Tianjin Cruise Terminal

Completed in May 2010, Tianjin Cruise Terminal is the largest cruise terminal building in Asia. It has the capability of receiving 50,0000 passengers per year. The terminal building is composed of three parts – Passengers Service, Office Building and Commercial Area with 5 storeys above ground & one underground.
Carrying their hangbags, passengers walk directly from their cabins to the main terminal building through a corridor bridge. After going through custom house, passengers find themselves in the large waiting hall. On the right side in the hall, lying with the passengers’s checked luggage. So carefully check your own luggage.
If you feel tired or uncomfortable, you may take a break sitting in the chairs in the Hall. The toilet is on the left side near the exit. Actually there are two exits – Exit 2 and Exit 3. Exit 2 is in the middle of the hall for tourist groups while Exit 3 is on the left side of the Exit 2, only for individual tourists. So make sure you go through the right exit.
If you book a Tianjin Port Transfer Beijing Transfer online as individual travelers, then you should take the Exit 03 on the left in Hall. If you arranged by the ocean liner or on the group travel organized by travel agents, then choose the middle Exit 2.
For Diamond Princess, the Pick up Tianjin Port service usually starts as early as 7:00am with the last passenger finishing around 9:30am. If you go out from the Exit 3, you will expect lots of tour guides holding signboards written with passengers’names. If your transfer has been confirmed, then no worry and patiently look for your name and your tour guide.  
The cruise port has two parking lots with the right side for buses and left side for cars or vans when you exit from the terminal building. If you have too much luggage, you may use the luggage cart with the help of the crew. Sure, your tour guide will give you a hand if you are burdened with heavy luggage.
At present, Tianjin Cruise Terminal is not a busy terminal. There are no routine Tianjin Port Shuttle Bus or Tianjin Taxis service around the terminal. Very often, when a big ocean liner leaves, like Diamond Princess, the terminal will be back to normal, like a dead building by the sea. So you are highly advised to pre-book your transfer service. Don’t adopt a wait and see policy aimed at having a good bargain for a transfer on the spot. Because there is no regular public trasnport system available at the terminal, you will be in a disadvantage position if you have failed to book the Tianjin Port Beijing Transfer.  
At 7am the Diamond behind the Tianjin Cruise Terminal Building
he tour guides from www.tour-beijing.com are waiting at the Exit 03
Policemen and the police dog are also waiting at the Exit 03
The passengers are thronging past the tour guides
ome passengers haven’t booked transfer service, and they are thinking a way out.
Two special shuttle buses charterd by tour-Beijing.com for the individual passengers from Diamond Prince arriving in Tianjin Cruise

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14 thoughts on “Tianjin Cruise Terminal

  1. How far is it from the Tianjin cruise terminal to the Tanggu Passengers Transportation Center (distance and time, cost by taxi or bus) to catch the airport bus to the Beijing Capital International Airport? What is the cost of your shuttle service from the cruise port ot BCIA?a

  2. Our departure on 10 Nov @ 5 PM. What should be arrival time at terminal to insure relaxed processing to ship. (Princess Diamond ) ? Best way to travel from Hotel in Bejing ? Thanks

  3. 1) As a local trasnfer service provider, we have no experience in the arrival time at terminal to insure relaxed processing to ship.
    2)Best way to travel from Hotel in Bejing
    a) Take a bullet train from Beijing to Tanggu, then take a taxi from Tanggu to the port
    b) Take a bullet train from Beijing to Tianjin, then take a taxi from Tianjin to the port
    c) Rent a car from Beijing to the port
    d) Book a seat in the shuttle bus from Beijing to the port ( see http://www.tour-beijing.com/xingang_beijing/cruise_coach_transfer.php )

  4. First take a taxi from the port to Tanggu Railway Station (about 20km. RMB50). Then buy a train ticket for Beijing. From Beijing, take a taxi to Beijing airport.

  5. We will arrive on November 2012 with Dimond princess .We wish to take bullet train to Shanghai.
    1) What is best way from Tianjin Cruise terminal to Bullet train station in Tianjin.
    2) How to purchase ticket?
    3) what time is bulle train leaving from Tianjin station to shanghai

  6. Hello Joseph,

    1. From Cruise Port to Tianjin Railway Station

    After disembarking from Dimond princess, you may take a taxi at the terminal to Tanggu Railway Station ( about 20km from the cruise port). Buy a train ticket on the spot and take a 20-minute bullet train from Tanggu to Tianjin ( C Train ). Then buy a bullet train ticket ( G train ) for Shanghai from Tianjin.

    2. November is not the peak tourist season, you may buy high-speed train tickets on the spot.

    3. Please check the train schedule as below:

    Tanggu – Tianjin Train Timetable ( C train is bullet train)

    Tianjin – Shanghai train timetable ( G train is highspeed train; D train is bullet train )

    Have a good journey!

  7. What transportation is available from the Tianjin Airport to the Tianjin International Cruise Home Port?

  8. Hello David,

    As far as I know, there is no direct public transportion between Tianjin airport and Tianjin Cruise Port. Many people would first take the airport shuttle bus to Tianjin Railway Station. Then buy highpeed train tickets for a highspeed train from Tianjin to Tanggu. Then take a taxi from Tanggu to Tianjin Cruise Port. Please see the map on the page of http://www.tour-beijing.com/xingang_beijing/. Have a good transfer!

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