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We had an absolutely perfect day with our tour guide - Rogin Luo - who took us for a hike along The Great Wall! Didn't know what to expect and were thrilled to have him as our guide. Very imformative, knowledgable and fun! We go to experience a part of The Great Wall that was unrestored and see all its natural beauty. Got a long history lesson along the way!

After the hike, we all went to lunch at a small place at the bottom of the hill. Located in a house, we ate lunch in the proprietors bedroom! What a hoot! Rogin is the Best of the Best! This tour company delivered for us and we are extremely grateful.

Westborough, Massachusetts
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Urumqi Tour
Urumqi is the regional capital of Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region. It was an important post on the famed, ancient Silk Road and now a busy inland port city of the Central Asia. A great variety of peoples, costumes, languages, religions and customs have forged the unique features of Urumqi.

Urumqi is very often your springboard to delve into the expansive province. Urumqi itself is worth a pop by on your Xinjiang trip. As the largest city in Western China, Urumqi is quite famous for its claim that it is the most inland major city in the world, that being the furthest from any ocean.

Urumqi Tourist Map
Xinjiang Tourist Map
China Silk Road Map ( Xinjiang Section ) Wulanbutong Grassland Dalinur Lake Xi Wuzhumuqin Grassland Gong Geer Grassland Travel Tips How to visit Asihatu Stone Forest

Urumqi Escorted Tour & Excursions
» Urumqi Highlight Day Tour
Urumqi Highlight Day Tour Destination: Urumqi
Duration: One Day (9 hours)
Tour Type: Private Tour
Tour Code: UPT-01
Price: Starting from US$119 p/p
Customizable: Yes

» Urumqi Pasture Excursion Day Tour
Urumqi Pasture Excursion Day Tour Destination: Urumqi
Duration: One Day (9 hours)
Tour Type: Private Tour
Tour Code: UPT-02
Price: Starting from US$89 p/p
Customizable: Yes

» Urumqi 4 Day Tour
Urumqi 4 Day Tour Destination: Urumqi
Duration:  4 Days
Tour Type: Private Tour
Tour Code: UPT-03
Price: Starting from US$419 p/p
Customizable: Yes

» Urumqi Turpan 4-Day Tour
Dalian Car Rental with Driver Destination: Urumqi
Duration:  4 Days
Tour Type: Private Tour
Tour Code: CRTXJ-02
Customizable: Yes

» Urumqi Car Rental with Driver
Urumqi Tailor-Made Tour Our chauffeur services include airport, railway transfers as well as private drivers to pick you up and drop you off at your various highlights in Urumqi and excursions within Xinjing. We keep the most competitive prices and use reputable licensed private hire vehicle operators.

Urumqi Car Rental with Driver from US$55

» Urumqi Tailor-Made Tour
Urumqi Tailor-Made Tour Visit Urumqi? If none of our sample tours meets your expectation and you would like to plan your own Urumqi trip, just tell us the things you want to see and do, the hotels you want to stay, we will customize a tour to fit your travel needs. You will receive our proposed itinerary with estimated tour cost within 24 hours.

Create My Own Urumqi Trip

Urumqi Travel Information
Train Travel to Urumqi
Urumqi Railway Station is also a high speed train station. Now the high speed train line between Urumqi and Lanzhou has been finished, shortening the train ride time between the two cities to less than 12 hours. In addition to going to the major destinations with Xinjiang Province, Urumqi Railway Station operates the trains running to Beijing, Jinan, Zhengzhou, Shenyang, Shanghai, etc.

Add: 135 South Station Road, Urumqi
Tel: 0991-7945222
Note: A new Urumqi Railway Station is under construction and will be finished in 2015. The present train station is also known as Urumqi South Railway Station.

Flight Travel to Urumqi
Urumqi airport, officially named Urumqi Diwopu International Airport (IATA:URC, ICAO:ZWWW) is located in Diwopu, 18km northwest of Urumqi city center. At present, Urumqi airport has 3 terminals – T1, T2 and T3.

Terminal 1 is mainly for international flights on Urumqi – the countries in the middle Asia line, like Kazakhstan, Uzbekstan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, Afghnistan and more; Terminal 2 is focused on Air China. If you take a flight from Air China, you arrive at or leave from Terminal 3 of Urumqi airport; Terminal 3 is desgined for China Southern Airline as well as the flights in and out on Urumqi Hong Kong and Macao lines.

Add: 46 Yingbin Road, Urumqi 乌鲁木齐迎宾路46号
Flight Enquiry:0991-3804224、3804223、3714970
Airport Enquiry: 0991-3801347
Airport Bus: 15 yuan; Airport Taxi: 40 yuan
Overland Travel to Urumqi
Urumqi is the road transport hub in Xinjiang with a wide highway network linking the major cities and towns within Xinjiang. It is also well connected the major cites in the provinces through expressways and highways.

1.The Southern Long-Distance Bus Station 南郊客运站
Buses go to Hetian, Aksu, Shache, Yecheng, Turpan, Korla and more.
Add:21 Ye Er Wo Road, Tianshan District, Urumqi 乌鲁木齐天山区燕尔窝路21号

2. Nianzigou Long-distance Bus Station 碾子沟长途汽车站
Buses run to Yining, Huocheng, Qingshuihe, Gongliu, Huoerguosi, Nileke, Bole, Tacheng, Korla, Luntai and more.
Add:49 Heilongjiang Road, Urumqi 乌鲁木齐市沙依巴克区黑龙江路49
号 Tel:0991-5878614
When to Visit in Urumqi
The months of May and October are good times to visit Urumqi. September and October are the best times to travel Urumqi, for the scenery is most beautiful and the weather is comfortable during this time.

There is a big temperature difference of 10 - 15 defrees between day and night in Urumqi during the months of May, June, September and October. You still need to bring sweaters, overcoat and so on. If you visit Urumqi before April or after November, you should wear down jackets and heavy overcoats.

The Beijing standard time, which is eight hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (London) and 12 hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time (New York), is the standard time used in China. The visitor must know though that in Urumqi (Xinjiang), locals often use the Xinjiang time, which is two hours before the standard Beijing time. For example : 11:00 am Beijing time = 9:00 am Xinjiang time.
Where to Stay in Urumqi
Budget Hotels
Jinjiang Inn Urumchi Hongqi Road: No.93 Hongqi Road, Tianshan District, Urumqi
Maitian International Youth Hostel: 726 Youhao South Road Tel: 0991 4591488
Silver Birches International Hostel (Xinjiang International Youth Hostel): 186 Nanhu Road. Tel: 0991-4881428
Kashi International Hotel: No.419 Qiantangjiang Road, Shayibake District, Urumqi
Islam Grand Hotel: 22 Zhongshan Road. Tel 0991 2811017
Super 8 (Urumqi Bayinhe): No.140 Gongyuan North Street, Urumqi

Standard and Deluxe Hotels
Grand Mercure Urumqi Hualing Hotel : No.109 Xihong East Road, Shuimogou District, Urumqi
Bayinhe Hotel Zhongshan: No.71 Wenhua Road, Tianshan District, Urumqi
China Southern Airlines Hotel: Youhao North Road
Hoi Tak Hotel: 1 Dongfeng St. Tel 0991 2322828.
Holiday Inn Urumqi: 168 Xinhua North Road. Tel: 0991 2818788
Hung Fu hotel: 160 WuYi Road.
Sheraton Hotel: 669 Youhao North Road. Tel: 0991 6999999.
Yindu Hotel Urumqi: 39 Xibei Road. Tel 0991 4536688 Urumqi, capital of Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, is very often your springboard to delve into the expansive province. Urumqi itself is worth a pop by on your Xinjiang trip. It is the largest city in Western China. Urumqi is quite famous for its claim that it is the most inland major city in the world, that being the furthest from any ocean.

Heavenly Lake : The Heavenly Lake, or Tianchi Lake, is located at the mountainside of the Bogda Peak, the highest peak in the east range of Tianshan Mountain, about 98 kilometers to Urumqi of the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region.

Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region: Museum: The articles on display at the museum highlight archaeological finds from the Silk Road and local cultural relics. The Museum features two basic displays: the Display of Xinjiang Historical Relics and the Display of Xinjiang Folklore.

Glacier No.1: Glacier No. 1 is the headstream of Urumqi River which is located about 120 kilometers southwest of Urumqi city, on the north face of Tian Ge Er Peak.Glacier No.1 is honored by geologists as the "living fossil".

Grand Bazaar: Grand Bazaar, also known as International Grand Bazaar, is an Islamic bazaar in Urumqi Xinjiang. It is the largest bazaar in the world by scale, combining Islamic culture, architecture, ethnic commerce, tourism and entertainment.

Nanshan Pastures: Located on Kelawucheng Mountain, a branch of north Heavenly Mountain to the south of Urumqi, Xinjiang, Mount Nan Pasture is a great place for horse riding and relaxing in beautiful natural scenery.

Red Hill Park: Red Hill gets its name from its reddish brown color. The hill spans 1.5 kilometers long from east to west at an altitude of 910 meters and a relative height of 400 meters.
Local Cuisines in Urumqi
Urumqi features Uyghur food ingredients characterized by mutton, beef, camel, chicken, goose, carrots, tomatoes, onions, peppers, eggplant, celery, various dairy foods, and fruits. Its main food includes Uyghur rice, home-baked bread, naan, noodles, roasted lambs and many more.

In addition to Urghur-style food, as a regional capital, it offers a wide range of cuisines from almost all the provinces in China and Mongolian and Russian food as well such as Mongolian roasted sheep, Roasted Gigot, Hand-tore Mutton, Millet Stir-fried in Butter and Russian bread, cakes and milk products.
What to Buy in Urumqi
The Grand Bazaar is a shopping center for regional products as well as from nearby countries such as Russia and Mongolia. You may also go to other supermarkets and shopping malls in Urumqi. Zhongshan Road is clustered with over 125 shoping malls, a shopping haven in Urumqi.

You can buy almost all the special items produced in Xinjiang. Local people would go to Hongqi Market to buy raisins. There are many Uygur featuring shops selling unique Uyhur specialities such as Xinjiang Carpet, Duoba (flower Hat), Yinshaji Knife and more.
Nightlife in Urumqi
There are now over 200 bars and pubs in Urumqi. Many of these venues are unique in their own right; they offer different themes and a variety of services – each catering to their own set of visitors and regulars.

The Texas Cafe (德州咖啡屋), Nanmen Mashixiaoqu, Urumqi Tel: 0991 281-0025
Vine Coffeehouse (德蔓咖啡屋): 65 Minzhu Rd Tel: 0991 230-4831
Wuyi Night Market: this bustling night market well known for its kebabs and handmade noodles.

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