How to Visit Nanjing Road in Shanghai (Tips, Photos & Map)

Champs-élysées to Paris and Oxford Street to London are what Nanjing Road to Shanghai. Nanjing Road, billed as “China’s First Commercial Street”, is the most well known shopping and leisure street in Shanghai. The east-west Nanjing Road is generally sectioned into  Nanjing East Road and Nanjing West Road. Nanjing East Road is now a traffic-free street, leading up to the Bund on its east.

The location of Nanjing Road in Shanghai ( Google Map)

For a first-time visitor to  Shanghai, a leisure stroll along the 1-km pedestrian only street and ending at the Bund is an interesting experience,  people watching, shopping,  drinking and eating.

1. How to get to Nanjing Road in Shanghai

With Metro Line 1, Champs-élysées is linked to Concorde Square while Nanjing Road is connected to Shanghai People’s Square by Metro Line 1, 2 and 8.  So Shanghai People’s Square is a metro hub easily accessible from all corners of Shanghai.

East Nanjing Road

Of all the 20 exits, you may ext from Exit 7 or 19 for a nice walk from people’s square to the Bund passing through Nanjing Road. Alternatively, you can take the subway line 2 and get off at the Station of East Nanjing Road and exit 1 or 4 for the walk along the shopping street.

2. Wear Comfortable Shoes for a one-hour Walk

Be prepared to do a lot of walking with your casual shoes, especially you are going to walk from People’s Square to the Bund, a nice one hour walk.

3. Lots of Shops but no Bargaining

Any brand you can think of,  Forever 21, H&M, Swatch, Gap, Marks, Old Navy, and Spense and the list is much longer. Suggest you first wisely window shop for sometime until you strike an idea of what to shop.

Shopping at Nanjing Road
Shopping at Nanjing Road

There a full spectrum of stores here ranging from high fashion and technology to small souvenir shops. You can shop for the cheapest of things and the expensive branded items alike.

4. Dining and Drinking

East Nanjing Road is not just for window shopping and big buyers, but also a leisure place to rewind yourself. There are several side streets offering coffee shops,  local food, you may take a break and relax.

These side streets gives you a different vibe, as if you were in a different city. It is worth your adventure where the locals eat.

5.Night walk along Nanjing Road

A night stroll along the pedestrian street is much more impressing, and you are rewarded with its sparkling and eye-popping neon lights, watching the Neon-Colored Nanjing Road.

Night walk along Nanjing Road

Come here at night and see the amazing old buildings all lit up. It’s  like the Times Square in New York. You get a glimpse of all the LEDs on the buildings, creative and attractive.

6. Small Shuttle Trams

If you don’t have strong legs, you may take the little trams going up and down along the street,  5 RMB.  The train is slow, also a good opportunity for photography.

Trams on East nanjing Road
Trams on East Nanjing Road

7. Beware of the Street Touts

You may be pestered by some persistent people trying to sell you things from tours to goods. Just ignore them! Avoid striking a conversation with an approaching student who may sell you an art piece in the name of practising English with you.

8. Beware of Sex/Massage Offers

Also beware of all the sex/massage offers on the street. They are all scams. Just say no and keep moving.

9. Beware of Pickpockets.

Though there is quite some police patrolling, you still need to take care of your belongings due to the in huge crowds .

10. A Combo of People’ Square, Nanjing Road and the Bund

The Nanjing East road stretches from the People’s Square to close to the Bund, so it is worthwhile to consider combining visiting these three places.


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