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Plan your Inner Mongolia tour? The city of Ergun is worth your time exploring since Ergun City was the cradle of Genghis Khan (1162-1227) and the formation and development of his Mongols, who here united all the tribes and started to conquer most of Asia and Eastern Europe.

Ergun City (Erguna, or Eerguna 额尔古纳) is named after the same name river – Ergun River, a border river between China and Russia. “Ergun” literally means “giving” or “offering”, a kind of devotion that indicates the Ergun River is the cradle and mother river that has raised and nurtured the people on both banks of the Ergun River.

With its seat at Labudalin Subdistrict, Erguna City is located 130km to the north of Hailar (Hulunbuir City), on the northwest side of the Greater Xing’an Mountains, in the north of the Hulunbuir Grassland and on the right bank of Erguna River in Inner Mongolia.

The whole city of Ergun occupies an area of 28,000 square kilometers with 67% forest, grassland 17% and arable land 6%. The Ergun City is inhabited by the multi-ethnic people with 22 minorities including Mongolians, Hui, Manchu, Korean, Daoer, Russian, Bai, Li, Xibe, Uyghur,Zhuang, Ewenki, Elunchun etc.

Ergun City has a 670km-long Sino-Russian borderline which takes 70% of the total bordrline between China and Russia. Along the borderline, there are two international border crossings – Shiwei and Heishantou, The two national-level ports between China and Russia have greatly developed the local economy and trade.

Ergun City develops and promotes its booming tourism mainly in three themes – The History of Mongolian Development, Russian Cultures and Ergun Eco-tours. Walk for 3 kilometers to the west direction and get to the top of the West Hill (720m) and have a bird-eye’s view of the city landscape of Eerguna and the famous Erguna Wetland (Genhe Wetland), the largest wetland in Asia.

Genhe Wetland is scattered around the forest and the grassland with many types including marshes, shrub swamps, swamp forest, open bogs and moss. Erguna Wetland is on the plain delta formed by Erguna River and other three alpine rivers including Genhe River, Deerbugan River and Hawuer River.

The two well-known scenic towns – Shiwei Township and Moerdaoga Township are under the jurisdiction of the Erguna City. Shiwei is home to one of the smallest ethnic minority groups in China – the China’s Russian Ethnic Minority.

In April, 2001, the Russina Minority Township was established. There are around 2000 Russian descendants, or Russian-Chinese more exactly still living in this village. Moerdaoga Township sits inside the even larger Moerdaoga National Forest Park. The Moerdaoga National Forest Park is the first forest park in the Greater Hinggan Mountains ever approved by the National Forestry Bureau.

How to get to the Ergun City?
When we tallk about “Erguna City”, very often we refer to the Labudalin Subdistrict of Erguna City where the Erguna government is located. There are several daily long-distance busese running between Hailar and Ergun City (Labudalin Subdistrict).

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