Victory Kingdom Amusement Park

Are you thinking of having a fun at a theme park not far from Beijing or from Tianjin? Victory Kingdom Amusement Park (凯旋王国) is a them park lying between Tianjin and Beijing. Victory Kingdom is administratively located in Wuqing District of Tianjin City. It was opened to the public on July 07, 2012 with $472 million investment by Yu Gui Garden Investment Group.

China is in a theme park boom with all kinds of theme parks popping up all over China. The state media report that 70% of China’s 2,500 “theme parks” are in the red.

The competitions among these theme parks become even more hectic with Disney scheduled to open at the end of 2015.

Victory Kingdom is claimed to be very mcuh different from Happy Valley Theme Park in Beijing. Its theme is focused on Mongolian warrior Genghis Khan. The statue of  Genghis Khan riding a horse atop its arch of triumph at Victory Kingdom.

Victory Kingdom Theme Park is mainly composed of seven theme areas – Triumph Plaza, Passion Amusement, Braving Somalia, Space Base, Unlimited Crossing, Adventure Kid Kingdom. The four unique “U” roller-coasters are supplied by Swiss and USA, regarded as the best of the kind in the world.

How to get there
1. Bullet Train: Lots of bullet trains from Beijing to Wuqing (武清), or from Tianjin to Wuqing.
2. Self-drive: Drive along Jingjin Highway and exit from Wuqing EXIT.
Entrance Fees ( above 14 years old): CNY 180
Kids under 12 years: Free of Charg
Kids between 12 and 14 years: Half Price
Business Hours: 09:00 – 18:00
Theme Park Hotline: 022-29588888
Theme Park Facilities: 7 toilets, Leftover Cloakrooms, Clinic, Police, ATM and Tourist Center

The Four Huge Chinese charactors “凯撒王国” stands in the front of Triumph Plaza.

The Model of Victory Kingdom Theme Park
Roller Coasters
Magic Space Base

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