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We had an absolutely perfect day with our tour guide - Rogin Luo - who took us for a hike along The Great Wall! Didn't know what to expect and were thrilled to have him as our guide. Very imformative, knowledgable and fun! We go to experience a part of The Great Wall that was unrestored and see all its natural beauty. Got a long history lesson along the way!

After the hike, we all went to lunch at a small place at the bottom of the hill. Located in a house, we ate lunch in the proprietors bedroom! What a hoot! Rogin is the Best of the Best! This tour company delivered for us and we are extremely grateful.

Westborough, Massachusetts
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Beijing Ski Resorts

Beijing Ski Resort Transfer

Plan your Beijing Winter Tour? Visiting a ski resort is a bonus added to make a perfect winter holiday in Beijing. No matter you are a keen skier or non-skier, you can rewind and entertain yourself in a ski resort around Beijing, skiing and participating in snow activities, or just sitting in a cozy snack bar and appreciating the white ski area over a cup of coffee or tea.

Here is a directory of the top 10 ski resorts in Beijing providing detailed ski resort information with photos and Ski Price List. Choose a right ski resort for a whole day trip or to be integrated into your Great Wall Tour or Beijing Spa Tour.

2021 – 2022 Ski Season Ski Resort Opening Day


Ski Resort Opening Day Requirements
Badaling Ski Resort 12.4.2021 1. Real name ticketing
2. Green Code (health QR code &
travel records)
3. Wear mask
4. Temperature check
Shijinglong Ski Resort 11.27.2021
Nanshan Ski Resort 12.2.2021
Jundushan Ski Resort 12.15.2021
Yuyang Ski Resort 12.3.2021
Yunfoshan Ski Resort 12.3.2021
Snow World Ski Resort Closed
Huaibei Ski Resort 12.3.2021

Zhangjiakou Chongli

Ski Resort Opening Day Regular Requirements Special Requirements
Wanlong Ski Resort 10.23.2021 1. Real name ticketing
2. Green Code (health QR code & travel records)
3. Wear mask
4. Temperature check
1. Negative nucleic acid result within 48 hours to enter Chongli
2. Negative nucleic acid result within 48 hours (tested in Chongli) to enter ski resort & hotel
Thaiwoo Ski Resort 10.30.2021
Yunding Ski Resort 11.6.2021
Fulong Ski Resort 10.28.2021
Yinhe Ski Resort 10.30.2021
Duolemeidi Ski Resort 11.6.2021
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Beijing Ski Resorts Map ( Ski, Spa and Great Wall )
Beijing Ski Map Nanshan Ski Resort Nanshan Ski Resort Shijinglong Ski Resort Wanlong Ski Resort Snow-world Ski Resort Snow-world Ski Resort Badaling Ski Resort Jundushan Ski Resort Huaibei Ski Resort Yuyang Ski Resort Yunfoshan Ski Resort Lianhuashan Ski Resort Huaibei Ski Resort Badaling Great Wall Juyongguan Great Wall Huanghuacheng Great Wall Jiankou Great Wall Mutianyu Great Wall Gubeikou Great Wall Jinshanling Great Wall Simatai Great Wall Huaxia Spa The Commune The Schoolhouse Jiuhua Spa Chunhuiyuan Spa Ming Tombs Wanlong Ski Resort

» Huaibei Ski Resort
Huaibei Ski Resort Beijing Huaibei International Ski Resort (北京怀北国际滑雪场)is located in the north of Huairou District, about 75km north of Beijing city center. The ski is perched below the picturesque Ming-era Great Wall with 23 watch towers linked to the Mutianyu Great Wall, the only ski resort in Beijing surrounded by the Great Wall on its three sides.

Booking hotline: 010-89696677
Add: No.548, Hefangkou Village, Huaibei Town, Huairou District, Beijing 101408
北京市怀柔区怀北镇河防口村548号 邮编101408
Business hours: Day Ski: 08:30-17:00; Night Ski: 16:30-21:30

» Snow World Ski Resort
Snow World Ski Resort Beijing Xueshijie Ski Resort (北京雪世界滑雪场) is popularly known as Beijing Snow World Ski Resort since "Xueshijie" in Chinese literally means "Snow World" in English. Of all the open ski resorts around Beijing, this ski resort is the nearest ski resort to the city center of Beijing with a half hour's driving time. It is located in the Ming Tombs area in Changping District, about 40km north of downtown Beijing.

Beijing Snow World Ski Resort  is an ideal place to going skiing and play snow designed for tourists, and holidaymakers who are travelling with their kids as well.

Booking hotline: 010-89761886 89761899 89761707
Fax: 010-89762272
Add: Xiaogongmen. Shisanling Town, Changping District, Beijing
Business hours: Day Ski: 08:00-17:00

» Nanshan Ski Resort
Nanshan Ski Resort Nanshan Ski Resort (南山滑雪场)is also officially known as Nanshan Ski Village. It is located in Miyun County, about 80km in the northeast of Beijing. Nanshan Ski Resort boasts one of the largest and most beautiful ski resorts around Beijing.

The drive route from down Beijing to Nanshan Ski Village is scattered with some interesting sights including Chunhuiyuan Hotspring Resort, Mutianyu Great Wall, Chateau Changyu AFIP Global Beijing and Yunmengshan Great Wall and Jinshanling Great Wall.

Nanshan Ski Village is mainly targeted at the young and middle class skiers.

Booking hotline: 010-89091909
Add: Shengshuitou Village, Hennanzai Town, Miyun, Beijing
Business hours: Day Ski: 08:45 -17:30

» Badaling Ski Resort
Badaling Ski Resort Badaling Ski Resort (八达岭滑雪场) is located about 2km west of Badaling Great Wall, in Yanqing County, aprrox.82km northeast of Beijing city center. Badaling Ski Resort is set on the most popular travel route in Beijing which is dotted with some interesting sights like Longqing Gorge (Longqing Gorge Ice Lantern Arts Festival in winter), Badaling Great Wall, Juyongguan Great Wall and Ming Tombs. Some skiers come to Badaling Ski Resort due to its proximity to Badaling Great Wall. These two sites can be combined into a day trip.

Booking hotline: 010-69129922, 69129966
Fax: 010-69129944
Add: 66 Economic Development Zone, Badaling Town, Yanqing County, Beijing
Business hours: Day Ski: 08:30-17:00; Night Ski: 18:00-21:00 (on weekend)

» Yuyang Ski Resort
Yuyang Ski Resort Beijing Yuyang International Ski Resort (北京渔阳国际滑雪场) is popularly known as Yuyang Ski Resort (渔阳滑雪场). It is located on the slopes of the scenic Qinglong Mountain in Pinggu District, a National AAAA Scenic Spot, about 70km northeast of Beijing city center.

Yuyang Ski Resort is the only ski resort in Pinggu District, a huge ski complex comprising ski area, eco-restaurant, meeting rooms, hotel and other snow activities. Yuyang Ski Resort is targeted both at Beijing and Tianjin Market with its core skiers coming from middle class.

Beijing Booking hotline: 010-010-84856362
Tianjin Booking hotline: 022-87580808
Add: No.688, Dawangwu Village, Donggaocun Town, Pinggu District, Beijing
Business hours: Whole Day

» Jundushan Ski Resort
Jundushan Ski Resort Jundushan Ski Resort (军都山滑雪场) is one of the two ski resorts in Changping District with the other being Snow World Ski Resort, about 40km north of Beijing city center. Jundushan Ski Resort is located on the south slopes of Jundushan Mountain.

Jundushan Ski Resort is targeted at both leisure skiing and skiing for business purposes. This ski resort receives many skiers of its own club memeber and middle class.

Booking hotline: 010-60725888
Add: 588 Zhenshun Village, Cuicun Town, Changping District, Beijing
Business hours: Day Ski: 08:00-18:00 Night Ski:17:00 - 22:00

» Shijinglong Ski Resort
Shijinglong Ski Resort Open to the public in 1999, Shijinglong Ski Resort (石京龙滑雪场) is the first ski resort ever built around Beijing. Though its glamor has been fading with a dozen of ski resorts sprung up in the past 10 years, Shijinglong Ski Resort still keeps a decent position in Beijing's ski resort circle, loved and frequented by its loyal skiers.

Shijinglong Ski Resort boasts its south ski slopes seldom seen around Beijing. Skiers can face the sunshine while skiling down the slopes. This ski resort is mainly targeted at young skiers, holidaymakers and international tourists since it is situated on the golden tourist route in Beijing covering the nearby attractions such as Longqing Gorge, Badaling Great Wall, Juyongguan Great Wall, Ming Tombs.

Beijing Booking hotline: 010-59059088, 010-69191617
Fax: 010-69199043
Add: Yangfang Village, Zhangshan Town, Yanqing County, Beijing
Business hours: 08:00 - 18:00

» Yunfoshan Ski Resort
Yunfoshan Ski Resort Yunfoshan Ski Resort (云佛山滑雪场) is one of the two ski resorts operated in Miyun District of Beijing with the other being Nanshan Ski Resort. Yunfoshan Ski Resort is located in Xiwenzhuang Town in Miyun District, about 85km northeast of Beijing city center. On the south bank of Miyun Reservoir, Yunfoshan Ski Resort is set on a beautiful environment surrounded by the mountains on its three sides.

Some interesting sights are scattered close to the travel route from Beijing downtown to Yunfoshan Ski Resort including Mutianyu Great Wall, Jinshanling Great Wall, Yunmengshan Great Wall, Chunhuiyuan Hotspring Resort and Chateau Changyu AFIP Global Beijing.

Yunfoshan Ski Resort is mainly targeted at the local skiers with affordable ski rates. It allocates a big portion for Children's playground welcome by skiiing parents.

Beijing Booking hotline: 69016896
Add: Xiwenzhuang Town in Miyun District, Beijing
Business hours: 08:00 - 1700

» Lianhuashan Ski Resort
Lianhuashan Ski Resort Lianhuashan Ski Resort (莲花山滑雪场) is the only ski resort in Shunyi District of Beijing. It is perched on the slopes of Lianhua Hill (Lotus Flower Hill) within the same named Lianhuashan Scenic Area in Shunyi, about 30km northeast of Beijing Airport. Lianhuashan Ski Resort's location is not far from Yuyang Ski Resort in Pinggu District.

Some interesting sights are scattered close to the travel route from Beijing downtown to Lianhuashan Ski Resort including Chunhuiyuan Hotspring Resort, Tunnel Warfare Site at Jiaozhuanghu Village and Beijing Yanjing Brewery.

Lianhuashan Ski Resort is mainly targeted at the local skiers with affordable ski rates.

Beijing Booking hotline: 010-61488111 ext 777
Add: Liangshanzhuang Village, Zhangzhen Town, Shunyi District, Beijing
Business hours: Day 08:00 - 17:00;Night 17:30 - 22:00

» Wanlong Ski Resort
Wanlong Ski Resort Wanlong Ski Resort is located at Honghualiang, 12km east of Chongli County in Zhangjiakou City, about 260km northwest of Beijing. Normally you have two options of going from Bejing to Wanlong Ski Resort - either by driving along Jingzhang Expressway and directly getting to Wanlong or first taking a fast train from Beijing to Zhangjiakou, then connecting a local van or bus from Zhangjiakou to Wanlong Ski Resort.

The Beijing - Wanlong Resort drive takes about 3 hours if there is no traffic jam, no foggy day or no roads blocked due to heavy snow. Taking a fast train from Beijing to Zhangjiakou is a good standby if Jingzhang Expressway is difficult to drive due to the traffic congestion provided that you should prearrange your trasnport from Zhangjiakou to Wanlong Ski Rrsort.

Booking hotline: 0313-4785111 4618888
Add: Honghualiang,Chongli County in Zhangjiakou City of Hebei Province
Business hours: 08:00 - 1700

Ski Tips for Beginners
1. Avoid the crowds
It is advisable to avoid crowds and you can do something about it. Try to avoid to go to a ski resort on weekends or during the China National Holidays (New Year or Spring Festival); get out there early to to beat the crowds when the lifts open to maximize your time on the slopes. When it starts to get crowded, come back for an early lunch. Then go skiing during the lunch time hour to help lessen the crowds.

2.Choose a right ski resort
It is important to choose a ski resort with a good beginner's area, wide and not very steep.

3. Rent Proper Ski Equipment
1) Skis: Make sure they are 20-30cm shorter than your height - shorter skis are easier to turn.
2) Boots: If rental boots are uncomfortable, then try to find a pair that feel relatively comfortable.

4. Dress Code
Keep warm! It is advisable to get the latest weather forecast every morning before you are prepared for your ski trip.
1)Wear sunglasses for a sunny day, goggles for a cloudy day.
2)Wear layers of clothes and keep you much warmer!
3)Wear only one pair of socks amd more will actually make your feet colder!
4)Make sure your ski clothes's outside layer waterproof

5. Take a ski lesson
Take a lesson early on your ski vacation. In this way, you can learn some local knowledge and tips on the local skiing. It is not advisable to take a ski lesson at the end of your ski vacation.

6. Choose a right trail
All ski trails are given a certain colour code which indicates their level of difficulty! Green trail are the easiest, then blue, red and blacks are the most difficult.

7. Insurance
Accidents can happen. Make you sure you get travel insurance that includes winter sports cover.

8. Special Notice
Skiing is forbidden for those who suffer from Hear Disease, Hypertension, Cardiovascular and other diseases.

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