Dynasty Wine and Chateau Dynasty

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Plan your Tianjin tour? If you are a wine lover, don’t miss a side trip to Dynasty Chateau, 20km north of Tianjin downtown. China winemaking industry has been developing fast in the past thirty years. Of the numerous wineries in China, Dynasty Wine, Changyu  Wine, Great Wall Wine and Dragon Seal Wine are popularly known as the best four wines in China.

They are produced by respectively  Dynasty Wine Ltd, Changyu Pioneer Wine, China Great Wall Wine Co., Ltd and Beijing Dragon Seal Winery Co., Ltd.

Dynasty Winery was a Sinp-French joint venture with the French brandy producer, Remy-Martin.

Now Dynasty wines have been selected for the State Banquet use, and also used by about 231 China’s oversea embassies and Consulates in the world for years.

Dynasty wines and brandies are exported to over twenty countries and regions including U.S.A.,U.K, Germany, France, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, Swiss, Denmark, Sweden, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Macao, etc.

Today let’s have a glimpse of the Dynasty Wine Ltd which is located 20km north of downtown Tianjin.

The decorated archway entrance to the Dynasty Winery.

The decorated archway entrance to the Dynasty Winery

When you enter the decorated archway, on your right sise is a 3-storey Dynasty Restaurant with the traditional-style.
This is the exterior of the main builing in the Dynasty Winery. The first floor of the main building is designated to showcase the layout of Dynasty Winery and a wide range of wine products manufactured here.

A close look at the bottled  Dynasty wine.

A close look at the bottled Dynasty wine.

The 50,000 square meters underground cellar, the largest cellar in China, a huge storage room for wine in barrels.

Dynasty Winery has the largest cellar in China.

The Bottling Plant

The Bottling Plant

Packing Plant

Packing Plant

Dynasty Chateau is the largest chateau in China

Dynasty Chateau is the largest chateau in China

The underground of the Chateau is designed for World Wine Museum. The Inside of the Chateau was built in according to a church, high and holy.

The Inside of the Chateau was built in according to a church, high and holy.

The Dynasty Wine Ltd holine: 022-26995599

Any questions, just drop a line.

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2 Responses to “Dynasty Wine and Chateau Dynasty”

  1. Nicole Eigbrett says:

    Hi, thanks for this post on the Dynasty Chateau Tour. Do you know how often they are held, or if they can be privately arranged? Is it priced well and including anything, like tastings? I’m in Beijing right now but would be really interested in seeing what Dynasty is doing in the Tianjin area. If you have more information or could direct me to a website, that would be much appreciated.


  2. Daniel says:

    Hello Nicole Eigbrett,

    At the moment, we don’t have escorted tour visiting the Dynasty Chateau. You may go there and explore the Chateau on your own. Forinformation, please visit their official website below:


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