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We had an absolutely perfect day with our tour guide - Rogin Luo - who took us for a hike along The Great Wall! Didn't know what to expect and were thrilled to have him as our guide. Very imformative, knowledgable and fun! We go to experience a part of The Great Wall that was unrestored and see all its natural beauty. Got a long history lesson along the way!

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Westborough, Massachusetts
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Xian North Railway Station

Xian North Railway Station is located 12km north of Xian city center, 21km east of Xian Xianyang Airport. Different from Xian Railway Station, Xian North Railway Station is used for the high speed trains and D trains ( CRH ) coming and going in Xian. It was opened to the public on Jan 11, 2011.
The main building of Xian North Railway Station
The main building of Xian North Railway Station is a two-storey structure in a Tang and Ming Dynasties's style with the subway on the underground floor. The departure waiting hall is on the second floor while the first floor is designed for the arrival floor. In the center of the arrival floor is the entrance to the starting point of the underground Subway Line 2 where you can take the subway on an axis line to the city center.

At present, Xian North Railway Station is mainly home to the high speed trains and D trains ( CRH ) running between Xian and Zhengzhou (passing by Luoyang) and Mt.Huashan. But with the completion of the national high speed network, the high speed trains from Xian North Railway Station will extended to more destinations. By that time, it will take minutes from Xi'an to Hanzhong and Baoji in Shaanxi province; one and a half hours to Zhengzhou; two hours to Lanzhou, Taiyuan, Chengdu; four and a half hours to Shanghai, making Xi'an an important transportation hub in northwest China.

Useful Phone Numbers
Xian Railway Station Enquiry Phones: 12306 (inside Shaanxi Provice), 029-12306 (outside Shaanxi Province)
Police: 029 86220093, 86253791

Xian North Railway Station ⇔Terracotta Army Free Shuttle Bus
Those who arrive at Xian North Railway Station by High Speed Train are eligible for free 53km shuttle bus service going from Xian North Railway Station to Terracotta Army.

Xian North Railway Station ( first bus at 8:00; last bus 16:00)
Terracotta Army ( first bus at 10:30; last bus 19:30)
Note: You need to present your high speed train ticket on board.

Major Train Timetable at Xian North Railway Station
Major Beijing to Xian High-speed Daytime Train Timetable & Fares( Unit: RMB )
Train No. From Dep time To Arr Time First Class Second Class
G651 Beijing West 07:05 Xian North 12:48 824.5 515.5
G653 Beijing West 08:21 Xian North 14:11 824.5 515.5
G655 Beijing West 10:05 Xian North 15:43 824.5 515.5
G657 Beijing West 11:06 Xian North 16:47 824.5 515.5
G659 Beijing West 12:08 Xian North 17:35 824.5 515.5
G87 Beijing West 14:00 Xian North 18:40 824.5 515.5
G667 Beijing West 17:38 Xian North 23:05 824.5 515.5

Major Xian to Beijing High-speed Daytime Train Timetable & Fares
Train No. From Dep time To Arr Time First Class Second Class
G2508 Xian North 07:28 Beijing West 13:27 824.5 515.5
G652 Xian North 07:50 Beijing West 13:17 824.5 515.5
G654 Xian North 08:50 Beijing West 14:20 824.5 515.5
G656 Xian North 10:05 Beijing West 15:35 824.5 515.5
G658 Xian North 10:40 Beijing West 16:26 824.5 515.5
G660 Xian North 11:35 Beijing West 17:12 824.5 515.5
G662 Xian North 14:40 Beijing West 20:33 824.5 515.5
G664 Xian North 16:03 Beijing West 21:38 824.5 515.5
G668 Xian North 17:55 Beijing West 23:20 824.5 515.5

Other major destinations starting from Xian North Railway Station:

Major Xian - Zhengzhou High Speed Trains (2 and half hours) and also pass by Luoyang (1 and half horus)
G2508 7:28, G652 07:50, G654 08:50, G656 10:05, G658 10:40, G660 11:35, G662 14:40, G664:16:03, G668: 17:55

Major Zhengzhou - Xian High Speed Trains (2 and half hours) and also pass by Luoyang (1 horu):
G2001 8:00, G651 10:26, G2003 11:22, G653 11:43, G655 13:20, G657 14:17, G659 15:21, G661 18:03, G667 20:56

Xian - Huashan (Mount Huashan) Bullet Trains ( 35-45 minutes)
G652 07:50, G656 10:05, G838 12:20, G662 14:40, G2012 16:40, G668 17:55 

Huanshan - Xian (Mt.Huashan)( 35-45 minutes)
G651 12:14, G2003 13:17, G655 15:08, GG832/G833 15:40, G822/G823 19:07, G661 20:08

Xian - Shanghai Bullet Train: D308/D305 ( 21:02 - next day 07:48 )

How to get to Xian North Railway Station from downtown Xian
By Taxi (reference prices)
Xian North Railway Station - Xian Railway Station RMB 30, Xian City Center RMB 35, Xian Xianyang Airport RMB 50

By Metro Line 2: RMB 3 or RMB 4 from Xian city center (Bell Tower) to Xian North Railway Station

By Bus
Bus 263, 264 (West Avenue), 265 (Bell Tower), 266 (Xian Railway Station)

Xian North Railway Station Snaps
The exterior of Xian North Railway Station
Xian North Railway Station

Outside the departure waiting hall floor
Xian North Railway Station

The second floor - Waiting Hall flanked by departure gates
Xian North Railway Station

The departure gates on the second floor (waiting hall)
Xian North Railway Station

A high speed train is leaving Xian for Zhengzhou (Luoyang)
Xian North Railway Station

The first floor is for arrival where you may take subway, tax and bus to the city center of Xian
Xian North Railway Station

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