Beijing Huguosi Street

Plan your Beijing Tour? On their first trip to Beijing, many foreign visitors are a little disappointed when they are surrounded by modern and trendy buildings mushrooming in and around Beijing. People expect to see something more Chinese and traditional, typical of Beijing.

Then come to visit the old streets in Beijing. These ancient streets are full of stories, history and culture.

Today I’m going to recommend a self-guided tour of Huguosi Street. Huguosi Street is a 600m-long ancient commercial street named after the former Huguosi Temple in Xicheng District, Beijing.

It starts from Xinjiekou Dajie in the west and ends at Deshengmen Neidajie in the east. Huguosi Street has a history of over 800 years when it was first formed in Yuan Dynasty.

It is now one of the most famous commercial streets in Beijing. Huguosi Street was very busy and clustered with numerous shops and restaurants. It would be very crowded and busy in spring festival when the temple fair starts. Today Huguosi Street still keeps its original culture and layout with many street-front stores and restaurants.

Along the 600m street, you find a rich choice of snacks, local flavors, antiques, boutiques and street front stores. The well known Huguosi Hotel is also along the Huguosi Street. People’s Theatre was revamped and availabe to the domestic and foreign visitors.

How to get there:
Huguosi Street is easily accessible through subway line 4. You just take subway line 4 and get off at Pinganli (平安里)and exit from EXIT B. 

Exit from EXIT B at Pinganli (Subway 1 )

When you get off at Pinganli Station of Subway 4, you will see a huge signboard posted on the street of the wall leading to the ancient street. For the most time in a year, Huguosi Street is thronged with visitors. They come here to explore the history and culture hidden behind its traditional street.

Huguosi Street is lined with shops and restaurants to the convenience of the local people and an interesting eye-opener. 

Huguosi Street is lined with shops

Walking along Huguosi Street to feel the stores and history woven into a fabric of a touching female world. 

Walking along Huguosi Street

One the big reasons for coming here is enjoy local snacks! Huguosi Xiaochi ( a snack restaurant) is the most famous Beijing snack restaurant in Beijing.

Huguosi Xiaochi ( a snack restaurant).

Huguo Temple is still on the maps, but in reality, it doesn’t exist. We do find a only left over a small part of the Huguo Temple complex – Jingang Hall Huguo Temple.

Jingang Hall Huguo Temple

The buildings along the both sides of Huguosi Street are constructed in a traditional Chinese style.

Huguosi Street is constructed in a traditional Chinese style.

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