Top Souvenirs in Hohhot

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Plan your Hohhot Trip? Same with most other provincial capitals, Hohhot boasts a good variety of shopping specialties for travelers with tastes of every kind. This is probably the best place for a general feel for the specialties of the whole province. If you are wondering what to buy during your Hohhot Trip, the following is a listing of top souvenirs in Hohhot for your reference.

Located on the west of Dazhao Lamasery,   Saishanglaojie is an ancient street with the characteristics of Ming and Qing Dynasty. The street carries 400-year history of Hohhot, reputed as the represent of the old Hohhot city. The street gathers valuable folk articles and curio.

Saishanglaojie is an ancient street with the characteristics of Ming and Qing Dynasty.The street gathers valuable folk articles and curio.

Mongolian Knife
Mongolian knife is a daily article which can be found in Mongolia. All will look down on a man if he is lack of a knife. The blade is made of steel while the handle is made of ox horn and red wood. It is worth collecting a Mongolian knife if you are interested in knives.
The Mongolian knife can be bought in antique stores or marketplaces. Bu careful when you use it, or you will hurt yourself or others.
Inner Mongolia Carpet
Made of high quality local wool, Inner Mongolia Carpet is dyed by chemical and plant pigments, and hand woven. The Inner Mongolia Carpet has fine work, strong elasticity, soft handle, natural color and durable service.
The main varieties of the Inner Mongolia Carpet include natural-colored, archaized, Han Dynasty, and artistic tapestry. What’s more, there are various cushions, like car cushion, cushion used for sitting, cushion used for doing obeisance, and so on. Most of the Inner Mongolia Carpets are sold in large shopping malls.
Inner Mongolian Cheese
Cheese is one of the most famous snacks in Inner Mongolia. In Hohhot, you can eat cheese made by the local people. Cheese is also called “Milk Tofu” in the Inner Mongolia.
Inner Mongolian Cheese is made by milk. The milk is dried in the sun on the top of yurts. The taste of the Inner Mongolian Cheese is fragrant with milk, and with a little sourness. But the guarantee period is very short, you should eat it up in time.
Different from sheep’s wool, cashmere belongs to the special animal fibers. The cashmere fibers are the softest, warmest, and longest lasting materials on the market today, but also the most expensive cloth.
Cashmere is get form the body of the sheep. Every spring, goats begin to molt, and people remove them by using iron combs. Goats produce about three to eight ounces of cashmere per year. Three are three colors of the cashmere: white, green and purple, among whom the white ones are the best. It is very warm to wear clothes made of cashmere. You can buy some and wear them in winter.
Ox Horn Handicrafts
Ox horn handicrafts are roughly divided into three categories: wall-decoration, ornaments and accessories. Altogether there are more than 100 types of products such as animals, bottles and cups, necklaces, rings, earrings, hairclips, belt and calligraphy series.
Ancient nomads used ox horn to hold alcohol when they made an alliance. This ox horn is called alliance cup. A pair of ox horns is polished and then cups made of silver or copper are set into the horns. The ends are decorated with a metal flower pattern, silk knots, and fringes.
Camel Fur
Hohhot is the collecting and distributing center of camel’s fur in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. Camel’s fur from Alashan League has the best quality with features like strong ability to keep out the cold and long durability.
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