tour
Inter-city Transportation: Beijing - Hohhot - Beijing
High speed train ( 2nd class seat )
Best Time to Go: June - August
Tour Code: BMIMT-02
Price: Click Here
Customizable: Yes
» 6-Day Beijing Inner Mongolia Experience Tour
6-Day Beijing Inner Mongolia Experience Tour Destination: Beijing + Hohhot + Seven Star Lake Desert - Ordos Grassland
Duration: 6 Days
Tour Type: Private Tour
Inter-city Transportation: Beijing - Hohhot - Beijing Soft sleeper
( 4 people in one cabin )
Best Time to Go: June - August
Tour Code: BMIMT-03
Price: Click Here
Tour Code: NEIM-02

» Beijing Hulunbuir Classic Loop 6 Day Tour
Beijing Hulunbuir Classic Loop 6 Day Tour Attractions: Hulunbuir Grassland, Shiwei, Moerdaoga National Forest Park, Aoluguya Ewenki Ethnic Township, Erguna Wetland, Matryoshka Doll Square, Manzhouli City, and Hulun Lake.
Tour Type: A private tour
Service: Personal Guide + Private vehicle + entrance fees + meals as listed + Beijing Hailaer round trip flights
Accommodation: Yes
Departure: Daily Summer
Best Travel Time: July - August
Duration: Approx. 6 Day
Tour Code: NEIM-01
Price: Click Here
Customizable: Yes

» Beijing Hulunbeier Folk Culture 4 Day Tour
Beijing Hulunbeier Folk Culture 4 Day Tour Attractions: Hulunbuir Nationality Museum, Golden Horde Mongolian Tribe, Erguna Wetland, Heishantou Port, Manzhouli, Matryoshka Doll Square, Hulun Lake and Dahl Jilin Temple
Tour Type: A private tour
Service: Personal Guide + Private vehicle + entrance fees + meals as listed + Beijing Hailaer round trip flights
Accommodation: Yes
Departure: Daily Summer
Best Travel Time: July - August
Duration: Approx. 4 Day
Tour Code: NEIM-02
Price: Click Here
Customizable: Yes

» 3 Day Beijing Shangdu (Xanadu) Tour
3 Day Beijing Shangdu (Xanadu) Tour Destination: Beijing, Taipusi Qi, Zhenglan Qi, Xanadu and Duolun
Duration: 3 Days
Tour Type: Private (Loop Road Trip)
Best Travel Time: July - August
Tour Code: ETIM-03
Price: Click Here
Customizable: Yes

» 4-Day Beijing Xilinglo Glassland Shangdu Mongolia Culture Tour
4-Day Beijing Xilinglo Glassland Shangdu Mongolia Culture Tour Destination: Beijing,Duolun,Zhenglan Qi, Xanadu and Taipusi Qi
Duration: 4 Days
Tour Type: Private Tour
Best Time to Go: July - August
Tour Code: ETIM-04
Price: Click Here
Customizable: Yes

» 6-Day Beijing Duolun Xilingol Chengde Culture Tour
6-Day Beijing Duolun Xilingol Chengde Culture Tour Destination: West Wuzhumuqin Grassland (Xilingol Grassland), Asihatu Stone Forest, Dalinur Lake (Dali Lake) Nature Reserve, Xanadu (Shangdu ). Mountain Resort and Potala Palace in Chengde
Duration: 6 Days
Tour Type: Private Tour
Best Time to Go: July - August
Tour Code: ETIM-01
Price: Click Here
Customizable: Yes

» Beijing Chifeng 4 Day Round Trip Tour
Beijing Chifeng 4 Day Round Trip Tour Destination: Gong Geer Grassland in Keshiketeng Qi, Dalinur Lake (Dali Lake) Nature Reserve, Baiyin'aobao Nature Reserve, Asihatu Stone Forest
Duration: 4 Days
Tour Type: Private Tour
Best Time to Go: July - August
Tour Code: ETIM-02
Price: Click Here
Customizable: Yes

» Beijing Yinchuan Alxa Highlight 7 Day Tour
Beijing Yinchuan Alxa Highlight 7 Day Tour Attractions: Ningxia Museum, Nanguan Mosque, Western Xia Tombs, Moon Lake Scenic Area, Guangzong Temple, Black City Ruins, Guaishulin, Ejina Diversifolius Poplar Forest, Alashan Museum and The Palace of Alxa
Tour Type: A private tour
Service: Personal Guide + Private vehicle + entrance fees + meals as listed + Beijing Yinchuan round trip flights
Accommodation: Yes
Travel Time: May - October
Duration: Approx. 7 Day
Tour Code: WSIM-01
Customizable: Yes

Inner Mongolia Travel Tips
When to Visit
Inner Mongolia belongs to temperate continental and monsoon climate. The best time to visit Inner Mogolia is summer from June to September. The other five monthes from December to April are long and cold, not suitable for travelling. Accompanied with blizzards, the temperature often dips below the freezing point at night.

So the weather in summer (from June to August) is more comfortable, the change of the temperature between days and nights can be great too. In the evening you are advised to put on warm clothing when you travel on the grasslands even in summer time.

The short period between October 10 and October 18 is the best time to take photos of the golden yellow diversifolious poplar forest at Alashan (Alxa). Even in winter, you may choose to ski in the ski resorts dotted in Inner Mongolia.

Casual clothing and comfortable walking shoes are the must for your trip to Inner Mongolia. Make sure to take warm clothing as it is quite chilly and cold during the nights and early morning. You are advised to take sun hat, sunglasses, water bottle, snacks on your trip, your personal medical kit, sun screen lotion, toilet paper, camera and all possible personal things such as necessary medicine, cosmetics etc. Very often you cannot find them during your trip to Inner Mongolia.

Get There & Around
Basically, the transportation of Inner Mongolia has been solved. Generally speaking, taking flights are most expensive; traveling overland is most convenient, but a bit tiring; traving on train is both safe and economical with a classical feeling of "on road". So train trip is highly recommended. In general, the mid and east Inner Mongolia has better transport system than the west Inner Mongolia.

Of the all the cities in Inner Mongolia, seven cities have airports including Hohhot, Baotou, Xilinhot, Chifeng, Tongliao, Ulanhot and Hailaer (Hulunbuir). You may choose to fly to these places from Beijing, Shanghai, Xian, Chengdu and Guangzhou, then connect trains or buses to your destinations.

Hohhot has opend up over 20 domestic flights and 2 international flights for Ulan Bator (Mongolia) and Chita (Russia).

If time permits, train travel is the first choice of travel around Inner Monglia since train trip is safe, comfortable and romantic. To visit West Inner Mongolia, you may choose to take the trains from Yinchuan from Ningxia Provice; to visit the mid Inner Mongolia, you can take the trains from Xian and Datong; to travel the East Inner Mongolia, you are recommended to take the trains from Shenyang (Liaoning Province), Changchun (Jilin Province) and Harbin (Heilongjiang Province).

Of course, Beijing is the most important starting place for your tip to Inner Mongolia. Several railway lines start from Beijing running through Inner Mongolia including Lanzhou Railway, Beijing Hohhot Railway and Beijing Baotou and Beijing Manzhouli railway lines.

Long-distance buses are the last choice for your travel in Inner Mongolia. But in some places in Alashan (Alxa ), the long-distance buses are the only choice for your traveling around. If possible, you are highly recommended to hire a 4-wheel vehicle to explore the west Inner Mongolia.

Top 10 Places in Inner Mongolia
Hohhot: An ancient city, the capital city of Inner Mongolia with numerous attractions like Dazhao Monastery, Five Pagoda Temple and Jiangjun Yashu at Suiyuan City.
Baotou: The largest city in Inner Mongolia with its biggest draws of the Resonant Sand Gorge and Xilamuren Grassland.
Hailaer (Hulunbuir): Having the finest pasture in China, the birth place of Genghis Khan and the border town of Manzhouli.
Ulanchabu (Ulanqab): Jining is the administrative seat of Ulanquab League which boasts the most visited grassland - Gegentala Grassland.
Xanadu (Shangdu): The holy place of the summer capital of Kublai Khan's Yuan empire.
Ordos: This legendary vast area has the beautiful Ordos Grassland the Genghis Khan's Tomb.
Xilinhot: The administrative seat of Xilingol League, the springboard for your exploration into the Xinligol Grassland.
Chifeng: The craddle of Hongshan Culture and the ancient capital of Liao Dynasty, dubbed as the craddle of "China Northern Culture".
Bayanhot: The administrative seat of the mysterious Alashan (Alxa) full of legends, myths typified by Badain Jaran Desert, Temples and Rock Carving.
Ergun: The hometown of Genghis Khan (1162-1227), he and his Mongols conquered the half known world and established the largest empire ever in human history.

Where to Stay
While traveling on the grasslands, staying the night in a yurt or a tent is highly recommended, enjoying the starry sky and feeling the great wildness. In some remote areas, the inns or hotels are very basic with relatively poor conditions. In large cities like Hohhot, Baotou, you can easily find splurge hotels.

Where to Stay in Mid-Inner Mongolia

Hotels in Hohhot
Shangri-La Hotel Hohhot (5*)
ADD: 5 Xi Lin Guo Le South Road, Hohhot, Inner Mongolia
Tel:: (86 471) 336 6888
Fax: (86 471) 336 6666

JinJiang International Hotel ( 5* )
Address: 119 Hulun Road(S), Hohhot,
Tel: 0471-5666666
Fax: 0471-5666999

Inner Mongolia Hotel (5*): West Ulanchabu Road, Hohhot Tel: 0471 - 6964233
Zhaojun Hotel ( 3* ): 53 Xinhua Avenue, Hohhot Tel: 0471 - 6962211
Binyue International Hostel: 52 Zhaowuda Road, Hohhot Tel: 0471 - 6605666

Hotels in Baotou
Baotou Shangre-la Hotel
Address: No.66 Min Zu East Road, Qing Shan
Zip Code: 010020
Telephone: 86-472- 518882

Baotou Tianfeng Grand Hotel: 56 Bayantala Avenue, Donghe District, Baotou Tel: 0472 -4145533
Xihu Hotel: 10 Nanwaimen Avenue, Baotou Tel: 0472 - 4187101

Hotels in Ordos (Dongsheng)
Dongsheng Grand Hotel: 1 Hangjin North Road, Dongsheng, Ordos Tel: 0477 - 8363222

Ordos Grassland Scenic Resort
Add: 9km west of Xini Township, Hanggig Qi, Ordos
Tel: 0477 6626222
Stay in a yurt with modern facility inside.

Seven Star Lake Scenic Area in Ordos
ADD: Guitela Township, Hanggig Qi, Ordos
Tel: 0477 6898888

Stay in Yurts
There are three kinds of yurts at Gegentala Grassland - normal traditional yurts, deluxe yurts and war chariot yurts.

1.Normal traditional yurts:
These kinds of yurts are simple, more in traditional Mongolian style. It is made of hide supported by rod and easily taken apart. But it doesn't offer bath and toilet facitlities. So for those who stay in a traditional yurt, they have to use the public toilet and bath room, a little unconvenient for modern people. But still many people prefer these kinds of yurts as a kind of grassland experience.
2. Deluxe Yurts:
Deluxe yurts have almost the same fuctions and facilities as hotels. They look like yurt outside. But inside the yurts, they are just like the standard rooms of hotels - washing room, air-conditioned, bath room, refrigerate, tea tabble, desk and more.
3. War chariot yurts:
Genghis Khan conducted an aggressive foreign policy by having the Mongol invasions of East and Central Asia. In his life, the Mongol Empire finally occupied most of Asia. War chariot yurts were one his powerful weapons to overpass his counterparts. They were fast, mobile

Where to Stay in East Inner Mongolia

Hotels in Xilinhot
Yuanhe Jianguo Hotel: No.6 Nanjing Road, Xilinhot
Shengli Business Hotel: 500m West of Xilin Square, Xilinhot
Xiling Hotel: No.66 Xilin Main Street, Xilinhot
Bihai Express Hotel: No.109 Beizimiao Street, Xilinhot

Hotels in Chifeng
Jiu Tian International Hotel: Xing'an Street, Chifeng
Chi Feng Hotel: No.32 Zhaowuda Road, Hongshan District, Chifeng
Yu Long State Guest Hotel: No.9 Yulong Street,New City District, Chifeng
Huasheng Hotel: Liudao Street, Lindong Town, Chifeng

Hotels in Erlianhot
Tiedao Hotel: Next to Erlianhot Railway Station
Yuandu Hotel: Shangdu Town, Zhenglanqi Tel:0479 - 4227222

Hotels in Tongliao
Tongliao Hotel: 30 Lamulun Avenue, Keerqin District, Tongliao Tel: 0475 - 8280002

Hotels in Duolun
Duolun Hotel: 0479 - 4522209

Hotels in Zhenglanqi
Jinjiang Hotel: Opposite to the Zhenglanqi Long-distance Bus Station.

Where to Stay in Northeast Mongolia

Hotels in Hailar
Ibis Hotel (Hulunbuir Hailar): No.23 Shengli Avenue, Hailar District, Hulunbuir
Friendship International Hotel: No.10 Qiaotou Street, Hailar District, Hulunbuir
Hulunbeir Hotel: No.32 Shengli Avenue, Hailar District, Hulunbuir
Buir Hotel: No.36 Central Main Street, Hailaer District, Hulunbuir
Tianxin Business Hotel: 7 Tianxin Xiaoqu, Hailaer Tel: 0470 - 8353588
Beier Grand Hotel: 36 Central Mian Street, Hailaer Tel: 0470 - 8358455

Hotels in Manzhouli
Shangri-La Hotel Manzhouli:No.99 Liudao Street, Manzhouli
Manzhouli Grand Hotel: No.9 Zhongsu Street, Manzhouli
International Hotel: No.35 Erdao Street, Manzhouli
Fengzeyuan Hotel: Yidao Street, Manzhouli Tel: 0470 - 2254099
Chenglin Hotel: Sidao Street, Manzhouli Tel: 0470 - 6238866
Victoria Hotel: 16 Erdao Street, Manzhouli Tel: 0470 - 3919999

Where to Stay in West Inner Mongolia

Hotels in Bayanhot(Bayanhaote) Alxa Zuoqi
Sunshine Ecological Park Hotel:No.17 Yabulai Road, Bayanhaote Town, Alxa Zuoqi
Alashan Hotel: No.1 Dongguan Street, Bayanhaote Town, Alxa Zuoqi
Longxin Hotel:No.4 West Huayuan Street, Bayan Hot, Alxa Zuoqi
Kaiyuan Hotel:No.144 Heshuote South Road, Bayanhot Town, Alxa Zuoqi
Tenggeli International Hotel: Huayuan Street, Bayanhaote Town, Alxa Zuoqi
Pujing Hotel: Yabulai Road, Bayan Haote Town, Alxa Zuoqi
Xinxin Emperor Business Hotel: Tuerhute South Road, Bayan Hot Town, Alxa Zuoqi
Alxa League Hotel: No.8 Heshuote Road, BaBayehot Town, Alxa Zuoqi

Aolunbulage Hotel: Aolunbulage Town, Alxa Zuoqi

Yueliang Lake Desert Holiday Hotel: Yueliang Lake Scenic Zone (Moon Lake), Tenggelilaida, Alxa Zuoqi

Hotels in Ejina Banner (Ejina Qi)
Jinyang Hotel: Opposite to the Bus Station of Dalaihubu Town, Ejina Qi
Jinfengyuan Business Hotel: Dalaihubu Town, Ejina Qi

Hotels in Alxa Right Banner (Alxa Youqi)
Jinsha Holiday Hotel: Ekenhuduge Town, Alashan Youqi 0483 - 6026666
Shuili Hotel: Ekenhuduge Town, Alashan Youqi 0483 - 6026888
Sunlight Hotel: Ekenhuduge Town, Alashan Youqi 0483 - 6022086
Dongshan Hotel: Ekenhuduge Town, Alashan Youqi 0483 - 6025518

Inner Mongolia Food
For its geography position and habitation, the cuisine in Inner-Mongolia features the venison and mutton. The Mongolia prairie is rich in all kinds of venison such as wild chicken, potherb, wild fungus and so on. The most outstanding cates are Baked whole sheep, Baked Gigot, Hand-tore Mutton, Crème, etc.. While eating the meat, you could taste its kumiss, surely the flavor will be a long aftertaste.

Local Cuisines

Roasted Whole Sheep
It is the traditional cuisine to entertain the honoured guest or to celebrate the grand pageant in Mongolia. The whole shape is dressed, stuffed with seasonings such as shallot, ginger, salt, etc., then baked. The cuisine keeps the complete shape of the sheep.

Roasted Gigot
Baked Gigot is one of the traditional Inner-Mongolia cuisines. It is so famous for its delicious and the origin from the National Hero Genghis Khan's admiration. The Baked Gigot is quicker and more delicious than the whole baked sheep. Gash the cross on the skin, add carrot thread, shredded celery, shallot thread, ginger, tomato, pepper, sauce, refined salt and bree, then roast about for 4 hours in the oven.

Hand-tore Mutton
Handlebar Mutton, as the name suggests, means that the mutton is taken by hand directly. It had been the essential food for the Herdsman to serve guests. It will be a deeply pity if you don't taste the Handlebar Mutton in you grassland tour. Divided the mutton into several pieces according to the articulations, then boil in the soup, when the mutton changes color, it could be taken.

Millet Stir-fried in Butter
Millet Stir-fried in Butter means Mongolian millet in Mongolian. Dip the millet in water, after steam, fry and grind. It could be eaten in several methods, for example, mix it with butter, crème, cheese, mutton and beef or mix without any thing, aromatic all the same.

Crème means white food in Chinese. Boil the fresh milk in slow fire, after a layer of fat coagulates on the surface, stir up in chopsticks , dry hung in aeration place, then the crème is completed. It is the distillate of the milk, sweet and aromatic, with abundant nutrition.

Also called butter with white or yellow colors. Ferment the fresh milk into yoghourt, whisk, then the musby white ghee is separated. Boil the white ghee until the water is vaporized. The color became into yellow, so called yellow ghee. Its fragrance is attractive.

Kumiss, the traditional belly-wash of llano, has been passed down two thousands of years. The Kumiss is cool, refreshing and with lower alcoholicity, besides, it also has the function of dispelling cold, and strengthen stomach. Especially in summer, it is the best time to drink Kumiss, and the aromatic waves to everywhere.

Hotpot Mutton
An instant-boiled mutton, a very famous Northern Chinese hot pot dish which is also called the Mongolian Fire Pot or dip-boil mutton.

What to Buy
The strong folk flavor of Inner-Mongolia gives birth to various unique specialties including the silverwares, carpet, Mongolian knife, horse head string instrument, ox horn handcrafts, cashmere and so on.
If you are interested in these handcrafts, the local bazaars, or markets will be ideal places. Inner-Mongolia Antique Shop on Xilin Road, in Hohhot city and the Zhongshan Road in front of the railway station in Baotou city are also popular by the tourist for their abundant specialties, make sure they will bring you some surprise.

Mongolian Silverwares
Mongolian Silverwares have been famous as early as back to Yuan Dynasty, which include bowl, knife, pot and wine vessel, harness, headwear, etc. The silverwares are finely crafted, vivid in color and traditional ethnic.

Mongolian Carpet
Mongolian Carpet is characterized with elaborate technics, nice flexibility, soft handle, and colorful patterns. The Carpet is made of local wool, colored with mineral and plant biased dyes and hand woven. Its categories are abundant including natural colored carpet, archaized carpet, Han Dynasty-style carpet, and artistic tapestry.

Mongolian knife
Mongolian Knife is the daily products and also the baldric of the Mongolian man. A man without his knife will be looked down upon. The Mongolian knife is in various categories and all kinds of sculpts. The blade is made of steel while the handle is made of red wood or ox horn. The scabbard is made of gold, silver and copper, carved with patterns such as dragon, tiger, cloud, head of animal, etc. The Camel-shaped Mongolian knife is particularly worth mentioning.

Horse head string instrument
Horse head string instrument is a bowed stringed instrument with a scroll carved like a horse's head, used by the Mongolians. At the top end of the pole, a horse head holds high fastuously, and two strings stand on each side. The body looks like a courser, while the string like the horsewhip in the shepherd. Its refined sculpt and melodious sound are vivid.

Ox horn handcrafts
Ancient normads used ox horn to hold alcohol when they made an alliance, so this ox horn is called alliance cup. Now the ox horn handicrafts are roughly divided into three categories: wall-decoration, ornaments and accessories. Altogether there are more than 100 types of products such as animals, bottles and cups, necklaces, rings, earrings, hairclips, belt and calligraphy series.

Cashmere is a rare raw material for textile. Cashmere from Inner Mongolia is world famous. So is camel hair, which can be made into woolen cloth and carpet

Nightlife in Inner Mongolia
The most romantic way of spending your night is singing or dancing around a bonfire on the grassland. In the major tourist camping areas, each night the folk music and dance performance and a bonfire party will be held. Don't miss the opportunity to experience the traditional night entertainment.

If you are a fantast, the grasslands are ideal places. You can watch the clear night sky in peaceful surrounding free from light and particulate pollution, so you have great visibility.

The nightlife in Hohhot is colorful just like any other modern cities, for example, bars, nightclubs and amusement parks provide trendy fun. As an minority rendezvous, its unique ethical charm is more attractive, such as the wonderful Mongolian song and dance shows.

Inner Mongolia Travel Advice
1. Inner Mongolia is a landlocked region with relatively dry climate, so get ready for some lipstick and skin care cream, and drink more daily water.
2. Inner Mongolia is about 1,500 meters above sea level with strong direct sunlight from June to September, take sunscreen and sunglasses.
3. There are many Inner Mongolia customs and taboos, please listen to your tour guide or your escort.
4. Due to the big temperature difference between day and night as well the changeable grassland weather, please bring your own long-sleeved clothing.
5. In Inner Mongolia, the main tourist attractions are the desert and grasslands, it is appropriate to wear a T-shirt tourists, trousers, shoes.
6. Inner Mongolia food belongs to the north cuisine with heavier taste, the restaurants will try their best to make the local food adaptable to you.
7. Please bring your own drugs for diarrhea, fever, skin allergy drugs just for emergency.
8. If you bring children with you on the driving tour, take plenty of drinking water and medicine in case they get carsick. The temperature varies greatly between day and night, so bring warm clothing.

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