Top 10 Places for Photography in Hulunbuir

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Plan your Northeast Inner Mongolia Tour? Hulunbuir Prairie is a real paradise for photography! There are many photographic places in Hulunbuir Grasslands from the beautiful city of Manzhouli to Genhe Wetland ( Or Xishan Wetland ), here are 10 photo opportunities that you can’t miss during your trip to Hulunbuir.

1.Moergele River near Golden Horde Mongolian Tribe 金账汗景区莫日格勒河
Moergele River is located about 40km to the east of Hulunbuir city center (Hailar) and with the Golden Horde Mongolian Tribe. The Golden Horde Mongolian Tribe is a tourist destination, the only nomadic tribe open to the tourists. It is a reproduction of the camping tents in Genghis Khan’s time, a kind of travel experience bringing people back to the old days. It is built in the heartland of Hulunbuir Grassland, on the banks of Moergele River.

Moergele River is billed as China’s first Qushui (River bends), originating from the west side the Greater Khingan Range (Greater Xing’an Mountain ) with a length of over 290 km, a part of Sino-Russian Ergune River (Argun River ) water system. Using the tribe as your base for overnight stay, drive 15 km to the upper reaches of Moergele River for a great shot of the bending river, sheep and oxen grazing at ease and horses galloping on the grassland, and cooking smoke rising from the Mongolian tent chimneys dotted around, a beautiful bucolic song that has lasted for over thousands of years.

Moergele River near Golden Horde Mongolian Tribe

Moergele River near Golden Horde Mongolian Tribe

The banks of Moergele River guarantee you the great Sunset and Sunrise photo opportunities. The ideal season would be from June to August; but July is the rainy season and you will probably be stuck on the muddy road leading to the banks of Moergele River from the tribe. Check the local weather and have a great fun.

2. Genhe Wetland ( Or Xishan Wetland ) 呼伦贝尔额尔古纳市根河湿地
Genhe Wetland has an area of 126,000 hectare , the largest wetland in Asia, about 3km to the west of Ergun City. Genhe Wetland is scattered around the forest and the grassland with many types including marshes, shrub swamps, swamp forest, open bogs and moss.

Genhe Wetland is on the plain delta formed by Erguna River and other three alpine rivers including Genhe River, Deerbugan River and Hawuer River.

 Genhe Wetland ( Or Xishan Wetland )

Genhe Wetland ( Or Xishan Wetland )

The best time to shoot at Genhe Wetland is June when colorful flowers are blossoming under the azure sky and white clouds. August and September are also good time to shoot when the wetland is often shrouded in the mist with morning sun shines, a charming wonderland. Late September is the ideal time to have a great shot of the autumn hues of the wetland with trees turned into yellow and red, a eye- popping fairyland. You need to stay overnight at the city of Erguna if you’d like to shoo the sunrise or sunset at Genhe Wetland.

3. Linjiang Village, Shiwei Town Hulunbuir 呼伦贝尔额尔古纳市室韦镇临江村
Linjiang Village is under the jurisdiction of Shiwei Town, Ergune City of Hulunbuir. It is about 300km to the northeast of Hulunbuir city center ( Hailar ), the most northern village in Hulunbuir Grasslands. Linjiang Village is on the east bank of the Ergun River (Eerguna River) and abuts Russia with many the Chinese-Russian descendants.

The village features the Russian style in terms of architectures and living habits. Stay overnight in a traditional Russian style wooden house ( Mukeleng House) is a top choice for many tourists.

Linjiang Village, Shiwei  Town Hulunbuir

Linjiang Village, Shiwei Town Hulunbuir

Through years’ tourism development, no longer a pristine village, but Linjiang Village is still a laid back escape from the hustle and bustle of the big cities with charming rape- seed flowers, wheat fields,

grassland and Russian style life. You have a good sunrise shot at the East Mountain while sunset shot at the South Mountain. If you are going to shoot the sunrise, you don’t need to get up early due to the fact that Linjiang Village is usually misty and foggy in the early morning and the mist will disperse after 7:00am.

The best time to photograph the fields and village is at the almost end of the dispersed mist. The great view of the rape-seed flowers fall on early July till July 20. In autumn, around September 15 each year, put up overnight in Linjiang Village to shoot the beautiful wooden houses and yellow birch trees.

4. Enhe Russian Village, Erguna Hulunbuir 呼伦贝尔恩和民族乡
Enhe Village is the only Russian village in China with over 400 Russian descendants of the total 900 or some villagers. The village is located along the east bank of Ergun River (Eerguna River) , about 222km to the north of Hulunbuir city center (Hailar).

Enhe Russian Village, Erguna Hulunbuir

Enhe Russian Village, Erguna Hulunbuir

Enhe Village is on the transitional area between Hulunbuir Grasslands and the forest. The main reason to go to Enhe Village is to shoot the grassland on the mountain slope west of the village. June and September is the best time to snap the fabulous pictures of the sheep and oxen grazing at ease on the grasslands. The sheep and oxen appear partly hidden and partly visible due to the thin mist.

The village is awash with flowers around June 10 while in September this typical grassland and forest transitional area presents a charming landscape – golden yellow birch trees and the Xingan pine trees. The soft lights in the early morning and in the evening, plus the mobile mist on the surface of the slope, guaranteeing you a great candid opportunity.

5. Taiji Bend at Qika Village, Erguna Hulunbuir 额尔古纳七卡的太极弯
Qika is a village on the east bank of Ergun River (Eerguna River), adjacent to the Sino-Russian border. The name of the village is a bit bazaar, which literally means “The No.7 Border Checkpoint”. In the tough times ( 1960s -1970s) when China and Russia had a hard time, there used to be 9 border checkpoints along the border from Manzhouli to Shiwei. When you arrive at Qika, that means you are on the Ergun River and the border. It is said that the area along Qika and Wuka (No.5 Border Checkpoint) has some great shooting spots for Ergun River.

Taiji Bend at Qika Village, Erguna Hulunbuir

Taiji Bend at Qika Village, Erguna Hulunbuir

If you stand on the Wulan Mountain on your mountain road, you will catch a glimpse of Ergun River which resembles the image of Taiji, hence the name of Taiji Bend, an inimitable natural sight. A photographer has a tendency to take a photo of the natural view like this. Definitely the stunning views of morning mist, the sunrise and the slanting sun shines will leave any photographers or visitors straddling their tripods.

6. Night Views of Manzhou and Hailar on Hulunbuir Grasslands 满洲里夜景和海拉尔夜景
If you are keen on taking great night photographs on your trip to Hulunbuir Grasslands, you will miss snapping candid shots at the cities of Hailar ( Hulunbuir’s city center) and Manzhouli, the wonderful border city with Russia.

Manzhouli is the largest border city on the Hulunbuir Grasslands in Inner Mongolia. It abuts Russia in the north, approx. 192km to the west of Hailaier (the city center of Hulunbuir). The city comprises the folk customs of the three countries including China, Russia and Mongolia, a mix of Chinese and Western cultures. The City is awash with unique buildings of Russian, Monglian and Chinese styles.

The No.5 Street (East – West)  in Manzhouli City

The No.5 Street (East – West) in Manzhouli City

Both Manzhouli and Hailar offer fabulous night photo opportunities – its neon-lit buildings, advertising hoardings, and cityscapes at night.


7. Heishantou Wetland 额尔古纳黑山头湿地
Heishantou Wetland is located on the west mountain in Heishantou Town, about 60km to the west of the Ergun city center (Eerguna). This is a photogenic place to take a fantastic sunset photo.

Heishantou Port ( a border checkpoint ) is located 12km from Heishantou Town. With its good location, Heishantou Port has become an important business passage between China and Russia. The Russia town is just on the other side of the river bank, and the Russian buildings are in sight. The scenery along the border river is amazing. You can also enjoy the view by yacht through the middle of the river and boating along the grass.

 Heishantou Wetland

Heishantou Wetland

8. The 4th Farm Mountain, Ergun City ( Ergun ) 额尔古纳市四队农场山头
The mountain in the 4th Farm, 17km west of Erguna city center is a great spot for shooting sunset and sunrise. Actually this place also belongs the large area of Genhe Wetland. The two sides of the wetland slope are dotted with sheep and oxen grazing at ease with a smattering of Mongolian tents, a typical grassland landscape.

The charming view at the 4th farm
The charming view at the 4th farm

9. The Scenic Drive from Heishantou to Manzhouli 黑山头到满洲里
The 200km sightseeing drive from Heishantou to Manzhoili has the most fantastic photo opportunity to bag a load of grassland icons for your gallery – grasslands, wetlands, lakes, sheep and galloping horses.

On the way between Heishantou and Manzhouli
On the way between Heishantou and Manzhouli

10. Moerdaoga National Forest Park 莫尔道嘎国家森林公园
The Moerdaoga National Forest Park is the first national forest park in the Greater Khingan Range (Greater Xing’an Mountain ) within Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. It is the biggest national forest park of its kind in China. “Moerdaoga” literally means that “Set out for battle and Ride your horses” that was legendarily said by Genghis Khan who tried to integrate the tribes.

The forest park is located adjacent to the Hulunbuir Grassland on the south, the Erguna River on the north, rife with old and tall trees and numerous streams and rivers. The park is within the administration Moerdaoga Town of Ergun City. Best Visit Time: May – September ( July and August are the best months )

Moerdaoga National Forest Park

Moerdaoga National Forest Park

On the top of Longyan Mountain (龙岩) in the park is an ideal spot to photograph the great view of the sunrise. Climb up the TV Tower on the mountain allows you to take the extremely beautiful pictures of the sea of mist, distant mountains, morning fog and sunrise glow.

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