Beijing in May Travel Guide (Weather, Wear, Events & Tips)

Plan your Beijing tour in May? May is one of the best months to visit Beijing weather-wise, a transit month between short spring and long summer in Beijing.

The Weather in May in Beijing

It is neither hot nor cold with average high 25 ℃ and low 15 ℃.  So generally it is very comfortable in May, but the day and night temperature difference in May is still big.

What to Wear and Pack in Beijing in May

The temperature in May has begun to rise, you can wear some thin clothes, but also pay attention to the big temperature difference in Beijing in May. It could be a bit chilly at night, you should take a warm coat.

Check the following historical climate data to prepare for your Beijing tour  what to wear and what to pack.

Historical Climate Data for May in Beijing

This past 50-year historical weather data is quite useful for you to plan your trip to Beijing well in advance.  You may use the data to decide what to wear and pack on your coming trip to Beijing.

By the way you may also check our Beijing May Realtime Weather Photos for more information on the Beijing weather in May.

DateAverage High   Average Low   Precipitation  Extreme High   Extreme Low
May 0124℃11℃2mm31℃(2003)5℃(1956)
May 0223℃11℃1mm30℃(1951)3℃(1965)
May 0324℃11℃2mm32℃(1966)4℃(1956)
May 0424℃12℃1mm31℃(2007)3℃(1976)
May 0524℃12℃1mm31℃(1995)4℃(1976)
May 0625℃12℃1mm32℃(2007)4℃(1979)
May 0726℃12℃1mm36℃(1986)6℃(1960)
May 0826℃13℃0mm32℃(1955)7℃(1960)
May 0925℃13℃1mm32℃(1980)6℃(1978)
May 10  25℃13℃1mm34℃(1967)7℃(1995)
May 1125℃13℃1mm34℃(1967)6℃(1959)
May 1225℃            13℃2mm35℃(1952)5℃(1957)
May 1326℃13℃1mm37℃(1952)5℃(1976)
May 1426℃14℃2mm38℃(1968)4℃(1977)
May 1526℃13℃1mm34℃(1994)6℃(1977)
May 1626℃14℃1mm34℃(1982)5℃(1962)
May 1726℃13℃1mm36℃(2001)6℃(1980)
May 1827℃14℃1mm35℃(2001)10℃(1962)
May 1928℃14℃2mm38℃(2001)8℃(1975)
May 2028℃14℃1mm          37℃(1968)9℃(1972)
May 2128℃15℃1mm36℃(1952)6℃(1976)
May 2228℃15℃2mm38℃(1965)        9℃(1955)
May 2328℃15℃1mm35℃(1981)8℃(1974)
May 2428℃15℃              3mm34℃(1958)7℃(1965)
May 2528℃15℃2mm35℃(1958)9℃(1956)
May 2628℃16℃2mm37℃(2007)10℃(1980)
May 2728℃15℃3mm37℃(1958)9℃(1971)
May 2829℃15℃1mm36℃(1958)10℃(1975)
May 2929℃16℃3mm37℃(1983)10℃(1973)
May 3029℃16℃3mm37℃(1962)11℃(1972)
May 3129℃17℃2mm36℃(1961)10℃(1966)

What is there to do in Beijing in May?

May is a peak tourist season in Beijing and other parts of China as well. You are requested to book your hotel and transportation well in advance.

The 3-day of Labour’s Day from May 01 to May 03

Avoid visiting Beijing in the 3-day of Labour Day from May 01 to May 03, a 3-day holiday in China. All the tourist sites will be packed with domestic tourists and the hotel rates will increase sharply.

May is the right time to go hiking on the Great Wall around Beijing with green mountains and comfortable weather. See our Great Wall Tours.

Beside Great Wall hiking, you may have excursions in the outskirts of Beijing to enjoy the natural beauty around Beijing.  See our Beijing Walking Tour, Beijing Bike Tour and Beijing Hiking Tour.

International Labour Day ( May 1)  五一国际劳动节

It is the second important public holiday just after the Chinese National Holiday on October 1. Employees will enjoy a one-day paid day-off.

Chinese government makes it a 3 day holiday by moving the prior weekend and the upcoming one together. This is the Chinese government’s “holiday economy” policy. Avoid visiting Beijing during the May Day Holiday due to the possible tourist hordes.

Start of Summer on May 05 立夏

The traditional Chinese lunar calendar divides the year into 24 solar terms.
Start of Summer falls on May 5 and it signals the summer season begins.

Beijing Rose Cultural Festival 北京月季花文化节

Venues: Beijing Botanical Garden, Temple of Heaven, Taoranting Park and more
Time: May 30 – June 20
The Chinese rose has its own cultural festival in Beijing. It is one of the city flowers of Beijing. Each year from the end of May to the Mid June, Beijing will hold its Rose Cultural Festival.

Youth Day ( May 4 ) 五四青年节

May 4th Youth Day is a day in memory of the first mass student movement in 1919. It is a movement triggered by the old Chinese government that gave in to the Japanese government’s attempt to colonize Shandong Province. Beside, it is also an anti-Confucius movement as well as one that promoted the western scientific and democratic ideas. Now on that day, the government at all levels will organize youth activities everywhere in the country to commemorate the special day.

Mother’s Day 母亲节

Chinese Mother’s Day falls on the second Sunday in May. Mother’s Day is getting more popular in China.  Carnations and lilies are the important flowers offered on that day.

National  Tourism Day (May 19)  中国旅游日

May 19 was declared as National Tourism Day in 2011. This special day is set to promote tourism as China has entered a period of mass tourism, in a bid to support tourist initiatives throughout the country. Many discounts for entrance fees and tickets will be offered by related units to benefit tourists.

National Day for Helping the Disabled 全国助残日

This day falls on the third Sunday in May. In China, it is reported there are approx. 51 million disabled people, or 5 percent of the total population. The Chinese government has paid great attention to the question of rights of the disabled and provided them special assistance and protection in order to reduce or eliminate the effects of disability and the external obstacles and guarantee their rights. On this particular day, various activities are carried out to help disabled people.

Huangyaguan Great Wall Marathon 黄崖关长城马拉松

Located 120km northeast of Beijing, Huangyaguan Great Wall is administered by Tianjin City. Since the inaugural Great Wall Marathon in 1999, the great wall race has grown steadily to over 2000 runners with participants from over 50 nations annually. The Great Wall Marathon event offers three distances of race: a marathon, half marathon and a 8.5km Fun Run. The Great Wall International Marathon is held on the third Saturday in May every year.

Daxing Annual Watermelon Festival 北京大兴西瓜节

China is the largest watermelon producers, 40% of the total watermelon production in the world. Daxing, a district in the southern Beijing is well known for its watermelon growth and production. Each year, the local Daxing goverment will hold a watermelon festival to promote watermelon economy and culture. Many domestic and oversea visitors will attend the special festival. This festival falls on late may and early June.

Grain Buds on May 21 小满

The traditional Chinese lunar calendar classifies the year into 24 solar terms. Grain Buds this year falls May 21, the 8th solar term of a year.

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