Beijing in September Travel Guide (Weather, Wear, Events & Tips)

Plan your Beijing tours? Whereas July and August are vacation months for many Chinese domestic visitors, September is back-to-work and back-to-school month.

Though September is still a high tourist season in Beijing, foreigners can still take advantage of the working month to visit Beijing and avoid huge crowds of domestic travelers.

Beijing Weather in September

September is one of the best months to visit Beijing – not very hot, not so dry and full of many fine days with blue and clear sky. September in Beijing is starting to feel quite fall-like. Its average temperature is between 26℃ and 15℃.

It’s always comfortably cool outside, exploring the city’s streets and hutong, killing your time in the numerous outdoor cafes and restaurants, climbing the suburban mountains, being a hero by hiking the great wall and enjoying the best autumn hues feasting your eyes.

What to Wear in Beijing in September

Fairly big difference in temperature between early morning and evening. Pack a mix of short sleeve tops and light long sleeve shirts should work well due to the temperature varying this month. Long pants, jeans, leggings are all good

Basically wear long-sleeve shirts or a jacket ( if hiking on the Great Wall ) in the morning, and short T-shirts in the afternoon. So be mindful of the temperature difference in Autumn. comfortable sport shoes, rubber soled shoes for hiking.

It’s still recommended to have sunscreen during the day. Sometimes the autumn sunlight could be very strong, also get ready for sunglasses, and sun hat.

Historical Climate Data for September  in Beijing

This historical weather data in the past 50 years is quite useful for you to plan your trip to Beijing well in advance.  You may use the data to decide what to wear or pack on your coming trip to Beijing.

By the way you may also check our  Beijing September Realtime Weather Photos  for more information on the Beijing weather in September.

DateAverage highAverage lowPrecipitationExtreme HighExtreme low
Sep 0129℃19℃3mm35℃(2002)13℃(1979)
Sep 0228℃18℃3mm34℃(1992)10℃(1979)
Sep 0328℃18℃3mm33℃(1992)13℃(1979)
Sep 0428℃17℃2mm32℃(1963)12℃(1966)
Sep 0528℃17℃2mm32℃(1993)12℃(2002)
Sep 0628℃17℃3mm32℃(1993)11℃(1957)
Sep 0727℃17℃2mm33℃(1999)11℃(1976)
Sep 0827℃16℃2mm32℃(1999)9℃(1951)
Sep 0927℃16℃1mm33℃(2007)11℃(1957)
Sep 1027℃16℃2mm33℃(2007)8℃(1967)
Sep 1127℃16℃1mm32℃(1998)7℃(1967)
Sep 1227℃15℃1mm32℃(1999)10℃(1957)
Sep 1327℃15℃1mm34℃(2003)8℃(1967)
Sep 1426℃15℃3mm32℃(1962)10℃(1975)
Sep 1526℃15℃3mm32℃(1954)8℃(1974)
Sep 1626℃15℃3mm34℃(2000)7℃(1974)
Sep 1726℃14℃4mm32℃(2006)6℃(1974)
Sep 1826℃14℃2mm34℃(2006)6℃(1974)
Sep 1925℃14℃0mm31℃(1987)6℃(1974)
Sep 2025℃14℃3mm31℃(1960)6℃(1977)
Sep 2125℃13℃1mm30℃(2007)5℃(1977)
Sep 2226℃14℃1mm33℃(1996)7℃(1977)
Sep 2325℃13℃2mm 31℃(2002)4℃(1980)
Sep 2425℃13℃1mm30℃(1965)6℃(1957)
Sep 2524℃13℃2mm31℃(1981)5℃(1957)
Sep 2623℃12℃2mm30℃(1998)5℃(1956)
Sep 2724℃12℃2mm28℃(1966)6℃(1965)
Sep 2823℃11℃3mm29℃(1977)4℃(1968)
Sep 2923℃11℃1mm30℃(1965)5℃(1968)
Sep 3024℃12℃2mm30℃(1965)6℃(1951)

September Events, Holidays & Festivals in Beijing

September is one of the best months to visit Beijing – not very hot, not so dry and full of many fine day with a blue and clear sky. September in Beijing is starting to feel quite fall-like. Its average temperature is between 26℃ and 15℃.

Annual Events and Festivals

1. Mid-Autumn Festival 中秋节 Sept 21
This special day falls on  the 15th of the eighth month in China’s lunar calendar.  It is second important Chinese traditional festival, just after the Chinese New Year. The moon on this day is the fullest and largest to the eye. Seeing it with the whole family while having on good wine, fruits and moon-cakes features the night event.

2. Victory Day of the Chinese People’s War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression 中国抗日战争胜利纪念日
September 3 is ratified as “Victory Day of the Chinese People’s War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression” . China will hold various national memorial activities on September 3 keep firmly in mind the significance of the Chinese People’s War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression and its important contribution to the World Anti-Fascist War.

3. Teacher’s Day ( September 10) 教师节
September 10 is the Teacher’s Day of People’s Republic of China. In the year 1984, Wang Zishen, former president of Beijing Normal University, suggested to establish a festival day for the Chinese teachers. On January 21, 1985, the ninth session of the Sixth NPC Standing Committee formally decided to fix the September 10 of every year as the Teacher’s Day of the country.

4. China Alzheimer’s Day on Sep 17 中华老年痴呆日
China Senile Dementia Day was inaugurated on 17 September 2007. Since then each year various activities are taken to promote the prevention and cure of senile dementia in China.

5.National Humiliation Day 9.18 中国国耻日
This day falls on 18 September.  China’s National Humiliation Day is set to “Never Forget National Humiliation, Join up for National Rejuvenation”,  in memory of the September 18 Incident in 1931, a major event in Japanese troops’ invasion of China.

6. National Dental Care Day 全国爱牙日
National Dental Care Day, which falls on 20 September every year, was inaugurated  in 1989. Its aim is to promote dental health by spreading some of the many ways and basic knowledge  to prevent dental diseases to the public. It  tries to increase the awareness of dental care among the people.

7. National Defense Education Day 全民国防教育日
National Defense Education Day was inaugurated on 15 September 2001. Now annually the third Saturday is the designated day for National Defense Education.  On this special day, various activities are carried out in China to mark the National Defense Education Day, such as air defense warning will be sounded  together with other safety drills.

8. Beijing Chrysanthemum Cultural Festival 北京菊花文化节
Venue: Beijing Shunyi Fresh Flower Port
Add: Located in Shunyi District’s Yang Town, Beijing
Time: Late September – Mid October
Chrysanthemum Culture Festival uses the combination of indoor scenery and outdoor exhibition. Each year with a unique theme, the festival is aimed at creating a colorful flowers landscape, allow the visitors to appreciate various chrysanthemums, colorful chrysanthemums and elegant aroma of chrysanthemums.

9. White Dew  on Sep 07 白露
The traditional Chinese lunar calendar classifies the year into 24 solar terms. White Dew is the 15th solar term of the year, starting this year on Sept 7. White Dew singals the real starting of cool autumn. The temperature declines gradually.

10. Chinese Farmers’ Harvest Festival 中国农民丰收节
The Chinese Farmers’ Harvest Festival, established in 2018  falls on the annual “Autumn Equinox” ( Sep 23 this year). The establishment of the “Chinese Farmers Harvest Festival” greatly arouses the enthusiasm, initiative and creativity of hundreds of millions of farmers and enhance their sense of honor, happiness and gain.

11. Autumn Equinox 秋分
The mid-point for the autumn season;
The temperature begins to decrease;
Day and night are equally long on the day.

12. Martyrs’ Day 中国烈士纪念日
In August 2014, China’s toplegislature approved September 30 as Martyrs’ Day. It is estimated that China has about 20 million martyrs.

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