Tanggu Taxi: Tanggu Taxi Fares, Tips and Phones

Plan your port transfer between Beijing and Tianjin? Tanggu is a popular springboard to go from Tianjin Cruise Port either to Beijing or Tianjin. Tanggu  is one of the three areas of Binhai New District under the administration of Tianjin City. The other two areas are “Hangu” and “Dagang”.

So the newly established Binhai New District is now composed of Tanggu, Hangu and Dagang.

Tanggu is the center of Tianjin Binhai New District. The center of Tanggu is about 30km to the west of Tianjin International Cruise Home Port and 50km to the east of Tianjin city center.

Tanggu, the Tianjin city center and Beijing are linked either by railway and expressway. Besdie railway, you may use taxi service for your trip from or to Tanggu (Tianjin Port).

If you need the transfer between Tianjin Cruise Port and Beijing, check out the link: Tianjin Cruise Port Beijing Transfer.

Taxi Models in Tanggu
Basically it is convenient to travel around Tanggu or from Tanggu to the Cruise Port by taxi. The main two models of the taxis in Tanggu are Weizhi sedan, Corolla, Sonata, Jetta,Charade, Sagitar, Elantra, Red Flag,  Passat…

A Tanggu taxi on the street
Tanggu Taxis

Tanggu Taxi Fares (same as in Tianjin)
•RMB 8 just for getting in and for 3km
•RMB 2 for each additional km
The following are for all models of taxis:
•1km charged for each 5 minutes stopped in traffic
•After over 10 kilometers, 50% of the total fare added as surcharge for return trip
•No tipping.

Taxi Company Call in Tianjin
Tel:022- 96880

Hailing a Taxi in Tanggu
• Tanggu Train Station, Tanggu Lightrail Train Station. commercial streets, Tianjin Port
• It is difficult to hail a taxi on the places above.  Be mindful of “black taxis”.

Tanggu  Taxi riders’rights
As a taxi rider,, you have the rights as below:
Direct driving to your destination without any compulsory car pooling
Go to any place in and beyond Xian

Your car driver should know the streets in Xian and the road to major places in Tanggu
Your driver should know and abide by all the local traffic laws
Air-conditioning on demand
A radio-free trip
No Smoking
A clean passenger seat area
A clean trunk
A driver uses the horn only when necessary to warn of danger
No Tipping

Tanggu  Taxi Stands
At present, there are no taxi stands in Tanggu. You have to find some safe places for taking your taxis.

Tanggu Taxi Complaints
If you ever have any problems with a Tanggu Taxi, contact the following:
Tianjin Passenger Traffic Management & Supervision Office:

Kindly reminder:
Before you make any complaints, be sure to provide such information as time, place, license plate number, invoice etc.

Tanggu Taxi Useful Information
•Using a meter instead of bargaining with your taxi driver
•Say no to a forced pooling taxi

Estimated taxi fares for the often used taxi service in Tanggu, Tianjin and Beijing

Tianjin Port – Tanggu Railway Station Approx. RMB 55
Tianjin Port – Tianjin Railway Station  Approx. RMB 160
Tianjin Port – Beijing downtown         Approx.RMB 600 – 800
Tianjin Downtown – Tanggu              Approx. RMB 160
Tianjin Downtown – Tianjin Port        Approx. RMB 220

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2 thoughts on “Tanggu Taxi: Tanggu Taxi Fares, Tips and Phones

  1. Dear Sir,
    My wife and I will be returning from Beijing to our Cruise ship (Celebrity Millenium) on 29 March 2017 via bullet train C2593 arriving at Tanggu Station at 21.21 pm. Could you please confirm that taxis will be available at that time to transfer us from Tanggu Station to Tianjin Port,
    Thank you,
    Robert Swan.

  2. Hi Robert Swan,

    Basically there shoulbe taxis available outside Tang train station. If you don’t find any taxis around the train station. No worry! The train staion is located in the downtown of Tanggu. Basically taxis are available 24 hours per day in Tanggu. So just walk around and spot a taxi and go.

    Have a nice time !


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