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Dear Floria Zhao,

I'm writing you to say thanks for all your help in organizing our Tibet tour. We enjoy every second of them and also our tour guides were excellent !!! You, your tour agency and the tour guides made our trip to Lhasa a fascinating one! We love your organization skills and every place you take us! Keep up the excellent work!!!

One again, thanks a lot!
Aranza Torrado
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Lhasa Shopping

Lhasa has many special products with strong local style, such as Tang-ga, Tibetan Silver Ornaments, Wood bowl, Tibetan knife, Aweto, and so on. No trip to Tibet would be complete without taking away some local souvenirs either for yourself or as presents. These unique crafts and goods gestated by the super land won’t disappoint! Barkhor Street collects a masses of these crafts, as long as you find by heart, you will certainly get satisfied baubles. Do not forget to bargain. If you want saffron, aweto, like those, you’d better do the shopping in the medicine shop, however, there are no bargain.

Lhasa Shopping

Tang-ga is a sort of scroll painting with the main theme of Buddhism. It has distinctive ethnic features, using complicated lines, bright colors and is rich with religious flavors. Some of the Tang-ga has many colorful and charming portraits of Buddhas, while some reflect the Tibetan history and folk customs. It is often made either by painting, embroidery or sometimes sewn with pearls. The pearl Tang-ga is the most desirable of all. The technics of Tang-ga is precision, balance and variety.

Tibetan Ornaments
The distinctive Tibetan habiliment is straw by all kind of unique ornaments, such as pearl, agate, jade articles as well as some god or silver wares, which seems to be unsophisticated and mysterious. Tibetan bracelets are usually made of Tibetan silver and copper. The crescent silver plate wore by the Tibetan locals is a symbol of purity. The agates and gems mounted in the plate connote blessing from the God, good luck and good health in life. The Tibetan ornaments with ruby and sapphire have an obvious easiness and sincerity, for which you will be deeply shocked by its strong survival consciousness.

Tibetan Wooden Bowl
Tibetan Wooden BowlThose who have ever been to Tibet must be deeply impressed by the wooden bowls that the local people were using. Wooden bowls are the special article for daily use in Tibet. The locals compared wooden bowls into their lovers, carrying them momently. The Tibetans prefer them so much that they would use it to have dinner or drink, and because of its wooden material, the taste of the food keeps natural. Normally, the bowls are made in set, which contains three bowls: two big ones and one small one.

Tibetan Mask
Tibetan Mask is name “Ba” in Tibetan, is a kind of handcraft article evolved from the Tibetan opera and the religious art. Tibetan mask has a very high value of collection. It is divided into three types such as the mask of Sorcerers of Dance, the Suspending mask and the mask of Tibetan opera. In Tibet, whenever the grand religious festival, there are sorcerers with the masks playing all kinds of dances. Tibetan opera mask is popular among the folks and divided into the blue mask and the white mask, and types of facial makeup can be king, prince, princess and goblins, and so on, according to the need of the plot.

Tibetan Knife
Tibetan KnifeTibetan knife is the traditional Tibetan craftworks with high reputation and long history. Its beautiful appearance, sharp blade, and delicate scabbard, has been recognized as an outstanding product. Tibetan knife is essential for the Tibetan to work as defending tool or a unique adornment. As a general rule, the man’s knife is a little rough, and shard, while the woman’s one is more elegant.

Tibetan Aweto
It is a precious medicinal material with a strange name and a strange growth. It is the parasitical fungus in insect. The fungus enter into the body of a insect when it is a embryo, and grow up in the insect. The sporophore is slender, longer than the larva, deep brown, with longitudinal striae, and its top is elliptical, enlarged with numerous protruding granular peritheciums and soft and tough in texture. Aweto is a good tonic, and an ideal remedy for treating a long-time cough and weakness. It is helpful to invigorate lung, liver and kidney functions, to supplements essence, and to improve inspiration to relieve dyspnea.

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