Grassland in West Ujimqin Banner (Tips, Photos & Map)

Planning your Inner Mongolia Tour? The grassland in West Ujimqin Banner ( 西乌珠穆沁草原 Xi Wuzhumuqin Qi Grassland) is the best preserved pasture in the Xilingol Grassland (锡林郭勒大草原).

Location of Grassland in West Ujimqin Banner

It is located in West Ujimqin Banner (Xi Wuzhumuqin Qi) in the east of Xilin Gol League of Inner Mongolia. West Ujimqin Banner is also known as Xi Wuzhumuqin Qi and West Wuzhumuqin Qi.

“West Ujimqin” in Mongolian literally means “grape pickers”, the tribal people who lived in the present border area (Alay Mountains) between the northern Xinjiang and Mongolia in the 13th century. They moved here in the 17th century and in 1641 the tribe head recovered the name of ”West Ujimqin”.

The wildflower rich grasslands at West Ujimqin Banner

The present name of West Ujimqin Banner was formed in 1954 in contrast to the other Banner known as East Ujimqin Banner, or Dong Wuzhumuqin Qi (东乌珠穆沁旗) which is now also under the jurisdiction of Xilingol League.

The Grassland in West Ujimqin Banner is typical of the temperate grassland in China. The grassland boasts of of marshlands, meadow grassland, sand dunes, and wetlands, which is well known as the grassland mecca and the most beautiful grassland in the northern China.

Under the blue sky and white clouds lies the endless grassland

The local herders are very skilful at raising and training the Wuzhumuqin horses. West Ujimqin horses have a long and glorious history. The legend goes that Genghis Khan’s famous Guard regiment used the West Ujimqin horses galloping along the west expedition.

West Ujimqin Nomadic Tribe 西乌珠穆沁游牧部落

To preserve the most beautiful part of the Xilingol Grassland, in West Ujimqin Banner there is a large well preserved pasture of the West Wuzhumuqin Grassland known as West Ujimqin Nomadic Tribe (West Wuzhumuqin Nomadic Tribe 西乌珠穆沁的游牧部落).

The entrance to West Ujimqin Nomadic Tribe 西乌珠穆沁游牧部落

West Ujimqin Nomadic Tribe (西乌珠穆沁游牧部落 ) is located 50km south of Balaga’ergaolezhen (巴拉嘎尔高勒镇), the seat of West Ujimqin Banner ( 西乌珠穆沁旗). And Balaga’ergaolezhen is about 150km to the northeast of Xilinhot (capital of Xilingol League, Inner Mongolia).

So West Ujimqin Nomadic Tribe (西乌珠穆沁游牧部落 ) is about 200km east of Xilinhot, the capital of Xilingol League, Inner Mongolia.

West Ujimqin Nomadic Tribe is located 50km south of Balaga’ergaolezhen.

Also in the central part of Xilingol Grassland, the Nomadic Tribe Area is very large, said to be the size of over 100 Tian’anmen Squares in Beijing. In the nomadic tribe, you have the chance to feel the nomadic culture and the pristine grassland views – the meadow grass, the desert-steppe and the forest, a transition belt from the meadow grass to the forest.

The galloping horses on the Grassland in West Ujimqin Banner

In the West Wuzhumuqin Nomadic Tribe, Genghis Khan Cultural Plaza is constructed to accommodate travelers who would stay overnight on the grassland. It is a reproduction of a splendid and luxury palace of ancient Mongolian style.

he white Mongolian yurts look like giant mushrooms dotting on a green jadeite plate.

Travelers can feel and touch the 13th mythical palace life of the ancient Mongolian people. The cultural plaza has over 100 yurts including 60 deluxe yurts, holding 350 people each night. Its huge dining hall can accommodate 1000 people at the same time. It organizes a small-scale Naadam Performance of horse racing, wrestling during the day and a exciting bonfire party under the starry sky in the evening during the tourist season.

Best Time to Visit: June – September

How to get to West Wuzhumuqin Nomadic Tribe (西乌珠穆沁的游牧部落):
1) Take a private vehicle from Xilinhot and drive about 150 km along the Road No.307
2) Take a local bus from Xilinhot to the tribe.
Xilinhot is the capital city of Xilingol League and it is connected to Beijing by flight.

The wildflower rich grasslands at Xi Wuzhumuqin Qi


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