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We had an absolutely perfect day with our tour guide - Rogin Luo - who took us for a hike along The Great Wall! Didn't know what to expect and were thrilled to have him as our guide. Very imformative, knowledgable and fun! We go to experience a part of The Great Wall that was unrestored and see all its natural beauty. Got a long history lesson along the way!

After the hike, we all went to lunch at a small place at the bottom of the hill. Located in a house, we ate lunch in the proprietors bedroom! What a hoot! Rogin is the Best of the Best! This tour company delivered for us and we are extremely grateful.

Westborough, Massachusetts
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Jinan Tour

As the regional capital city of Shandong Province, Jinan is located about 400 kilometers south of of Beijing. Jinan is definitely your good springboard to start your exploration into the mysterious Mt.Taishan, the ancient city of Qufu, the beautiful coastal city of Jinan and more places in the province. But Jinan itself is also worth a pop by on your Shandong tour.

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Jinan Escorted Tour & Excursions
» Jinan Highlight Day Tour
Jinan Highlight Day Tour Destination: Jinan
Duration: One Day (8 hours)
Tour Type: Private Tour
Tour Code: JN-01
Price: Starting from US$ 95 p/p
Customizable: Yes

» Jinan Mt.Taishan Qufu 3 Day Tour
Jinan Mt.Taishan Qufu 3 Day Tour Destination: Jinan, Mt. Taishan, Qufu
Duration:  3 Days
Tour Type: Private Tour
Tour Code: JN-02
Price: Starting from US$ 349 p/p
Customizable: Yes

» Jinan Car Rental with Driver
Jinan Car Rental with Driver Our chauffeur services include airport and railway transfers as well as private drivers to pick you up and drop you off at your various highlights in Jinan and excursions to Mt.Taishan and Qufu. We keep the most competitive prices and use reputable licensed private hire vehicle operators.

Jinan Car Rental with a driver from US$ 89

» Jinan Tailor-Made Tour
Jinan Highlight Day Tour Visit Jinan? If none of our sample tours meets your expectation and you would like to plan your own Jinan trip, just tell us the things you want to see and do, the hotels you want to stay, we will customize a tour to fit your travel needs.

You will receive our proposed itinerary with estimated tour cost within 24 hours.

Jinan Tailor-Made Tour

Jinan Travel Information
Train Travel to Jinan
Jinan is on the railway line between Beijing and Shanghai with plenty of trains passing by. There are three main passenger railway stations in Jinan - Jinan Railway Station, Jinan West Railway Station and Jinan East Railway Station.

Jinan Railway Station Centrally located, it mainly receives K trains and High Speed trains

Jinan East Railway Station Located 4km east of Jinan Railway Station, it is an auxiliary station of Jinan Railway Station, having K and Z trains.

Jinan West Railway Station Located 11km west of Jinan Railway Station, it is mainly designed for high speed trains.

Make sure which railway station you are going to leave or arrive at. The high speed trains from Beijing to Jinan takes about 1.5 hours and the high speed trains from Shanghai take about 3.5 hours.
Flight Travel to Jinan
Jinan Yaoqiang International Airport is situated 36km northeast of the centrally located Jinan Railway Station. It is connected to the major cities in China - Beijing (one hour), Dalian (two hours), Guangzhou (2.5 hours), Shanghai (80 minutes) and Xian (1.5 hours).

Taxis from Jinan airport to the down town costs about 100 yuan. The airport shuttle buses go between the airport and Jinan Railway Station, and run hourly from 6: 00 to 18:00,costing 20 yuan.
Add: Yaoqiang Town, Licheng District, Jinan
Tel: :0531-96888
Overland Travel to and from Jinan
Many travelers take bus to Jinan. Taiyuan has a wide network of roads linking the cities and towns within Shandong Province and the major cities in China as Beijing and Tianjin. The city now has two main long-distance passenger bus stations - Jinan Long-Distance General Bus Station and Jinan Railway Station Square Bus Station.

The general bus station is located about 3 km north of Jinan Railway Station. Some buses start regularly from Jinan to the main destinations include Beijing, Qingdao, Qufu, Shanghai, Tianjin, Tai'an, Yantai and more.
Get around in Jinan
Taking public buses in Jinan could be daunting like other cities in China, crowded and few English station signs. Bus No. 84 connects Jinan Long-distance Bus Station with Jinan Railway Station; Bus K51 goes from Jinan Railway Station to Baotu Spring Park.

Jinan Taxi Fares:
• RMB9 at the first 3km
• RMB2 per additional km
It is a bit difficult to take a taxi during peak hours. Taxi drivers rarely speak any English and you'd better write an Chinese address in advance to show your taxi driver.
When to Visit in Jinan
With a warm-temperate continental monsoon climate and clear-cut seasonal changes, Jinan has an average annual temperature of 14 °C and an annual mean precipitation of 650-700 mm. The city is dry and nearly rainless in spring, hot and rainy in summer, crisp in autumn and dry and cold (with little snow) in winter.

September, October and November is the best time to visit Jinan. Autumn is the rainy season in Jinan when the artesian springs in Jinan lavishly roil in azure pools. Autumn is also the ideal time to enjoy the colorful foliage in Jinan.
Where to Stay in Jinan
Budget Hotels
Super 8 Hotel Jinan Xi Shi Chang: No.624 Jing Er Road, Jinan
Jinjiang Inn Jinan Shandong University: No.20 Minziqian Road, Licheng District, Jinan

Standard Hotels
Shandong Hotel: 92 Jingyi Road, Jinan Tel: 0531 - 86068000
Silver Plaza Quancheng Hotel: 2 Nanmen Street, Jinan Tel: 0531 -86291911

Deluxe Hotels
Sofitel Silver Plaza: 66 Luoyuan Avenue, Jinan Tel: 89811611
Sheraton Jinan Hotel: No.8 Long'ao North Road, Jinan
Crowne Plaza Jinan City Center: No. 3 Tian Di Tan Road, Lixia District, Jinan
Hyatt Regency Jinan: No.187 Jingsi Road, Shizhong District, Jinan No. 01: Daming Lake Park (大明湖)
Reputed as one of city's main natural and cultural landmarks, Daming Lake is located in the northern part of Jinan City.
It is a large natural lake formed from a number of springs and with a large fountain, charming landscapings with willow trees and lotus flowers, pagodas, temples and an amusement park.

No. 02: Baotu Spring Park (趵突泉)
Jinan is dubbed as "City of Springs" with many artesian springs gently roiling in azure pools and flowing steadily into Daming Lake. Strolling these spring parks is a pleasant escape from Jinan's din. Among them, Baotu Spring Park is a favorite hangout by the locals. The Baotu Spring has a long history of more than 2,600 years back. The Baotu Spring Park has several classical style pavilions and buildings.

No. 03: Thousand-Buddha Mountain (千佛山)
Lying 2.5 kilometers to the south of Jinan city center, the Thousand-Buddha Mountain is actually a small hill with a sea-level of 285. The hill is well-known for its Buddhist stone carving culture dating back to Sui Dynasty (581–618 AD). Plenty of Buddhist cave carvings on the hill were made during Sui and Tang dynasties. Thousand-Buddha Mountain is named after the namesake temple built in Sui Dynasty, also known as Xingguo Temple. Half hour climbing allows you to visit temples, pavilions along time torn stone steps. If you are tired, you may take a cable car or slide down for fun and relaxation.

No. 04: Shandong Provincial Museum (山东博物馆)
Shandong Provincial Museum is located at Wenhua West Road in south Jinan near the Thousand Buddha Hill. It houses a collection of more than 210 000 historical artifacts natural history collection specimens.

No. 05: Hongye Valley (红叶谷) Hongye Valley is located in Licheng District of Jinan City. When autumn comes, it will be all red with all the leaves turn their colors, hence the name of Honeye Valley ( Red Leaves Valley).

No. 06: Zhujiayu Village (朱家峪)
About 80 km east of Jinan city center, Zhujiayu Village is the oldest intact hamlet in Shandong Province. It dates back to the Xia dynasty ( 2070-1600 BC). The the present buildings in Zhujiayu are left over from Ming and Qing dynasties ( 1368 - 1911 ). Exploring the village gives you a sense of traveling back in time.
Local Cuisines in Jinan
Jinan is the center of Shandong cuisine, also known as Lu Cuisine. It is one of the eight most famous cuisines in China. Jinan food features bold flavors made by cooking over high heat with plenty use of oils. Jinan has plenty of street food, scores of eateries and international fast food chains as well.

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