Night Views of Manzhouli City (Tips, Photos & Map)

If you are a newbie in Manzhouli City, or a tourist passing through, I’m happy to recommend you to hang out one night to look at the splendid night views of the exotic and largest border city in China, a border crossing which connects China, Russia and Mongolia.

The location of Manzhouli City ( Google)

Beautifully Lit up Buildings

Manzhouli has the mixed folk custom of the three countries including China, Russia and Mongolia, a blend of Chinese and Western cultures. The city is crisscrossed with intriguing buildings of Russian, European, Mongolian and Chinese styles.

For more information on the buildings in Manzhouli City, check out Architecture of Manzhouli.

The Chessboard-like Layout of the Illuminated Manzhouli City
The Chessboard-like Layout of the Illuminated Manzhouli City

At nightfall, all the 162 buildings of different styles lined on the 12 streets in the city center, are lit up brightly, turning the remote and far-flung border city into an otherworldly wonderland.

The European Style Buildings in Manzhouli
The European Style Buildings in Manzhouli

Beihu Park Skyline at Night

Beihu Park is a perfect place for an evening stroll while enjoying its brilliant night skyline. Beihu Park, literally “North Lake Park”, is located north of the Fifth Avenue in the city center of Manzhouli.

Beihu Park Skyline at Night
Beihu Park Skyline at Night

Its lake shoreline is set in brilliant lights with high-rises standing above, also brightly lightened, posing the magnificent night skyline in Manzhouli. The Beihu Park skyline is not to be dwarfed by  the world-famous Pudong Skyline.  It’s worth your visit on your night trip.

Beihu Park Skyline at Night
Beihu Park Skyline at Night

The Lively Pedestrian Street in the Evening

What makes Manzhouli unique is not only its exotic buildings, but also the mixed diversity of its people.

Yes, the pedestrian street, officially known as “Sino-Russian Street”, is a bit touristy, but it is really a nice place, especially in summer. You sit down at a cafe and just enjoy people watch.

The Lit-up Sino-Russian Street
The Lit-up Sino-Russian Street
A Pretty Russian Girl
A Pretty Russian Girl

You will see beautiful Russian girls standing on the street for photo taking; Russian women sit on the street-side benches for relaxation; lovers, family members, friends or lonely travelers all come together, creating a peaceful night view.

The street makes a lovely walk in the evening.
The street makes a lovely walk in the evening.
Take a break for a small talk

The street makes a lovely walk in the evening and offers a great opportunity for Street photography.

A Panoramic View of Manzhouli at Night

Yingshan  Orthodox Church is a good spot for a bird’s-eye view of an overall view of Manzhouli City. The church is perched high on Yingshan Hill, about 5km southeast of the Sino-Russian Pedestrian Street.

The illuminated Yingshan Orthodox Church
The illuminated Yingshan Orthodox Church

Yingshan Orthodox Church is a newly built landmark, a replica of Russian-style orthodox church. It is mainly used for holding local wedding ceremonies and tourist sightseeing as well.

A Panoramic View of the Lightened Manzhouli City.
A Panoramic View of the Lightened Manzhouli City.

Standing on the high compound of Yinshan Church, people can have a clear and overall view of Hanzhouli City. The best time to view the whole city is in the evening when neon and lights are lit up on the streets and buildings.

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