Top Attractions in Manzhouli

Plan your Inner Mongolia  Tour? The exotic Sino-Russian border city of Manzhouli (满洲里) is one of the big draws in Inner Mongolia. It is a laissez-faire border city where the Trans-Siberian Railway  crosses from China to Russia.Manzhouli has the mixed folk customs originated from the three countries including China, Russia and Mongolia and a blend of Chinese and Western cultures as well. I’ve just rounded up the top 10 things to do in Manzhouli, which could be useful for organizing your trip to Manzhouli.

Manzhouli Architectures 满洲里建筑

The layout of Manzhouli city center resembles a chessboard with chess-like European-style buildings scattered along the streets. There are approximatley 160 buildings lined on the 12 streets in the city center. Many buildings have been renovated and upgraded, featuring the  harmony between the outstanding single buildings and the uniqueness of each street.

The No.1 Street (East – West)

Manhzouli is small enough to walk around. You can still see the Russian wooden houses of over hundred years.  All the  street-front-store signs are in Chinese, Russian and Mongolian. Walking on the streets in Manzhouli, you have the feeling of being in an exotic city in a foreign country. Manzhouli does gives us a pleasant surprise in an era when China is bogged down in the situation where more and more Chinese cities look the same.  See Manzhouli Architectures for further reading.

Guo Men (Sino-Russian Border Crossing )

Guo Men, which literally means “National Gate”, is the Sino-Russian border crossing approx.9 km  west of Manzhouli’s city center.  This is the fifth “Guo Men” built in 2008 with a small museum inside telling the history of the area. Standing on the top of Guo Men, you are able to see the border crossing on the Russian side.

Entrance fee: RMB 80
Opening Hours: Jan 06 – Jan 25 ( 09:00 – 17:00); April 01 – October 31 (09:00-17:00)
How to get there:  take a taxi ( RMB 5-10)
Tel: 0470 – 6229068

 Guo Men (Sino-Russian Border Crossing )
Guo Men (Sino-Russian Border Crossing )

Russia Taowa Square 俄罗斯套娃广场

“Taowa” means “Russian Matryoshka Dolls”. Opened in 2006, the squqre has a giant Russian Matryoshka doll towering 30m surrounded by over 200 colorful nesting dolls representing different countries.

Russia Taowa Square is located halfway between the city center and the border crossing. Inside the giant Russian Matryoshka doll there is a largeRussian food resstaurant and a performance hall as well.  The whole square features the mixed cultures of China, Russia and Mongolia.  It is the largest Taowa doll in the world, a Guinmess world record.

Entrance fee: Free
Opening Hours: All year
How to get there:  take a taxi ( RMB 15 – 20)
Tel: 0470-8238664

Russian Matryoshka Dolls Plaza
Russian Matryoshka Dolls Plaza

Hulun Lake 呼伦湖

Hulun Lake, also known as Dalai Hu, and Hulun Nur in Mongolian.  this massive lake pops out of the landscape 36km south of Manzhoul, China’s fifth-largest lake.  Hulun Lake is located near the National Highway No.301 on the route from Hailar to Manzhouli. You can visit Hulun Lake either from Hailar or Manzhouli. The lake itself is under the jurisdiction of Manzhouli City, but it actually lies in the area surrounded by Manzhouli, New Barag Left Banner and New Barag Right Banner.

The Hulun Lake is an ideal summer resort in terms of cool climate, beautiful scenery and fresh air. If you come here in summer, you are able to participate in many activities such as boating on the lake, fishing on the lake shore, sunbathing, bird watching. You can also have a bite of the local all-fish feast with numerous delicious and nourishing dishes of fish.

Entrance fee: RMB 20
Opening Hours: 8:00 – 18:00
How to get there:  Hire a taxi from Manzhouli ( RMB200 return)
Tel: 0470-6530166
See Hulun Lake for more information.

Hulun Lake (Dalai Hu or Ulun Nur in Mongolian)
Hulun Lake (Dalai Hu or Ulun Nur in Mongolian)

Manzhouli Locomotive Square 满洲里火车头广场

Manzhouli Locomotive Square is located just on the west of Guo Men.  It was inaugurated in June, 2004.  The old locomotive was built in 1940s by the Japanese. The rails under the locomotive were built by the Russian, nicknamed Rail 43 which refers to the 43 kilograms for extended one meter rail.In 1949, Chairman Mao visited Russia passing by Manzhouli and his train was driven by this locomotive. The locomotive was numbered “1861”.

Entrance fee: Free
Opening Hours: all year round
How to get there:  by Guo Men ( taxi fare: 10 -15)

Manzhouli Locomotive Square
Manzhouli Locomotive Square

No.41 Boundary Marker 41号界碑

The Boundary Marker No.41 is located within the scenic area of Guo Men, about 10 km west of Manzhouli’s city center.  It is the 41th border marker listed in August, 1994 when the Sino-Russian Boundary Survey was finished.

Before 1993, this location was once a busy passage used both by passenger buses and lorries. With the increasing volume of goods on both sides, a new crossing was built elsewhere to take place the old one.  The Boundary Marker 41 stands on the former old passage.  The boundary marker is made of marble stones,  1.2 meters high, 0.4 meters wide and 0.25 meters thick.

Entrance fee: Free
Opening Hours: all year round
How to get there:  by Guo Men ( taxi fare: 10 -15)

No.41 Boundary Marke
No.41 Boundary Marke

Hassle-Free Inner Mongolia Guided Tours

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