Jinlianchuan Grassland (Tips & Photos)

Meaning of “Jinlianchuan”

Jinlianchuan, literally “Globeflower Plain”, is the name given to the grassland in Zhenglan Qi, Xilingol, Inner Mongolia. Jinlianchuan Grassland, as its name suggests, is strewn thick with bright yellow globe flowers (Trollius europaeus).

The bright yellow globe flowers

The local globeflower in Mongolian is called “Xar Tsetseg”,  is generally 30-10 cm tall. The flower is similar to the shape of  lotus flower – with seven petals around its heart. It tastes cold and bitter, a good Chinese herbal medicine, a cure for diseases caused by internal heat.

History behind Jinlianchuan Grassland

Jinlianchuan Grassland used to be the summer resort for the emperors in Liao (926-1125), Jin (1115-1234), and Yuan (1271-1368) dynasties. Xanadu, the “Upper Capital” of Yuan Dynasty was built on Jinlianchuan Grassland, the most elegant and splendid grassland city in the world. It was the summer capital of Kublai Khan’s Yuan Dynasty (1271 – 1368) in China.

Luan River is originated, locally known as Xandii Gool

Part of Jinlianchuan Grassland is a wetland where the head water of Luan River is originated, locally known as Xandii Gool or Lightening River with a length of 82 km and drainage area of 1325 square km. It is an important water source for prairie and livestock.

Jinlianchuan Grassland & the Site of Xanadu

Now the part of Jinlianchuan Pasture open to the public is within the Site Xanadu, the ruins park where the  grand “Upper Capital” was built. So you need to pay the entrance fee RMB 40 to enter the park. From the entrance gate to the actual site of the ruins, you will see the patches of the golden pasture on both sides of the road.

The Royal Road in the Palace City at Xanadu

There is a wooden walkway protruding into the prairie for people to further see, feel and touch the golden grassland. People are not allowed to tread on the pasture. For a short trip to Jinlianchuan Pasture, you need to go with the visit to the Site of Xanadu.

Check out Xanadu Travel Guide for more information on how to get there.

Jinlianchuan Grassland
The bright yellow globe flowers ( (Trollius europaeus).
Jinlianchuan Grassland at Xanadu


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