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I thank you for all your prompt and quick replies to our needs and desires for the tour. You are very professional and provided what we had requested.

I enjoyed my tour of Xian - from start to finish. It was most comforting to have my tour guide meet me at the airport. Your tour guide - Ms Mary Ma is exceptional in both her English and her knowledge of her subject. She is to be congratulated.

I have no hesitation in recommending your company to other travellers. Thank you once again.

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Janet Hawke
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Xi'an Evening Tour
(Night Tours with your Exclusive Tour Guide and Vehicle)

When you visit Xian for the first time, it seems true that Xian is bare and grey, a seeming match for its position as an ancient capital city. But as night falls, Xian magically turns into a paradise on earth with everything looking surreal, neon lit shops and streets, evening food market, pubs, cafes, bright Bell Tower, fairy tale City Wall, music fountain square, singing and dancing shows and the list could be much longer.

If you are planning your Xian trip, please do add a night tour to your Xian travel list. We here have prepared for you a list of interesting night tours. If none of the predesigned night tours is suitable for you, we are also able to tailor-make night tours per your specific request.

Top Xian Evening Tour
» Dumpling Dinner and Xian Tang Dynasty Show
Dumpling Dinner and Xian Tang Dynasty Show Attractions: Dumpling Dinner, Tang Dynasty Show and City Night View
Duration: 4 Hour
Way of travel: A private tour ( Exclusive tour guide and vehicle )
Tour Code: XPT-04
Price: Starting  from US$ 46 p/p

» Terracotta Army and Song of Everlasting Performance
Dumpling Dinner and Xian Tang Dynasty Show Attractions: Terracotta Army Museum + Song of Everlasting Sorrow Performance
Duration: 8 Hour
Way of travel: A private tour ( Exclusive tour guide and vehicle )
Tour Code: XPT-08
Price: Starting  from US$ 105 p/p

» Muslim Quarter Night Food Tour
Muslim Quarter Night Food Tour Attractions: Illuminated Bell Tower, Muslim Quarter Food Streets
Duration: 3-4 Hour
Way of travel: A private tour ( Exclusive tour guide and vehicle )
Tour Code: XPT-11
Price: Starting  from US$34 p/p

» Xian Musical Fountain Evening Tour
Xian Musical Fountain Evening Tour Attractions: Music Fountain Evening Show on North Square of Big Wild Goose Pagoda and Great Tang All Day Mall
Duration: 3-4 Hour
Way of travel: A private tour ( Exclusive tour guide and vehicle )
Tour Code: XPT-10
Price: Starting  from US$34 p/p

» Xian Locavore Evening Tour
Xian Locavore Evening Tour Departure: Daily at 6:00 pm
Duration: 3-4 Hour
Inclusion: 4-5 authentic tasting locations, private transportation, local beer, experienced tour guide 
Transport: Private tuk tuk pickup from your hotel within the City Wall
Tour Group Size: 7 people maximum
Price: Starting  from US$58 p/p

Further Reading
1. The Song of Everlasting Sorrow Show in Xian
The Song of Everlasting Sorrow Show is presented on the real-scene in Huaqing Hotspring with the backdrop of Lishan Mountain and the ponds, pavilions, corridors and palaces in the background. The performance is a real-scene singing and dancing historical drama with dazzling lights, beautiful music and songs, lavish costumes and the grand stage which is partially submerged in the water.

The performance is adapted on the same name poem written by the famous Tang Dynasty poet Bai Juyi (772-846) retelling the lament of the court concubine Yang Yuhuan (719-756) and Emperor Xuanzong (685-762) .

2. The Night View of Great Tang All Day Mall
The Great Tang All Day Mall is the key project to rejuvenize the great Tang Dynasty. It is more than just a traditional mall, but a sightseeing traffic-free avenue along a 1500-meter axis from the Big Goose Pagoda down to the south, linking three themed squares – Xuan Zhuang Square, Zhenuan Cultural Square and Kaiyuan Ceremony Square based the Tang Dynasty cultural backgrounds and elements including the buildings of Tang architectural style and sculptures devoted to great leaders, monks, artists, writers, poets, scientists and mathematicians of the Tang Dynasty.

The Great Tang All Day Mall has an area of 650,000 square meters, 1500 meters from north to south and 480 meters from east to west. In the mall area, there are also 6 Tang Imitation Districts, Xian Concert Hall, Xian Grand Theatre, Qujiang Film City and Shaanxi Artists' Exhibition Corridor in addition to the 1500-meter sightseeing avenue and the three-themed squares.

3. Xian Muslim Quarter Exotic Food
Xian Muslim Quarter is easily recognized since it is mainly located behind ( north of ) the massive Drum Tower, not far from Bell Tower in the center of the downtown Xian. The time-hornored Xian Muslim Quarter, also known as "Hui Fang", literally "Muslim Streets", has become a well-known Muslim food community which comprises several streets like Beiyuan Men Street, Beiguangji Street, Xiyangshi Street and Dapiyuan Street. It has a rich strong feel of Islamic cultural vibe.

Walking along the stone-paved streets lined with the traditional buildings in Ming and Qing dynasties, you will be bombarded with the exotic food on the both sides of the streets. It is said there are over 300 Muslim local snacks on the Muslim streets that attract hundreds and thousands of visitors everyday flocking here to eat or just have a look.

4. Xian City Wall Night View
Xian After Dark is a world of difference from its daytime view, transforming from a grey and traditional Chinese cityscape into a wonderland of colorful lights. Among other majestic things at night, Xian City Wall night view is most impressive. If planning your Xian tour, you are highly recommended to have a look at Xian City Wall at night.

The present ancient city wall of Xian was built between 1370 and 1378 in Ming Dynasty ( 1368 – 1644) , which had been expanded from the imperial walls in Sui and Tang dynasties in the 6th century. Now it has a perimeter of 13912 meters with 12 meters in height, 18 meters in width at the base and 15 meters in width on the top.

5. Tips for Visiting Xian Bell Tower
Just drop by the bell tower when night falls and the tower is illuminated. The lit-up bell tower stands peacefully on a roundabout circled by the blaring traffic and mess, a wave of lights – a magnificent scene!

6. Xian Bar Street
Like many big cities in China, Xian also has a street designed to house a groups of bars and cafes, which offer various drinking options for tourists and locals as well. The bar street is called Defuxiang Bar Street. "Defuxiang" literally means "Virtue Fortune Lane".

Defuxiang Bar Street is located to the northwest of South Gate in Xian. It is walkable either from Bell Tower or South Gate. After three years' expansion and renovation, Defuxiang Bar Street was open to visitors on March, 1995.

The bar street is about 200m long from north to south, rife with as many as over 20 bars and cafes. The bar street has a north entrance, which ia a 3-gate decorated arch while its south gate is a one-gate arch.

7. Tang Dynasty Music and Dance Show and Dumpling Dinner
The Tang Dynasty Show showcases the costumes, music, and dancing of China's golden age: the Tang dynasty (618 - 907). The show begins with an ancient Chinese musical instrument ensemble while you dine and then later the cultural dance segment begins. The costumes are splendid and you can get some really nice photos if you sit near the stage.

Dumpling or Jiaozi in Chinese, is one of the most representative Chinese food. The food can be dated back two thousands years ago. It is quite popular in China, and also loved by most of foreign tourists. The most famous dumpling serving is in Xian. Enjoy the jiaozi dinner before and over the Tang Dynasty Show.

8. What to Do in Xian after Dark
Now Xian after dark feels like a paradise on earth with everything looking surreal, neon lit shops and streets, bright Bell Tower, fairy tale City Wall and music fountain square etc.

If you are planning a Xian tour right now, please do add a night tour to your Xian travel list. Well, follow me to touch the fairyland Xian after dark.

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