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Shanghai Railway Station

Each city has its own train station in China, and Shanghai is of course no exception. Of all the 6 railway stations in Shanghai, there are three main train stations - Shanghai Railway Station, Shanghai South Railway Station and Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station. So whether you are leaving Shanghai or arriving at Shanghai by train, you are kindly advised to know which train station you are going to use.

So make sure you know which station you want to depart from and arrive at. You have a couple of ways to recognize the train station first by checking your train ticket which indicates the name of the railway station in Shanghai (either Shanghai Railway Station or Shanghai South Railway Station). Also most of the trains from North China (Beijing, Tianjin) arrive at Shanghai Railway Station while most of the trains from South China arrive at Shanghai South Railway Station. You may directly ask your train conductors to get the correct train station in Shanghai. Please note that the Hong Kong trains arrive at Shanghai Railway Station and High speed trains at Shanghai South Railway Station. But this is not a fixed rule. The fact is that some trains for North China also leave at Shanghai South Railway Station and some for South China leave Shanghai railway Station.

In case you get a wrong railway station when you depart, no worry then! Both of the stations are connected to Metro Line 1 and Line 3. It is very easy for you go between the two railwa stations in half hour.

Buy train tickets: Unless you buy the tickets at railway station ticket boots, there is always a small fee on buying a train ticket from agents. The good way is to go official ticket offices and it will cost you only 5 RMB per ticket. If you call a travel agent, the max. amount could be 30 RMB and more even in non-national holiday period. But using a agent is time saving though a little bit costly.

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Major Trains from Shanghai Railway Station The Main Entrance Exit at Shanghai Railway Station
The ticketing office Taxi at Shanghai Railway Station Subway at Shanghai Railway Station
Public Bus at Shanghai Railway Station Long-distance Bus Questions & Answers

Shanghai Railway Station

Shanghai Railway Station, is also called as New Railway Station. It is the largest railway station in the city. Everyday about 70 pairs of trains run between Shanghai and other cities in China including cities as Beijing, Xian, Qingdao, Harbin, Chengdu, Hong kong etc. The high speed trains for Beijing, Nanjing, Suzhou, Wuxi, Changzhou, and Changsha also from this station.

Shanghai Railway Station Enquiry: 021-63179090, 021-95105123
Shanghai Railway Station Add: No. 303 of Moling Road in Zhabei District

Major Trains from Shanghai Railway Station

The major destinations and trains starting from Shanghai Railway Station:

To Beijing South Railway Station: D312 (19:30 - next day 07:07), D322 (20:00 - next day 07:38), D314 (21:18 - next day 08:56) To Beijing Railway Station: T110 (18:14 - next day 09:25)

To Chengdu Railway Station: K290/K291 (08:43 - next day 20:40), Z122/Z123 (15:00 - next day 11:29), K282/K283 (20:37 - Third day 11:51 )

To Xian Railway Station: Z92/Z93 (18:55 - next day 09:16), D306/D307 (22:00 - next day 08:40)

To Chongqing North Railway Station: K1152/K1153 (22:12 - next day 23:51)

To Hong Kong(Hung Hom): T99(18:24 - 10:00am next day)

The Main Entrance at Shanghai Railway Station
Like many other rain stations, the main entrance at Shanghai Railway Station is in the middle of its complex building, under a huge eletronic screen indicating the daily train schedule. If you depart, then you are requested to line up and pass the security check and enter the hall where you will again see the huge eletronic screen showing the train timetable and the number of platform.

Exit at Shanghai Railway Station
The main exit of Shanghai Railway Station is known as "South Exit", east side of the main entrance. Come out of the south exit, you turn right and walk a few steps, you will find the public bus terminals for Hongqiao Airport (941), Nanpu Bridge(64), Pudong International Airport (Airport Line 5) and more. taxi terminal and subway stations are just in the south square of the train station. Shanghai Railway Station has two squares - South Square ( south of the main building ) and North Square ( behind or north of the complex building ). Taxi and subway stations are located on the south square while the long distance bus station is behind ( north of ) the train station.

The ticketing office at Shanghai Raiway Station
If you want to buy train tickets, or buy return tickets, the train station is the best place for the low transaction fee. The big ticket selling building is to the east of the south Square of the railway station. If you prefer a soft sleeper ticket, you are supposed to buy 7-10 days in advance. That means tickets for the trains leaving from Shanghai go on sale 7-10 days before the departure day. Train tickets are also sold at many other booking agents scattered in the city of Shanghai in such places as hotels, stores and outstanding public places. Train tickets can be purchased directly through a travel agency.

Taxi at Shanghai Railway Station
If you would like to take a taxi from Shangahi railway Station to your hotel in Shanghai or the scenic attractions around Shanghai, taking a taxi is a good way for an easy drive. The Shanghai Railway Taxi Terminal is located underground just opposite the main entrance to the complex building of the railway station. You are supposed to carry your luggage and come down to the underground parking lot and line up for taking a taxi. Learn more about Shanghai Taxi for more information.

Subway at Shanghai Railway Station
Taking metro in Shanghai is the fastest and cheapest way of moving around in Shanghai. There are now totally 10 subway lines in operation. Three subway lines interchange here at Shanghai Railway Station - Line 1, Line 3 and Line 4 (loop line ). You can take eitehr Subway Line 1 or Subway Line 3 from Shanghai Railway Station to Shanghai South Railway Station; take Subway Line 4 and get off at People's Square to visit Nanjing Road and the Bund or get off at Century Avenue at Pudong for traveling Pudong new development zone. Learn more about Shanghai Metro for more information. The entry of Subway Terminal at Shanghai Railway Station is just to the east side of the Taxi Terminal on the south square.

Public Bus at Shanghai Railway Station
As you know, Shanghai Railway Station has two squares - South Square and North Square. All the public buses are on the south square and the long distance buses on the north square behind the main complex building of Shanghai Railway Station. Most of the public bus stops are located on the both sides (east and west) of the south square. Hongqiao Airport (Bus No.941), Nanpu Bridge(Bus No.64), Pudong International Airport (Airport Line 5) and more. Learn more about Shanghai Bus for more information.

Long-distance Bus at Shanghai Railway Station
So you know Shanghai Railway Station has two squares. The South and North Squares are connected by a long tunnel to the east side of the station. You can go through the tunnel to either of the two squares which offer providing you the convenient buses to most of the destinations in Shanghai. The north square is where Shanghai Long Distance Central Bus Station is located. You here buy the bus tickets for Wuhan, Nanjing, Jinan and other cities, most in northen China.

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