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Beijing Hancunhe Village

Beijing Hancunhe Village

As a model village in the suburbs of Beijing, Hancunhe Village is well-known in China for its profitable construction company and high-tech farming, which have brought high incomes to its residents.

Through generations of experience, local villagers realized that traditional farming could only meet their most basic needs. In 1978, Hancunhe started its first business, a construction team working on contract projects.

Beijing Hancunhe VillageThen local villagers earned most of their incomes building homes and offices in the capital. That team developed into the Hancunhe5Construction Group Corporation in 1994. The corporation which now consists of 22 firms with 96 construction teams and 12, 000 workers, makes more than US$7 million a year.

The village also puts strong ‘-emphasis on modern farming techniques. The village has invested 20 million yuan (US$2.41rnillionj’oin developing a vegetable garden where foreign varieties of vegetables are grown. The garden is also open to tourists. An orderly place of clean streets and modern homes, the village has built more than 500 apartments and 20 multi-storey buildings.

In the residential area, entertainment and service facilities, such as parks, swimming pools, cinemas, supermarkets, banks and post offices, have also been built to enrich village life.
Ticket Price:40RMB

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