Kangling Village

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Kangling Village is located to the northwest of Changling Township, Changping District, about 50 kms north of downtown Beijing. Kangling Village is named after one of the 13 Ming Tombs of the 13 emperors in Ming Dynasty ( 1368 – 1644 ) – Kangling Tomb. “Ling” here means “Tomb”.

There are totally 13 Ming Tombs and three of them are open to the public including Dingling, Changling and Zhaoling. Kangling is the co-tomb of the 10th emperor Zhu Houzhao (1941 – 1521) and Empress Xia in Ming Dynasty. The construction of Kangling took one year and was finished in the year 1521. His era name is “Zhengde” meaning “Right virtue” or “Rectification of virtue”. He was also called Zhengde Emperor.

Zhengde Emperor ascended the throne at the age of 15 and died in 1521 at the age of 30. He was an emperor in dispute. Some say Zhengde was not interested in all state affairs. His actions have been thought as reckless, foolish. In many cases he showed a lack of responsibility.

However, some modern historians agree to view his rule in a new light and argue that his actions similar to that of his successors such as Wanli was a direct response to the bureaucratic network that the Ming Dynasty was set in its later half.

For local villagers in Kangling Village, they show great leniency to Zhengde Emperor. As the tomb keepers of Kangling, they are more interested in the positive stories and mysteries surrounding Zhengde Emperor. One thing that still benefits Kangling Village people is the famous spring pancakes named “Zhendge Spring Pancake”. Kangling Village is well known for making the best spring pancakes in Beijing.

Spring pancakes originated in the southern China. The making of spring pancakes was brought back by Zhengde Emperor on his military epxpedition to the south of China. Many urban residents of Beijing come to Kangling Village to savour the yummy pancakes.

There are over 30 households in Kangling Village and live within an old wall. The village is located to the west of Kangling Tomb. By the village gate is an old and big Chinese scholar tree of over 800 years old.

In the middle of Kangling Cun (village), an over 1,000 year ginkgo tree, adding much activity and anima to the old village. Apart from developing folk tourism offering local food (Zhengde pancakes) and farmhouse inns, Kangking Village live on fruit and wood. It is surrounded by the hills in four sides.

Well, follow me to Kangling Village! It has been selected as a Folk Culture Village and won the reward of “the Most Beautiful Village in Beijing” in the year 2008.

When we arrive at Kangling Village, the first thing in sight is the Kangling Tomb of yellow upeaved building with an huge stele at its front. Kangling Tomb is to the east of Kangling Village.

The Kangling Tomb (the 10th emperor Zhu Houzhao of Ming Dynasty (1491 – 1521)

800-year Chinese scholar tree stands by the village screen in front of the village entrance.

800-year Chinese scholar tree

We are walking into the village lined with brick farmhouse courtyards. Most of the households offer spring pancakes meals and accommodations for urban residents coming here for relaxation.

We are walking into the village lined with brick farmhouse courtyards.

In middle of the village is an over 1,000 year ginkgo tree.

In middle of the village is an over 1,000 year ginkgo tree.

Now we are in the farm house No. 36. It is a traditional siheyuan ( courtyard ) – the kind of buildings popular in the northern China. 

Now we are in the farm house No. 36

The head of the Changling Township gives us a brief introduction to the village.

The head of the Changling Township gives us a brief introduction to the village.

He is showing us how to eat “spring panckakes”.

He is showing us how to eat spring panckakes.

Using a thin pancake and wrap it with fillings on the table such as fried bean sprouts, fried egges, stewed pork slices,

Using a thin pancake and wrap it with fillings

Almost each household has an adviserment for local pancakes by posting a huge signboard on its wall.


The contact information on the 21 households in Kangling Village.


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