How to book train tickets from Beijing to Tianjin

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For foreign tourists, even domestic travelers, booking train tickets is a headache! There is no official online train ticket booking website for the individual market at the time of the writing. Though there are some train ticket booking travel websites available, they are unable to allow simultaneous online booking. And very often there is little possibilty of obtaining a train ticket.
But as for the bullet trains running between Beijing and Tianjin, the situation is quite different. Actually you don’t have to pre-book the train tickets from Beijing to Tianjin. You know, there are 63 daily bullet trains going from Beijing to Tianjin and vice versa! One train per average 10-15 minutes! The plentiful bullet trains are like inter-city public buses, easy to go and easy to come. You can buy the train tickets on the spot, making ticket prebooking unnecessary on the conditon that you should get to the ticket booking offices at the station the early the better.
The Beijing Tianjin bullet trains start at Beijing South Railway Station. There are mainly 4 train stations in Beijing. The other three are Beijing Railway Station, Beijing West Station and Beijing North Station. Be sure of getting to the right train station.

On Going Bullet Train

Inside a bullet train car

Beijing Tianjing Bullet Train at the speed of 332km per hour

3 Responses to “How to book train tickets from Beijing to Tianjin”

  1. star says:

    Hi, please help

    I tried to buy a train ticket from it beijing to wuqing at the Beijing South Station. The ticket officer did not speak English so I tried to buy from the machine which had an english option; however, after selecting my time and destination, it asks to scan an ID which I tried to scan my Canadian ID but, it did not work.

    I was unsuccessful and would like to try again. I wanted to check out the Florentia Village outlet.

    Thanks for your help.

  2. Roger says:

    How can I book the cheapest train tickets possible from Beijing to Tianjin? I heard that there are cheaper tickets than the “bullet train” that I can take. Everybody keeps telling me about “Ying Zuo” (I hope I spelled that correctly) and since Beijing and Tianjin is so close I don’t want to spend the money for extra travel speed or comfort. I just want to get to Tianjin the cheapest way possible by train. Thanks.

  3. admin says:

    Hello Roger,

    As far as I know, there are some the cheapest trains for Tianjin starting both from Beijing West Railway Station (北京西站) and Beijing Railway Station (北京站). Please note that the bullet trains start from Beijing South Railway Station.

    The two slow trains below start from Beijing West Railway Station and Beijing Railway Station:

    Train No.1134/1135 ( from Beijing West Railway Station with 19 stops): ( 11:11 – 13:12 ), Ying Zuo ( hard seat): RMB 17.5

    Train K1301 (from Beijing Railway Station with 4 stops): (10:17 – 12:09 ), Ying Zuo ( Hard seat): RMB 21.5

    Good luck!

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