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We had an absolutely perfect day with our tour guide - Rogin Luo - who took us for a hike along The Great Wall! Didn't know what to expect and were thrilled to have him as our guide. Very imformative, knowledgable and fun! We go to experience a part of The Great Wall that was unrestored and see all its natural beauty. Got a long history lesson along the way!

After the hike, we all went to lunch at a small place at the bottom of the hill. Located in a house, we ate lunch in the proprietors bedroom! What a hoot! Rogin is the Best of the Best! This tour company delivered for us and we are extremely grateful.

Westborough, Massachusetts
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Jiuzhaigou Travel Guide
Jiuzhaigou Location:
Jiuzahigou, formerly called Nanping County, is a county located in west part of China and north of Sichuan province. The county consists of nine villages in a valley in Sichuan Province.

Historically, Jiuzhaigou has been home to small population of Tibetan and Qing people, and provides a good opportunity to get to know more about the locals' unique life and culture.
Jiuzhaigou Valley was enregistered in 1992 as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and became a World Biosphere Reserve in 1997. Having first been designated as a national park by the Chinese Government in 1982, and opened two years later as an official tourist site.

There are plenty of taxis in Jiuzhaigou. There are also mini-buses (they really are minivans) to the most popular tourist destinations in the Jiuzhaigou region. Car Rentals are also available and range from 500 - 900 RMB per day.

Since there are a number of attractions around Jiuzhaigou, some visitors prefer to drive there by themselves or hire a car. However, unless you are skilled driver, it is recommended that you hire someone who is familiar with the local conditions, since some sections of the road are hazardous and especially dangerous at night.

There are plenty of places to stay near Jiuzhaigou, though you can't actually stay inside the park itself. The dominant trend is toward higher-end luxury, allowing busloads of visitors to have the best of nature and of civilization, too. If you're looking for budget digs, options exist but are somewhat limited.

For budget travelers, the Qianhe International Hotel in Zhangzha, about 1.5 km from the park's entrance gate, is a good bet, as are the Jiugong, New Jiuzhai and Gesang hotels. Most of them offer rooms as low as RMB 220 nightly. If you're looking for luxury, try the five-star Sheraton Jiuzhaigou Restort or Intercontinental Jiuzhai Paradise Resort; rooms tend to start around RMB 800 a night.

Due to the high elevation, Jiuzhaigou faces special difficulties with dining. Goods and other life needed products have to be transferred from nearby towns and villages.
Xiaobu Snack is located in the right of the gate of Jiuzhaigou park. In the small restaurants, local tibetan food will be offered.

Visitors can relax and enjoy a rich and interesting nightlife after their tours in jiuzhaigou.
You can enjoy the exotic dancing and singing performance of local Tibetan and Qiang people. There are wonderful performances in Jiuzhai Paradise Theater every night.
If you want to spend a quiet night after the day's tour, you can go to Bianbian Street to sample a cup of unique Tibetan coffee leisurely or visit an exotic shop. This street, along with the wandering Baishui River, can also be a special destination area. There are pubs here where people can have drinks, meet fellow travelers and share their experiences and stories.

Jiuzhaigou belongs to warm, semiarid and cold monsoon climate. Jiuzhaigou Nature Park with altitude from 1980 meters to 3100 meters gets humid altiplano climate. The peaks of mountains in Jiuzhaigou are covered by snow all the year round.
Jiuzhaigou climate features short summer, long winter and great differences in temperature during day and night. The annual average temperature is about 13℃ and annual sunlight is 1636 hours, and the annual rainfall is around 600 mm.
There coldest month is January with average temperature of 2.5℃. The hottest month of Jiuzhaigou is July with average temperature of 17℃.

Jiuzhaigou is all about seeing! The colors of its lakes, trees and mountains are breathtaking and defy adequate description. The altitude changes within the valley to create continual variations of flora, which give each lake and waterfall a unique quality.. Jiuzhaigou has some 114 Lakes and waterfalls. Here are a selection of scenic locations to visit:

Long Lake
Long Lake (Chang Hai) is located at an elevation of 3102m above sea level in the Jiuzhaigou Nature Reserve. At an altitude of 3,060 metres this is the biggest and deepest lake in Jiuzhaigou.
This lake has no major inflow and receives its water from underground sources. The local Tibetans have their own name for this lake, which translates, to "The Lake that never dries out." Take the bus to the Long Lake and Jade Colored Pool because it is too far to walk.

Jiuzhaigou Travel Guide

Shuzheng Valley
Shuzheng Valley is a main tourist route of Jiuzhaigou Valley. It is about 14 kilometers (about nine miles) in length with over 40 lakes, representing 40% of all the lakes in Jiuzhaigou.
The major scenic spots in Shuzheng Valley are Double-Dragon Lake, Bonsai Beach, Reed Lake, Spark Lake, Tiger Lake, Shuzheng Waterfall, Rhinoceros Lake, and Nuorilang Waterfall, etc.

Rize Valley
The length of Rize Valley is about 9 kilometers, including Five-flower Lake, Mirror Lake, The Pearl Beach, Nuorilang Lake, Pearl Beach waterfall, The Swan Lake. Five-flower Lake is the most fantastic spot among those of at Jiuzhaigou Valley Scenic and Historic Interest Area.
The Mirror Lake looks like a beautiful picture as if it were drawn by a miraculous brush. The Nuorilang Lake is the starting spot of Rize Valley, famous for its blue water and overlapped, multi-colored waterfalls. The Pearl Beach Waterfall drops from the cliff and forms a crescent waterfall.

Five Colour Pool
Wucai Chi, or Five-Colour Pond, is a lake in Jiuzhaigou Nature Reserve, Sichuan, famous for its crystal clear water. It is a small lake of 5,600 sq metres at an altitude of 2,995 metres and with an average depth of 6.6 metres.
The lake systems in the lower parts of Zechawa valley are seasonal and are often dry in summer. Walkways are provided from Long Lake to a bus pickup point just passed the lower seasonal lake.

Jiuzhaigou Travel Guide

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