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We had an absolutely perfect day with our tour guide - Rogin Luo - who took us for a hike along The Great Wall! Didn't know what to expect and were thrilled to have him as our guide. Very imformative, knowledgable and fun! We go to experience a part of The Great Wall that was unrestored and see all its natural beauty. Got a long history lesson along the way!

After the hike, we all went to lunch at a small place at the bottom of the hill. Located in a house, we ate lunch in the proprietors bedroom! What a hoot! Rogin is the Best of the Best! This tour company delivered for us and we are extremely grateful.

Westborough, Massachusetts
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Xian Railway Station

Originally built in 1934, Xian Railway Station is now an important hub connecting the Northwest and Southwest China. There are many daily trains in Xian connecting Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Lanzhou, Xining, Urumqi, Lhasa and more. Traveling Xian by train is much sought after by many tourists in a safe and money saving way.

Put into operation on Jan 11, 2011, Xian's new railway station ( Xian's second railway station) - Xian North Railway Station is designed for all the high speed trains (G trains) and D trains (CRH) leaving and coming in Xian.

If you take a high speed train from Xian to Luoyang (Zhengzhou) or Mt.Huashan, you now should go to Xian North Railway Station.

Xian Railway Station is located just outside the northeast corner of Xian City Wall. The main road "Jiefang Road" ends at Xian Train Station at its north tip and connects the Dong Dajie (East Street) at its south tip.

Add: Huancheng Bei Lu 151, Xian
Train Enquiry: 029 - 95105688

Check Out Xian Railway Station information
Major Xian Train Timetable Xian Railway Station Exit Xian Railway Station Entrance
Xian Railway Station Ticketing Xian Railway Station Tourisn Bus Xian Railway Station Public Bus
Xian Railway Station Taxi Questions & Answers  

Major Xian Train Timetable at Xian Railway Station
The trains at Xian Railway Station are well connected to the rest of the country by T and Z trains. Below are two diagrams for the major T and Z trains going between Beijing and Xian:
Major Beijing to Xian Overnight Fast Train Timetable & Fares( Unit: RMB )
Train No. From Dep time To Arr Time Soft 4-bed Cabin Soft 2-bed Cabin
T7 Beijing West 17:12 Xian 07:03+1 440 /
Z19 Beijing West 20:43 Xian 07:58+1 415 765
T55 Beijing West 17:31 Xian 6:32 + 1 415 /
T43 Beijing West 19:50 Xian 08:34+1 442 814

Major Xian to Beijing Overnight Fast Train Timetable & Fares
Train No. From Dep time To Arr Time Soft 4-bed Cabin Soft 2-bed Cabin
T232 Xian 17:44 Beijing West 06:05+1 415 /
T42 Xian 18:18 Beijing West 09:08+1 442 /
T44 Xian 19:00 Beijing West 08:29+1 442 814
Z20 Xian 19:55 Beijing West 07:10+1 415 765
T56 Xian 21:14 Beijing West 10:10 +1 415 /

Other major destinations starting from Xian Railway Station:

Xian - Lhasa T Trains: T222/T223: 06:18 - next day 16:35; T164/T165: 10:17 - next day 20:15
Xian - Shanghai Z Tain: Z94/Z91 ( 17:08 - next day 07:42 )
Xian - Chengdu T Train: T7 (7:37 - 20:50)
Xian - Chongqing T Train: T224/T221( 22:28 - next day 09:30)
Xian - Guilin K Train: K318/K315 ( 18:52 - next day 22:52)
Xian - Hangzhou Z Train: Z88/Z85 ( 19:48 - next day 12:13 )
Xian - Datong Train: No.2672 (22:54 - next day 15:21)
Xian - Pingyao K Train: K690 (22:22 -  next day 07:37)

Xian Train Station Exit
If you face the Xian Railway Station, then the exit is on your left side. You are supposed to get your ticket ready for ticket check through several gates. Outside the exit, usually you will find a crowd of people waiting and some of them hold a sign with the names of those whom they are going to meet. If you prefer somebody to greet you, you are kindly advised to give your train ticket information in advance so that your escort can come to the platform to meet you.
Xian Train Station Exit

Xian Railway Station Main Entrance
The main entry gate is in the middle, very often crowded with passengers. You are requested to have your luggage X-rayed for security check. Once inide the departure hall, you check the huge electronic screen showing your train departure information indicating which platform you should take for your train.
Xian Railway Station Main Entrance

Xian Railway Station Ticketing Office
The ticketing office (except selling Bullet Train Tickets) is to the right of the main entrance if you face the train station. You are requested to buy train tickets 7-10 days in advance to secure the hard or soft sleeper tickets. Buying train tickets is a headache, even for the locals in China. Train tickets are in high demand. We suggest you pay a little more to turn to a local travel agency or a ticket office in your hotel to reserve your train tickets saving your time and hassle involved.
If you are going to purchase a bullet train ticket, then you will go to a different ticket office, just to the left side of the main entrance of the station. The railway in China develops very fast with many big cities having the bullet trains like Beijing, Tianjin, Harbin, Shanghai, Wuhan, Chengdu and Guangzhou. More and more cities will join the team making China the most develped bullet train country.
Xian Railway Station Ticketing Office

Xian Railway Station Ticketing Office

Xian Railway Station Ticketing Office

Xian Railway Station Tourism Bus Terminal
The tourism bus terminal is located in the square on the right side of the train station if you face the station. There are four major tourism bus routes including Raiway Station to Terra Cotta Army ( Buse 5 ), to Qianling Tomb ( Bus 3 ), Famen Temple (Bus 2) and Huanshan Mountain (Bus 1). For the detailes, please check the below:

Tourism Bus 1: Railway Station to Huanshan Mountain
Leave: 8:00am from the station
Return: 05:00pm from Huanshan
Fare: RMB 22

Tourism Bus 2: Railway Station to Famen Temple
Leave: 8:00am from the station
Return: 03:00pm from Huanshan
Fare: RMB 25

Tourism Bus 3: Railway Station to Qianling Tomb
Leave: 8:00am from the station
Return: 01:00pm from Huanshan
Fare: RMB 18

Tourism Bus 5 (306): Railway Station to Huaqing Hot Spring and Terra Cotta Army
Operating Hour: 8:00 - 18:00 hourly
Fare: RMB 7
Xian Railway Station Tourism Bus Terminal

Xian Railway Station Tourism Bus Terminal

Xian Railway Station Public Bus Stop
If you want to take a public bus from Xian Train Station to the downtown Xian, you are advised to go to the Xian Long-distance Bus Terminal just across the Xian Railway Station inside the City Wall. In front of the Xian Long-distance Bus Station, you find a public bus stop from which you can catch several bus lines going downtown. The double-deck Bus No. 603 is highly recommended. It only costs two yuan from Xian Train Station to the Bell Tower downtown. Learn more about Xian Bus more information.
Xian Railway Station Public Bus Stop

Xian Railway Station Public Bus Stop

Xian Railway Station Taxi terminal
If you would like to take a taxi from Xian railway Station to your hotel in Xian or the scenic attractions around Xian, taking a taxi is a good way for an easy drive. The Xian Railway Taxi Terminal is just to the left side in front of the exit. You are supposed to line up for taking a taxi. Learn more about Xian Taxi for more information.
Xian Railway Station Taxi terminal

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