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Dear Reina,

My wife, Doug, and I have just returned from our Beijing-Xian-Shanghai trip and want to thank you for the wonderful one week we spent in China and the most dedicated and professional service we received from our guides in Beijing (Alan), Xi'an (Jerry) and Shanghai (Bob) and their respective drivers.

I make these comments as a marketing research professional whose practice includes customer service quality fulfillment evaluation. Of particular importance is that all of our arrangements were made with via E-Mail and everything was actually delivered as promised and more.

Best personal regards, Doug Cirruzzo
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Shanghai Pudong Airport Shuttle Bus

Pudong Airport Shuttle Bus Lines, Schedule and and Fare

Airport Bus Line No.1  
From Pudong Airport Hongqiao  Airport
To Hongqiao Airport Pudong Airport
Working Hours 7:20 - 23:00 6:00 - 21:00
Interval (Mins.) 10
Fare (RMB) 30
Stops none

Airport Bus Line No.2  
From Pudong Airport City Air Terminal (Jingan Temple)
To City Air Terminal (Jingan Temple) Pudong Airport
Working Hours 7:20 - 23:00 6:00 - 21:30
Interval (Mins.) 10
Fare (RMB) 20
Stops none

Airport Bus Line No.3  
From Pudong Airport Galaxy hotel
To Galaxy hotel Pudong Airport
Working Hours 7:00 - 23:00 5:30 - 20:00
Interval (Mins.) 15
Fare (RMB) 20
Stops Xu Jiahui, Da Puqiao, Longyang Road Metro station

Airport Bus Line No.4  
From Pudong Airport Hongkou football stadium
To Hongkou football stadium Pudong Airport
Working Hours 7:20 - 23:00 5:40 - 21:00
Interval (Mins.) 15
Fare (RMB) 15
Stops Deping Road, Wu Jiaochang, Da Baishu, East Jiangwan Rd

Airport Bus Line No.5  
From Pudong Airport Shanghai Railway Station
To Shanghai Railway Station Pudong Airport
Working Hours 7:20 - 23:00 5:30 - 21:00
Interval (Mins.) 15
Fare (RMB) 18
Stops Pudong Avenue, Oriental hospital, Middle Yan An Rd

Airport Bus Line No.6  
From Pudong Airport Zhongshan Park
To Zhongshan Park Pudong Airport
Working Hours 7:35 - 23:00 7:35 - 23:00
Interval (Mins.) 25
Fare (RMB) 20
Stops Zhongshan Park: Zhangjiang HighTech Park, Longyang Road, Dongfang Road, Laoximen, Shimen Road., Huashan Road

Airport Bus Line No.7  
From Pudong Airport Dongfang Road
To Dongfang Road Pudong Airport
Working Hours 7:50 - 23:00 6:30 - 21:40
Interval (Mins.) 20
Fare (RMB) 15
Stops Chuansha Bus Station, Zhangjiang, Chengxi, Keyuan Road., Longyang Road. Metro station, Century Park, Pudian Road

Airport Bus Line No.8  
From Pudong Airport Lingang Community
To Lingang Community Pudong Airport
Working Hours 8:00,10:00,12:00,14:00,16:00,18:00 6:00,8:00,10:00,12:00,14:00,16:00
Interval (Mins.) ---
Fare (RMB) 16
Stops Airport Authority Building, Traffic Command, Customs Warehouse, Air Fuel Station, China Eastern Building, Warehouse Zone No.2, Shiwan Zhen, Zhu Qiao, Yan Cang, Nan Hui, Wangjia Tan, Zhong Gang, Lao Gang, Xin Gang, Mian Chang, Shu Yuan, Guo Yuan

Airport Shuttle Bus Ring Line No.1
From Pudong Airport Airport City Garden
To Airport City Garden Pudong Airport
Working Hours 8:00 - 19:15 7:30 - 18:45
Interval (Mins.) ---
Fare (RMB) 2 - 3
Stops Shiwan, Hongxing, Airport Town, Airlines, Customs Warehouse, Airport Police, Airport Authority Building

The Last Airport Shuttle Bus
From Pudong Airport ---
To Hongqiao Airport ---
Working Hours 23:00 - flight over ---
Interval (Mins.) ---
Fare (RMB) ---
Stops Longyang Road.(Subway Station), Dongfang Rd, Oriental Hospital,  Middle Zhejiang Rd, Shimen No.1 Rd, Huashan Rd, Hongxu Rd

More useful transportation information

Shanghai Pudong Airport Taxi
If you have much luggage and your hotel is not close to the downtown shuttle bus stop, you are kindly suggested to take a taxi since it will save you more time for a comfortable transfer. Check Shanghai Taxi for more information.

Shanghai Pudong Airport Maglev
The train starts from Longyang Rd Subway Station. On the way, speed up to 430 km/hour and arrives at Pudong Airport. It is quite an experience to take the Maglev train.
The Maglev Train Station at Pudong Airport is located on the second floor in the middle of Terminal 1 and 2. The standard price is 50 RMB single trip. Check Shanghai Maglev
for more information.

Shanghai Airport Subway
There are 10 subway lines in operation in Shanghai. At present no direct subway line is connected to Pudong Airport. But Line 2 will be extended both to Pudong Airport and Hongqiao Airport in near future. If you want to take subway to Pudong Airport, you can take Line 2 and 7 and get off at the subway station called "Longyang" from which you may take maglev, taxi, or even bus to Pudong Airport. Check Shanghai Subway for information.

Shanghai Airport Private Transfer Service
If you may pay a little more to have a safe and comfortable private car or van transfer by pre-booking an airport transfer provided by a travel agency or limo travel service. You are kindly advised to hire a car or with an English speaking escort since most of the driver speaks little English. Check Shanghai Airport Transfer for more information

Shanghai Car Rental

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