Beijing in February Travel Guide (Weather, Wear, Events & Tips)

Beijing in February

Planning your Beijing tour in February has its perks in the terms of budget and crowd levels, but there are drawbacks for traveling Beijing in February, too.

It is still very cold outside, average high 5℃ and low -7℃ though a little bit warmer than January.

Beijing in February Travel Guide
Climbing Mutianyiu Great Wall in Winter

The weather in February in Beijing

February is a transit month between winter and spring, it is still very cold outside, average high 5℃ and low -7℃ though a little bit warmer than January. It is beginning to shake off its winter cloak.

Like the weather in January, Beijing could be very cold, windy, very dry and many sunny days in February.

What to Wear and Pack in Beijing in February

In February , it is still cold outside. But indoor, like in the workplaces, dormitories, hotels or transportation areas, there is heating system. So in your hotel room or any indoor places, it is all right to wear a sweater or even just a T-shirt.

But once you’d like to go out for sightseeing and walk on the streets, you are basically required to wear warm clothes such as cotton coats, down jackets, leather jackets, woollen coats, hats, gloves, and fur coats.

If you don’t want to pack or carry heavy warm clothes all the way from your home country, you may purchase them here in Beijing. Major department stores and free markets sell various kinds of winter clothes. Many travellers would like to go the Silk Street Market for shopping: see  Top 10 Markets in Beijing.

Before packing your wear for your Beijing tour,  please check below the official data for the historical climate for February in Beijing.

Historical Climate Data for February in Beijing

This past 50-year historical weather data is quite useful for you to plan your trip to Beijing well in advance.  You may use the data to decide what to wear and pack on your coming trip to Beijing.

By the way you may also check our Beijing February Realtime Weather Photos for more information on the Beijing weather in February.

Date       Average High Average Low Precipitation    Extreme High Extreme Low
February 012℃-8℃Omm12℃(1976)-16℃(1965)
February 022℃-8℃0mm11℃(2002)-16℃(1972)
February 033℃-8℃0mm13℃(2007)-16℃(1952)
February 043℃-8℃0mm12℃(2002)-15℃(1963)
February 053℃-8℃0mm16℃(2007)-17℃(1969)
February 064℃-7℃0mm16℃(1993)-18℃(1953)
February 074℃-7℃0mm15℃(1995)-16℃(1968)
February 084℃-7℃0mm13℃(1987)-15℃(1957)
February 094℃-7℃ 0mm15℃(2007)-16℃(1957)
February 105℃-7℃0mm16℃(1987)-14℃(1967)
February 114℃-7℃0mm13℃(1995)-15℃(1968)
February 125℃-7℃0mm14℃(1981)-14℃(1967)
February 136℃-6℃0mm20℃(1996)-13℃(1964)
February 145℃          -6℃0mm15℃(1996)-13℃(1980)
February 155℃-6℃0mm                13℃(1966)-15℃(1953)
February 164℃-6℃0mm15℃(1974)-15℃(1953)
February 175℃-6℃0mm15℃(1974)-14℃(1952)
February 185℃-6℃0mm14℃(1979)-13℃(1953)
February 195℃-5℃0mm16℃(1960)-14℃(1957)
February 205℃-5℃0mm15℃(1962)-13℃(1968)
February 215℃-5℃0mm16℃(2002)-14℃(1968)
February 226℃-5℃0mm15℃(1963)-27℃(1966)
February 236℃-5℃0mm17℃(1977)-23℃(1966)
February 245℃-5℃0mm17℃(1977)-19℃(1969)
February 255℃-4℃     0mm16℃(1992)-16℃(1969)
February 266℃-4℃0mm18℃(1992)     -14℃(1981)
February 277℃-4℃0mm17℃(1992)-14℃(1969)
February 287℃-4℃         0mm19℃(1963)-13℃(1969)
February 297℃-3℃0mm14℃(2008)-10℃(1956)

What is there to do in Beijing in February?

February is still in the tourist low season when you are able to enjoy the discounted tour prices in Beijing including hotel accommodations, entrance fees and flights.

You don’t expect huge crowds of tourists in the places you are going to visit.The drawbacks for Beijing tour in February include the shorter opening time for the major attractions and the cold and windy weather outside.

The activities popular in February include Beijing skiing, and bathing in a hot spring resorts in Beijing.  Kindly remind you that Beijing ski season will over at the end of February.

The Chinese New Year falls on Feb 1-6, 2022. The second most important festival – Lantern Festival falls on Feb 15,2022. The arrival of Lantern Festival marks the end of the New Year season.

The most proper time of the year for birding in Beijing falls on February and November. So if you are a birding lover, February is the best time for birding in Beijing.

February Events, Holidays & Festivals

February has its perks in the terms of budget and crowd levels, but it is still very cold outside, average high 5℃ and low -7℃ though a little warmer than January.

1. Spring on Feb 04 立春

The traditional Chinese lunar calendar classifies the year into 24 solar terms. Start of Spring, the first solar term of the year, begins this year on Feb 3. Start of Spring opens the curtain of spring and everything turns green and full of vigor;  the weather is becoming warmer.

2. Spring Festival ( Chinese New Year) (Feb 10-7, 2024)

From Feb 10 to 177 is the China’s biggest holiday lasting 7 days. Chunyun (Spring Festival), also known as China’s New Year’s Migration, is the largest human migration that takes place on earth every year.

The travel rush usually starts 15 days before and 25 days after the Spring Festival and lasts for 40 day

3. Lantern Festival  ( Feb 24, 2024) 元宵节

Lantern Festival falls on the 15th day of the Chinese lunar new year.  The New Year comes to an end when the Festival of Lanterns sets in. Each lantern festival finds lantern shows and folk dance everywhere.

One special food for the festival is the Tang Yuan, another kind of dumplings made of sweet rice rolled into balls and stuffed with either sweet or different fillings. People solve riddles on the lanterns.

4. Rain Water starting on Feb 19 雨水

Rain Water is one of the 24 solar terms in China created thousands of years ago to guide agricultural production. Rain Water signals the increase in rainfall and rise in temperature.

5. Skiing and Skating Activities 滑雪和滑冰

Most of the skiing and skating activities in January are carried on in February.

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