Beijing in December Travel Guide (Weather, Wear, Events & Tips)

Plan your Beijing winter tour? Most people choose to visit Beijing in Autumn or spring, but there are some who would like to travel Beijing in December, not just because of Christmas holiday…

The weather in December in Beijing

December is the actual beginning of Beijing’s long winter season which lasts 4 months from November 15 to next year’s March 15. In December Beijing is cold and windy.

Beijing is a dry city, not much snow in winter. Sometimes there is some snow in later December. Sometimes there is no snow at all for the whole December.

Summer Palace in Snow

Beijing could be very windy in December. Don’t stay outside for long time if you are in a windy day. As for what to wear on your December Beijing tours, you may check below each day ‘s average temperature according to the past  50 years’ climate data.

What to Wear in Beijing in December

Winter Great Wall Hike is a bit challenging mainly due to the frozen weather in later December, January and early February each year in Beijing. Check How to dress for visiting Great Wall in winter.

You are advised to dress warmly – winter hat with ear flap, ear warmers, gloves, scarf, warm jackets and the winter accessories.

Historical Climate  Data for December in Beijing

This past 50-year historical weather data is quite useful for you to plan your trip to Beijing well in advance.  You may use the data to decide what to wear on your coming trip to Beijing.

By the way you may also check our  Beijing December Realtime Weather Photos  for more information on the Beijing weather images in December.

Date      Average high   Average low  Precipitation  Extreme High Extreme low
Dec 015℃                   -4℃0mm13℃(2008)-13℃(1966)
Dec 025℃-4℃0mm13℃(1983)-13℃(1952)
Dec 035℃-4℃0mm20℃(1989)-12℃(1952)
Dec 046℃-4℃0mm17℃(1989)-11℃(1952)
Dec 055℃-5℃0mm12℃(1955)-14℃(1952)
Dec 064℃-5℃0mm10℃(1983)-13℃(1965)
Dec 075℃-5℃                 0mm13℃(1983)-13℃(1985)
Dec 084℃-6℃0mm12℃(1983)-16℃(1967)
Dec 095℃-5℃0mm12℃(2004)-14℃(1985)
Dec 105℃-5℃0mm13℃(1951)-13℃(1956)
Dec 114℃-5℃0mm13℃(1958)-14℃(1967)
Dec 124℃-6℃0mm10℃(1988)-12℃(1972)
Dec 133℃-6℃0mm9℃(1998)-13℃(1967)
Dec 143℃-6℃0mm10℃(1963)-14℃(1961)
Dec 153℃-7℃        0mm13℃(1998)-14℃(1967)
Dec 164℃-6℃0mm13℃(1951)-14℃(1952)
Dec 173℃-6℃0mm12℃(1951)-14℃(1965)
Dec 18  3℃-7℃0mm13℃(1951)-15℃(1952)
Dec 193℃-7℃0mm           11℃(1951)          -18℃(1952)
Dec 203℃-7℃0mm14℃(1951)-18℃(1952)
Dec 213℃-7℃0mm11℃(1998)-16℃(1971)
Dec 223℃-7℃0mm11℃(1963)-14℃(1956)
Dec 233℃-7℃0mm14℃(1962)-16℃(1967)
Dec 242℃-8℃0mm16℃(1996)-15℃(1967)
Dec 252℃       -7℃0mm10℃(1987)-16℃(1970)
Dec 262℃-8℃0mm10℃(1987)-14℃(1966)
Dec 272℃-8℃0mm13℃(1987)-18℃(1966)
Dec 281℃-8℃0mm14℃(1987)-18℃(1967)
Dec 291℃-8℃0mm8℃(1987)-15℃(1966)
Dec 302℃-8℃0mm9℃(1975)-16℃(1967)
Dec 31    2℃-8℃0mm10℃(1973)-18℃(1965

December Events, Holidays& Festivals

Most people choose to visit Beijing in Autumn or spring, but there are some who would like to travel Beijing in December, not just because of Christmas holiday…

Annual Events and Festivals

1. National Legal Publicity Day 全国法制宣传日
The National Legal Publicity Day falls on 4 December which was inaugurated in 2001.  It is aimed at promoting the constitution sprite as well as building a harmonious society in China.

2. Memorial Day for Nanjing Massacre 南京大屠杀纪念日
This special day falls on 13 December.  The museum’s official name is called the Memorial Hall of the Victims in Nanjing Massacre by Japanese Invaders (侵华日军南京大屠杀遇难同胞纪念馆). The museum tells the overwhelming atrocities of raping, killing, burning and looting committed by the Japanese forces of aggression during the six weeks from December 13 to January, 1938.

3.  Ski Resorts in Beijing 北京滑雪场
Visiting a ski resort is a bonus added to make a perfect winter holiday in Beijing. No matter you are a keen skier or non-skier, you can rewind and entertain yourself in a ski resort around Beijing, skiing and participating in snow activities, or just sitting in a cozy snack bar and appreciating the white ski area over a cup of coffee or tea.
Check out The Top 10 Ski Resorts in Beijing for more information.

4. Christmas Eve in Beijing
Christmas Eve for the West is similar to the New Year’s Eve of Chinese lunar new year for the Chinese, a time for family reunion. This western religious festival is getting its popularity in China, especially in the big cities like Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and more. Check out How to Spend Christmas Eve in Beijing for more information.

5. New Year Eve Ceremony 新年之夜欢庆
Each year the local tourism bureau will hold a fantastic “New Year Celebration” on the eve of the coming new year in a unique way.  Turn to a local travel agency or visit the tourism bureau’s official website for the new year celebration.

6. Heavy Snow on December 7 大雪
It begins to snow heavily. Heavy Snow is one of the 24  solar terms in China.

7.Winter Solstice on December 21 冬至
One of the 24 solar terms in China, it has the shortest daytime of a year. After the day, many places in China go into the coldest period.

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Beijing Winter Tour

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Any questions, just drop a line.

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