The Night View of Great Tang All Day Mall

Xian is well-known for its world-famous Terracotta Warriors over 2000 years back lying about 30 km east of Xian city center. There is much more to see in Xian which once served as the ancient capital cities for the historical 13 dynasties with connected periods of over 1000 years.

Known as “The City of Chang’an ” in Tang Dynasty, Xian served as the capital city of Tang Dynasty (618 – 907)  for 286 years. Tang Dynasty is one of the most developed dynasties in China history and the most advanced country around the world during that period. Today the local government and corporations concerned have been making great efforts in doing the historical repackage that reproduces the grand Tang Dynasty culture in Xian.

The Great Tang All Day Mall is the key project to rejuvenize the great Tang Dynasty. It is more than just a traditional mall, but a sightseeing traffic-free avenue along a 1500-meter axis from the Big Goose Pagoda down to the south, linking three themed squares – Xuan Zhuang Square, Zhenuan Cultural Square and Kaiyuan Ceremony Square based the Tang Dynasty cultural backgrounds and elements including the buildings of Tang architectural style and sculptures devoted to great leaders, monks, artists, writers, poets, scientists and mathematicians of the Tang Dynasty.

The Great Tang All Day Mall has an area of 650,000 square meters, 1500 meters  from north to south and 480 meters from east to west. In the mall area, there are also 6 Tang Imitation Districts, Xian Concert Hall, Xian Grand Theatre, Qujiang Film City and Shaanxi Artists’ Exhibition Corridor in addition to the 1500-meter sightseeing avenue and the three-themed squares.

The Great Tang All Day Mall is a one-stop comsumers’ paradise where you are immersed in Tang Dynasty culture while enjoying  shopping, dining, entertaining, sightseeing and business travel. If you happen to be on Xian Tour,  a 2-3 hour trip to the Great Tang All Day Mall is worth your time. Visiting this area at night is totally different from during the day as the lighting is astonishingly marvelous.

North Square of Big Goose Pagoda

The north square has the largest music fountain in the world which starts at 8:00pm everyday.

The Music Fountain

South Square of Big Goose Pagoda ( Xuanzhuang Square)

Xuanzang (602 – 664) was a Chinese Buddhist monk, scholar, traveller, and translator who described the interaction between China and India in the early Tang dynasty.

Xuan Zhuang Square
Xuan Zhuang Square

Zhen Guan Square

It is named after Zhen Guan period, the glorious years of Tang Dynasty (627 – 649 ) when Tang Dynasty was reigned by Emperor Taizong of Tang (Emperor Li Shimin).

Zhen Guan Square
Zhen Guan Square

Kaiyuan Square

The square is named after Kai Yuan period, the prosperous 29 years ( 713 -741 ) when Dynasty was ruled by Emperor Xuanzong of Tang (Emperor Li Longji).

Kaiyuan Square
Kaiyuan Square

The 1500-meters long avenue

It is lined with Tang Dynasty Style buildings for shopping, dining, entertaining, sightseeing and business travel.

The 1500-meters long avenue
The 1500-meters long avenue

The 9-themed groups of statues

The 1500-meters sightseeing avenue is decorated with 9-themed groups of statues from north to south, depicting the religion, literature, art and science in Tang Dynasty.

9-themed groups of statues
9-themed groups of statues

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