Beijing in June Travel Guide (Weather, Wear, Events & Tips)

Plan your Beijing tours in June? Well, not a bad idea to visit Beijing in June. Following the just passed tourist high season in May, June is walking slowly towards the two hottest months in Beijing – July and August.

Though not a flowering month like April or May, June keeps you from the hottest summer and the crowded domestic tourist season in July and August.

Beijing Weather in June

The average high temperature for June in Beijing is around highest 30℃ and lowest 17℃. Temperature varies a bit between day and night. So the feeling temperature in the morning and evening is still a bit low, and remember to cover your quilt well at night, guarding against catching a cold.

Though not a rainy season, with the rising temperature and more convective weather, there is a possibility of occasional showers or thunderstorms.

Just take precautions and check out the timely weather report. If any possible thundershowers during the day, please remember to take rain gear when you go out, and pay attention to guard against lightning and the possible short-time wind.

Basically no chance for the possible smog or air pollution which is more likely to happen in early spring ( March) and winter ( December to February) in Beijing.

What to wear and pack in Beijing in June

A short T-shirt is all right for the day, but sometime you have to bring long-sleeve clothing for cool nights.

For outside walking, trekking or climbing the Great Wall, you should wear a hat and sunglasses.

Climbing Simatai Great Wall

 Please check the following Historical Climate Data for June in Beijing and prepare for your Beijing trip.

Historical Climate Data for June  in Beijing

This past 50-year historical weather data is quite useful for you to plan your trip to Beijing well in advance.  You may use the data to decide what to wear on your coming trip to Beijing on a daily basis.

By the way you may also check our Beijing June Realtime Weather Photos   for more information on the Beijing weather in June.

Date      Average High   Average Low  Extreme High   Extreme Low
June 01                      29℃17℃            37℃(2001)11℃(1973)
June 0229℃17℃39℃(1986)       11℃(1978)
June 0329℃16℃37℃(1982)11℃(1965)
June 0429℃17℃35℃(1971)10℃(1997)
June 0530℃17℃40℃(1968)10℃(1969)
June 0630℃18℃38℃(1981)11℃(1987)
June 0729℃18℃37℃(2002)11℃(1987)
June 0830℃18℃36℃(1986)13℃(1967)
June 0930℃17℃37℃(1972)11℃(1967)
June 1030℃17℃41℃(1961)11℃(1974)
June 11 30℃18℃39℃(2004)12℃(1957)
June 1231℃18℃38℃(1988)14℃(1969)
June 1331℃19℃39℃(2000)13℃(1976)
June 1431℃18℃38℃(1988)13℃(1961)
June 1531℃19℃36℃(2000)14℃(1965)
June 1631℃19℃37℃(1962)15℃(1958)
June 1731℃19℃36℃(1958)15℃(1976)
June 1830℃             19℃37℃(2006)12℃(1974)
June 1930℃19℃38℃(1975)14℃(1970)
June 2031℃19℃38℃(1952)14℃(1970)
June 2131℃20℃39℃(2005)13℃(1982)
June 2231℃20℃38℃(1951)14℃(1974)
June 2331℃20℃39℃(1963)14℃(1974)
June 2431℃20℃38℃(1965)17℃(1970)
June 2531℃20℃38℃(1999)14℃(1991)
June 2631℃20℃37℃(1999)17℃(1969)
June 2731℃21℃37℃(1951)16℃(1983)
June 2831℃21℃39℃(1972)17℃(1968)
June 2931℃21℃37℃(1965)17℃(1966)
June 3030℃21℃38℃(2000)17℃(2004)

June Events, Holidays & Festivals

Public Holiday

Duan Wu (Dragon Boat) Festival 端午节

Time: June 22-24, 2023
Also called the Dragon Boat Festival, a lunar holiday, occurring on the fifth day of the fifth lunar month. It is in memory of a great patriot poet named Qu Yuan of the then State of Chu during the Warring States period (475-221 B.C, who drowned himself to protest his emperor who gave in to the bully State of Chin.

Dragon Boat Racing (Photo from China Daily)

For fear that fish may eat his body, people of Chu launched their boats and started throwing rice dumplings ( Zongzi) wrapped in bamboo leaves into the river where he was drowned to feed the fish. Now in some places, the big event of dragon boat contest will be held to commemorate the special day. People today still have the bamboo-leave rice dumplings on the occasion today.

People have one paid day off for the holiday.

Annual Events and Festivals

1. Children’s Day 六一儿童节
June 01 is a big day all the kids all over the country. Almost all entertainment places such as cinemas, parks and children museums and palaces are open free to them or with discounted prices. It is also the right time for people to show their concern over the problems arising from the kids.

2. National Eye-care Day 全国爱眼日
China’s national eye-care day falls on June 6.  Understanding the serious situation about blindness in the country and the gravity of raising public awareness on eye health issues, the Chinese Ministry of Health, along with 12 other Ministries, officially declared 6 June as “National Eye Day” in 1996.  Each year a unique theme will be carried out to celebrate the special day to educate people to care their eyes.

3. The Chinese Population Day 中国人口日
The special day falls on 11 June annually.

4. China Children Charity Day 中国儿童慈善活动日
This special day falls on June 22. It is reported that since 2002, China Children’s Foundation has launched a series of large-scale public welfare activities to celebrate  “China Children Charity Day”.  China Children Charity Day is getting popular and has become a base for Chinese children and a mature public platform for the development of philanthropy in China.

5. China National Land Day 全国土地日
This special day falls on June 25.   China National Land  was inaugurated  June 25, 1991. Since then each June 25, National Land Day will be celebrated aimed at protecting the land resources. Each year a theme is chosen to promote the protection of the land in China. China has some 130 million hectares of arable land. Available farmland in China decreases every year as more land is taken for development.

6. Beijing International Tourism Expo 北京国际旅游博览会
Time: late June
Asia’s leading annual travel and tourism event – Beijing International Tourism Expo (BITE). Beijing International Tourism Expo is one of the fastest growing in the industry, attaining a quality ranking in Asia, and becoming an important and influential platform for tourism networking and business transactions.

7. Grain in Ear on May 5 芒种
The Chinese lunar calendar classifies the year into 24 solar terms. Grain in Ear, the 9th solar term, falls on June 5 this year. The arrival of Grain in Ear shows the ripening of crops such as barley and wheat.

8. Gaokao on on June 07 高考
Gao Kao, or National College Entrance Examination, is an academic examination heldannually in the People’s Republic of China. This standardized test is a prerequisite for entrance into almost all higher education institutions at the undergraduate level.

9. Father’s Day on June 20 父亲日
Father’s Day in China is always celebrated and observed on Third Sunday of June each year.

10.  Summer Solstice on June 21 夏至
The sun altitude arrive the highest in north; June 21 has the longest daytime this year.

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