How to get to Urumqi from Beijing


Beijing Urumqi Flight CA1901, June 24, 2011

Plan your Urumqi tour? Over a dozen of daily flights running between Beijing and Urumqi ( Capital of Xinjiang), which take more than 4 hours’non-stop flight. The flight time is basically longer than that of almost all flights wittin West Europe. China is huge geographically.

The 4 hour flights are largely operated by Air China, Southern China Airline and Hainan Airline. Don’t get confused when you use different airlines for different termnals. Terminal 3 for Air China, Terminal 2 for Southern China Airline and Terminal 1 for Hainan Airline.

Urumqi Diwobao Airport is about 20 northwest of the center of Urumqi. The city of Umruqi has three terminals. Terminal 1 is designated for accommodating the passerngers going on Urumqi and 5 Central Asian countries (Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan…); Terminal 2 for passengers using Southern Airline and also for Internatonal flights to Macao, Hong Kong…; Terminal 1 for Air China and domestic flights.

At the time of writing, only one fast and direct train connecting Beijing and Urumqi – T69(10:13 – next day 18:59), 33 hours and 46 minutes. The train starts from Beijing West Railway Station.

Urumqi Railway Station is located in the south of the city of Urumqi.

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